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Sicari Remastered - Coming this C3 (for real this time!)

I've been playing a bit with the Demonia level, now named "Bloodied Wastes." I really liked Sako's suggestion about the lava filled cracks, and I did try to make the foreground stand out a bit better. During some tests with different effects, I think I achieved the opposite, but it's an effect I could utilize as some sort of gimmick. This level now has a darkness effect, and the closer you get to the bottom of the screen, the harder it is to see. There may be a few hidden items so keep your eye open. Watch your step, and be very cautious.

Here's what I've got.

As always, please comment and give feedback! :3

Edit: forgot to mention, I made the red BG a bit darker so it didn't look as odd
So after a large spree of cute and colorful.. we finally get a VERY dark theme here. That was about time!!

If the names are not enough indication, one only needs a quick pic on the images to see how hardcore is getting.

You better make us suffer with those levels too!!

So good so far. Impecable as always :D.

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The Best Hack EVAR!!:

This layout good as my stories is made by Kagami
Suika Ibuki - 25107
I remember peeking on this level on a demo you sent me and i can say the music gives a really creepy feel, those yellow things looks really awesome too, i still think you should use ExGFX to change the sprites of koopas and stuff on this level but meh.
Good job as usual, Demonia has to be my fav world so far lol.

EDIT: Does anyone noticed it's not lava but blood lol?
I like what you've done there. Using an hdma effect as an aesthetic effect and as a gimmick is a great idea!#w{:>}

Also, it's good to see that you've added some lava filled cracks as ground decoration. However, you should change their yellow color to something more red, both to make it look more like lava and fit more with the level in general.
Someone's having fun with HDMA I see. =w=
Really liking what I'm looking, I don't have any big complains about what you've done so far. Although...

Originally posted by E-
Also, it's good to see that you've added some lava filled cracks as ground decoration. However, you should change their yellow color to something more red, both to make it look more like lava and fit more with the level in general.

...I agree with this pretty much. Moreover, if you have more colours free, you could do some shadings so that it doesn't look so monotonous.

Nice job anyways! Keep it up. #tb{^V^}
The lava and rocks definitely give the vibe of a heated place; and I agree with Eminus as far as the lava cracks go; you can always exanimate them via palette to make them go from red to yellow too. I don't like the thin bone-bridge too much because I don't see how bones that thin can support her weight... now if it were a lot of bones, that'd not only be a different story, but would look better all together. I also don't know why, but the level feels empty. Lack of decor maybe?
Today I'll be showing off the WIP overworld. Just like in K-16, I've decided to go for a style you don't usually see in SMW hacks.

This time, I've drawn the OW tiles as if they are drawn on an old sheet of parchment. The levels are represented by crosses (like something that has been marked onto the map), castles are represented by... well, castles, and palaces are represented by the Deity Symbol. This is not quite finished however: My plans are as follows:
-Replace Sicari's sprite with something more fitting. (Although K-16 did show a robot walking through space, soooo)
-The paths will be revealed from the start. A cleared level will be signified by a blue flag (not yet implemented)
-Stylize the border like in K-16. It will most likely show a table or something like that.

The overworld is separated into different submaps unlike in the original hack These are:

-Western Paradia: World 1
-The plains of Central Paradia: The first three levels of world 2, world 3 and world 5.
-Forest of Umbra: The remaining levels of world 2.
-The coast of Southern Paradia: World 4.
-The cold mountains: Niscura's Castle.

Anyway, please comment and give feedback! ^.^

There's also something new you may notice. Something I haven't revealed yet.
Ok, if people don't think your hack is not original now, they are retard. Making a map like that is an amazing idea, and barely ever seen!! You get kudos!!

Now I think some things could make it look even more awesome. First would be border, which you will do anyway.

The other would be adding details to make the map more like it looks. For example, it reminds me of the old treasure maps cliched a lot. Why don't add details like if it got dirty, o slightly burned? As if it was old. I would like that.

Another masterpiece!! In progress at least, lol.

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The Best Hack EVAR!!:

This layout good as my stories is made by Kagami
Suika Ibuki - 25107
It actually looks like a old paper map, good job (it reminds me from Buried Treasure which is also a really good hack).
Nice, I liked the unique overworld in K-16, and I'm loving this one even more, which kinda reminds me Oblivion.

The forests and the mountains are good looking, and they are enough to make the environment quite varied (I can't think about any other decorative element anyway).
I'm looking forward to see your OW plans finished, good luck with that!#w{=)}
Today we will be talking plot! As I may have mentioned before, the plot will be more detailed than that of Sicari or K-16 - Story of Steel. Although this is a remake, I have taken liberties, and expanded on the story that the original told. One of the biggest changes is our villain, Niscura. The Goddess of Dimensions and Manipulation, Niscura in the original hack rarely had any screen time, only appearing in two cutscenes and the final boss. This time however, she has much more prominence in the plot, and with that comes her new form.

This is how she will appear starting about halfway through the hack.

This is a result of her attempting to bring over her old power from Demonia in order to become stronger and more terrifying. What she fails to realise however, is that in the mortal world, Immortality does not exist. Sicari's mission is to take down the five cultists who are helping to give her power, so she can easilly take down Niscura herself.

With that, I'll also show off the first cutscenes I've shown for this hack. They are more or less the same style as in K-16, but there is more space for text.

That's all for today, please comment and give feedback! :3
Wow!! Niscura finally looks like a complete true evil deity!! She has all that goes on her!! The ravaged hair, some dark and powerful looking eyes (those eyes are amazing), something to show how dangerous she is (her nails), skimpy clothing. She has become a true villian, a true darkness. A true BADASS!!

And also... how better way to show how badass you are that allowing the heroines to continue doing her foolish acts of trying to stop her? SWAGcura indeed!!

All looks phenomenal. Keep going!!

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The Best Hack EVAR!!:

This layout good as my stories is made by Kagami
Suika Ibuki - 25107
Everyday i get more and more motivated to play this.
About herlewddesign, i really liked it, it's really not generic unlike lots of characters i've seen.
Keep up the good work and finish this please.
You seem to work really hard on your hacks. I mean, I haven't been checking this thread as often as I should have (but the stuff you showed on the IRC was cool) and a lot of this stuff looks really nice. :)

Cool graphics and overworld as well. That desert thing looks especially awesome (and the fact it looks like a literal 'map' is an interesting idea as well). You drew all that yourself?

Anyways, I normally don't play hacks too often, but I might actually give this one a shot when it's done.
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So I've went ahead and began to extend some of the levels. "Techno Time" or "Cyberspace Run" was very short, so that one has an entirely new room added to it. Here's a little screenshot from the new section.

Poor Sicari. If only she had a way to reach that 1-up.

Which she doesn't...

...but someone else does.

Seems like K-16 has no trouble passing through those scary radioactive beams!

Yes. You heard me right. K-16 is a playable character in this hack!

Switching characters is as simple as hitting this block that you will find at the beginning of most levels:

As of now their gameplay does not differ, although there will indeed be forced switches and alike.

Anyway, please comment and give feedback! Who will you be playing as? Be sure to say!
Ok.... I can die happy now!! I CAN PLAY WITH K-16 AGAIN IN A HACK!!!

I really, REALLY love K. She's the best. And having her back again... feels me with such joy.

Did I gave SoS a 10/10? This will get Infinite/10!!!!!

...I love this. Period.

Read my posted story here!!.

The Best Hack EVAR!!:

This layout good as my stories is made by Kagami
I already played through the whole of K-16 as... er, K-16. So I plan to play through this as Sicari when I begin my playthrough of this, for as long as possible anyways.
Suika Ibuki - 25107
Welp, i always loved games with more than one playable character so i can say that i'm really loving that.
I might switch from Sicari to K-16 as i like both.
I'm glad to see that there will be more cutscene!
Also, I love Niscura's new style. #w{=3}

It's nice to see K-16 as a playable character, she won't stand there saying stuff to Sicari, like in the original version... :P
And she's wearing that sexy cape, nice. I like the idea of switching character to have access to specific things, keep it up!
holy crap son how come i havent commented yet

this is breathtaking! I adore how you did the graphics
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