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Sicari Remastered - Coming this C3 (for real this time!)
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Ok, might as well show off the second level "A Sunset Walk" as it's one I haven't shown much.

I've tweaked a few palettes, and I've added an entirely new background to the level for variety's sake. There is a new song playing, and the level has been extended. You may also notice the blue orb in the last screenshot, which is this game's version of a goal, to finish the level. I removed the old goals due to incompatibilities with the HDMA and Layer 3, but I think it's all for the better.

Anyway, please comment and give feedback! ^^
How is this WiP thread not featured yet? Seriously!!

Anyway, I love the purple of the sky. Sunset skies are one of the most beautiful things in the world, and the choice of colors you chose is excellent. Doesn't help K-16 is in some screenshots as well :3.

No issue with loosing the goal bars. They seemed off before. I think the new things are better.

Congrats like always.


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Maybe because we haven't gotten to it yet yet yet yet yet yet yet yet yet?

As for the actual content, this is looking really, really nice. The bushes look great especially. And I see a really good cloud layer3 and related! Good going.
This looks really good. Having played the original, it's nice to see you really want to outdo yourself.

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"When I was kidnapped, my parents snapped into action. They rented out my room."
Today I'll show off some more screens of the improved Golden Palace. I've went ahead and darkened the palettes here to make it fit more with the background and to make it more golden.

As far as level design goes, the design in this level has changed significantly. For one, the upper portion of the level (where you would find the keyhole and star) is blocked off to those who have not got the acorn powerup. This gives players a reason to backtrack in order to find the secret exit. This also means the invinciblity portion of the level has been removed, as all it did was give the player a ridiculous amount of lives and made the level way too easy. The level has been extended, and old parts of the level have been fitted with pathways that only K-16 can access. You'll also notice the huge statue of Nova, the God of Space which has been added to the tileset. A similar thing will happen in the other palaces, each on being represented by one of the five Gods of Paradia.

As usual, please comment and give feedback! ~^w^~
Suika Ibuki - 25107
Holy god that statue looks really good.
The golden blocks looks a way better now too, i really found the orange pixels on the old ones weird.
Good job~
Well, that's what I call a remastered level.
It looks totally different now, both graphics and level design.
The palettes are much better like this, indeed.
I like that big statue too, it proves your drawing skills improved a lot! #tb{:D}
That big statue actually looks pretty lame (especially compared to all the other - nicer - stuff you've shown). His curved pose doesn't fit a god at all, he should look imposing; head up, straight spine and all that. His beard also looks poorly drawn (weird shape and shading). Also, for an old man, he's got some mad hip/booty game going on.

His hand, cane and ear need a bit of work too.

Well some of that level looks a bit hard but i'll get used to it I guess. Well done so far! Are those purple things enemies or statues (I haven't played the original)?
That bling!! It would certainly be a rappers dream to be in that palace. This is my way of saying the design of the level is outstanding.

Now for the level in it's gimmicks.

There's so much fun to have with the character changing thing. I guess this will be VERY fun.

And thanks for that pro tip!! It will be fun in the after game.

Anyway, keep it up!!


Read my posted story here!!.

The Best Hack EVAR!!:

This layout good as my stories is made by Kagami
Not much to show off, as I've been in pain the past few days, but now I'm back on my feet, here's two sneak peek screenshots of a brand new level. This takes place in world 4, and is called "Glistening Coast"

That's really all I have to show right now. This is only the introduction part of the level, as the main level is underwater. However, as I'm still working on that, I'll have to show that later.

Please comment and give feedback! ^.^
I know what it's like to continually port over levels one after another; you find that making a new level is easier than porting sometimes. Old players would probably say "Nice to see you breathe another breath of fresh air into this"; however, since I'm a new player... I'll say this is as fresh as everything else is! Eh? Ehh???


The place does look like a beach to me. Really liking it. All it needs is sand castles and umbrellas- oh wait, this isn't a vacation area.
Suika Ibuki - 25107
Noice, my only complaint would go for the sand, you probably wanted to make it look like it is coming out of the water but it looks more like it is floating (at least imo), i think you should make the water on the bottom of it more wavy or remove the outlines on bottom.
That aside goog joj.
This is looking really good Eevee! I love the graphical style of the ocean and sand. Its very soft and pleasing to the eyes. The bg is also a good choice and fit well with your FG. Keep up the good work Eevee!

Send me a PM! | Click for my hack! March 25 2015 Update is here! | SteamID | Layout made by JackTheSpades
Nice to see more fresh levels. The sand's graphics are looking pretty good to me, my only complaint is pretty much this:

Originally posted by Suika
you should make the water on the bottom of it more wavy or remove the outlines on bottom.

Making a lighter outline could be nice as well, imo.
I'm looking forward to see the underwater part of the level, good luck with it.
I think you should redraw the water in the foreground, because it looks like frozen ice to me.
Not when it's animated. :v
I think the BG water and FG water's colors blend a bit too much. You should make one of them slightly darker.
Okkie. Though I was planning to redraw the bg water, as it's reused from another level lol
Just making a small update to advertise the userbar. (credit goes to Underway) Please use it if you support the hack, it would mean a lot to me! ~^.^~

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