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[REMOVED] "Super Mario Infinity 2: The Meteor" by Ivan0865

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File Name: Super Mario Infininy 2 - The Meteor
Submitted: 2014.07.15 ~ 03:46:51 by Ivan0865
Claimed: 2014.07.16 ~ 03:09:08 by Counterfeit
Rating: 0.0
Authors: Ivan0865
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 22 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: Look at Readme.txt to have a last sentense. (DO NOT REJECT YHE GAME TOMORROW).
Tags: exgfx, meteor, smb3 graphics
Download: Download - 271.54 KiB
Submission Notes: Lucky Game, Not move with SMW move. I Had SMB3 OW.
You may want to rename your hack series, because:
Super Mario Infinity: Mystery of the Magic Wand
Super Mario Infinity 2: The Cursed Gem
The date may say 2008, but that's only because of an incident that year that resulted in total loss of the hack section. These hacks are even older than that. :S

...what is this readme

is this a review of your own hack?

Anyways, we're into 'tomorrow' now. Let's see what happens.

The title screen is an autoscrolling segment showing a carnival, but Mario's movements and all looping should've been disabled, and Mario should've been tucked comfortably away above the camera. Menu text is A-OK.

The intro made me laugh and I think I woke someone up.

The overworld is full of square islands with broken paths and path programming that doesn't properly follow most paths. The left side of Star Road on island 6 leads to a neverending bonus game, and you can't return from that tile once you've moved onto it.

#1 Verdant Valley is an autoscrolling grassland. The first set of Paratroopas are too high to be a threat. There were a few too many sections between large areas of land where you had one-tile-wide blocks with one-tile-wide gaps between them, and my heart sank when I saw your glitched Thwimp. Bob-omb graphics are not appropriate for this at all. The Thwimp also kills itself. Then, I go through one door, and end up in a room with a double door. Then, I fight Larry Koopa.

#2 Glass Greens is glassable... whatever the fuck that means. It's a translucent Kirby Super Star-graphic level. The Piranha Plants and powerups go stupidly behind one of the background hills, the Thwimps are still glitched, and the slowdown is crazy. Thankfully our little black hole Yoshi just swallows everything like a good black hole. The first pipe on regular ground that I find leads me to the yellow switch. Going further through empty, thoughtless design gets me to another set of doors, which brings me to Morton.

#A Yellow Switch has a bad switch palette and a cutoff ceiling. The concept remains unchanged from the original switch palace. I don't know what it is with people thinking they can just half-ass switch palaces just because they're bonus rooms. Oh, and a pretty serious flaw: you can re-enter the level with no way out and be forced to die. Block ALL re-entry into this level.

#3 Sinkhole Sewer has long, uneventful platforms with doors. One of them says ERROR I AM ERROR (herp) and another door not too much further down gives you a secret exit. The final door brings you to Wendy... but why is that flying platform used to trigger the scroll instead of the hex edit? It's really sloppy this way, and I think you ought to edit that splash effect out of this room with an ExGFX file since there's no lava. Also, this level name is a lie. This is not a sewer. This is a grassland. A GRASSLAND.

#B Green Switch has a DISGUSTING foreground palette with red and green wooden platforms. NO. Then there are huge stacks of munchers. NO. The green switch palette is bad, and you can skip the whole used block section by walking through the wood platform. NO!

#4 Machine Mountain has a horrifying background... it's all rusted. The level actually has a decent concept present in it and a decent means of getting the secret exit, but it gives way to long, empty mushroom platforms and ruins the level entirely. The background also murks up the foreground palette. You fight Iggy here.

#C Red Switch has more stacked/floating munchers -_-; This same idea could've been utilized in a different way that doesn't have them floating. Also, even if you can predict that the door will be on top of the coin, nothing prepares you for this bullshit. It's a completely unforeseeable, unpreventable death. The blue switch in the next room also has a bad palette... wait. This is supposed to be a RED switch. x_X Oh, and the switch block sprites don't appear in this level's message.

#5 Desert Depths starts with the same exact key idea Machine Mountain has, and then goes into a long, empty, fast scroll section. It's completely flat and even with the fast scroll, it feels like it never ends. The keyhole is right before the pipe. Roy Koopa is at the end.

#D Blue Switch is long and empty and uses medium autoscroll. Didn't I just play this level but with different graphics? Once again, bad palette on the switch.

#6 Rocky Ruins is long, empty, flat, and cuts off at the end. The Bullet Bill shooters floating on top of upside-down munchers were really weird. They just sat there, unloaded, sad, and lonely, above a lake of water, because the generous flying munchers wouldn't let them rust in a tragic boating accident. Lemmy appears. Lemmy dies. Mario continues.

#7A Ambient Island has slopes (BREAKTHROUGH) and is populated by Dry Bones every few seconds or so... but you just run really fast, jump over them, and beat the level. There is no challenge.

#7B Frozen Flame has more going for it than most others in this hack with a slippery layer 3 smash room, but other than the occasional pitfall, there is zero dynamic. The background assembly is choppy. You then get a midway point, and a long vertical swimming segment with spikes on both sides that are too far away to be any threat to you and a really bad background palette. There's not a lot of time on this level.

#8 Bowser's Bastion has a badly colored FG, and you can't tell that what you're standing on is bones and not a lava part of the background right away. I had to hold forward + Y and press fast-forward to get though this long boring autoscroll segment. You immediately face Bowser, with the difference being that the sides of the screen throw you around and can easily kill you. Ok, so I beat Bowser, and there are still more levels? Where's my vacation?

#9A Kamek's Keep is a giant 8-bit SMB-styled castle where Magikoopa is present everywhere. The glitched goal sphere ruins everything; the second room was somewhat decent.

#9B Big Boo's Base has cheap, unfair problems caused by sprite tile memory limits. Tons of things, even Mario himself, go invisible. When Boos go invisible, I die by "nothing" mid-air. Even the boss room is incredibly fucked up, with Mario invisible and giant chunks of Big Boo missing. Please use the right sprite tile memory settings; all this stuff should be fixable even without No More Sprite Tile Limits applied.

#S Temple of Terror is a whole lot of nothing, and it finished with one of the same P-switch "puzzles" seen in the Red Switch level and has a glitched goal sphere. Terror indeed.

#10 Shrine Island is completely doable without the switch palaces at all. Come here with a cape and fly over all of it. This could all be fixed without changing your level by putting a large, thick 'roof' over your exit area and making it impossible for Mario to fly into it. Then again, who wants more flat, boring, substanceless design? That's almost all this hack has to offer.

#11 Vacant Void is another level made of chunky 8-bit blocks. It's a supersized version of 1-1 to a degree, but it's only like 1/8 of the level. It has a glitched goal sphere at the bottom of the flag pole.

#12 Time Bomb Tower is the final level, and the final boss is Reznor. Now, I'm all for climactic climbs to the heavens for an epic battle, but this is the wrong boss and the wrong style of level design. The climb is extremely repetitive, but I can't say I expected anything more at this point.

The worst of the problems are the neverending bonus game, the areas you can get stuck in and be forced to die, the glitched graphics, but virtually none of the level design is salvagable for a serious hack, sorry to say.

Difficulty: Easy

bla bla bla thanks for playing




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Originally posted by Counterfeit
You may want to rename your hack series, because:
Super Mario Infinity: Mystery of the Magic Wand
Super Mario Infinity 2: The Cursed Gem
The date may say 2008, but that's only because of an incident that year that resulted in total loss of the hack section. These hacks are even older than that. :S

I'm fairly certain the author is aware of that, given that all of his levels seem to be named after the worlds of SMI2. :V
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