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Level 12F (world 8) - Adventum Terminus (Done)

Double post because I'm a badass.

Click on Final Destination to donwload the patch.

Anyone? If nobody's up for testing, I'll just send the level to S.N.N.
I will, tomorr-- it's already tomorrow.

Commenting the level design and difficulty; I decided to play the original level before trying this one, and this one is definitely better and somewhat saner in terms of length (I didn't really like the "defeat all the enemies in order to proceed" thing from the original). My only gripe would probably be about the dark section when you're on that skull head ride, seeing that unpredictable stones may push you to lava.. I know the level is supposed to be hard and that I should blame my own playing, but I felt like pointing this out. But I really liked this level.

Music choices are mostly nice, but I don't know what's up with that music used in the first section, it just sounds weird. As for the GFX, I still think the purple in this section is a bit too saturated, maybe because purple is kind of a hard colour to work with, at all. I also ignored obvious Misc. issues like the wrong colours of the Sprite Status Bar and the glitchy Piranha stems.

Overall, great level and probably already ready for insertion.
Alright so I finished playing through your level. The level is fine, enemies are placed in good locations. The difficulty is high, but its fitting assuming its in the final world. However there are a few things I feel like I should point out.

There are a lot of locations where I got sprite slow down. It's not too much of a complaint, however it does get annoying when it slows down multiple times. I've selected 4 images where it happened the most.

There are also some sprite glitches that I got here on the piranha plants.

Finally when I went through the Bowser door, everything glitched up and crashed on me. I dont know if its my ROMS fault for this or not. But this is the same ROM I've used multiple times before so I'm not 100% sure.

Overall the level is good, has a fair amount of challenge in it. I especially love the underwater section of the level for its music.

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-Changed the purple palette.
-Applied FastROM and removed some sprites to prevent slowdown, there's still some but they are minor.
-Added enemies in the platforms for the skull section to make them more visible.

The githced piranha stems will be fixed when S.N.N. applies the classic piranha fix patch. The boss room is glitched become the boss was not re-inserted in the base ROM, I already mentioned that earlier. Regarding the status bar palette, I just took it from Leictreon's level; I don't know if that's what it was supposed to look like.

Also, I placed the torches underwater again, because if firebars and Mario's fireballs are allowed to be underwater, I don't see why torches shouldn't be, also, the background looks boring without them.

If no more issues come up, I'll send the level to S.N.N.
Just played through it, so here's some feedback. The design was well done; the enemy placement provided a good challenge, and it did fit well with the atmosphere intended - it definitely feels like one of the final levels. The transition between the different sections felt a bit abrupt, but I guess it's fine, looking at the previous posts.

However, I felt like there was way too much sprite variety; Piranha Plants (upside-down), Roto-Disks, Firebars, Venus, Podoboos, Thwomps, Thwimps, Jumping Parakoopas, Hammer Bros, Fire Bros, Boomerang Bros, Dry Bones (throwing bones), Bony Beetles, Cheep-Cheeps, Torpedo Teds, Urchins, Hopping Flames, Bullet Shooters, Blue Koopas, Sparks, Ninjis... Honestly, there's enough for one or two worlds there :p

It might be just me, but that much variety felt a bit unnecessary. Only a few of these were actually important to the level, so why not restricting the sprites a bit more?
For the record: I sent the level to SNN a long time ago due to the lack of replies. You can still post feedback in this thread...I guess, but I won't be applying it immediately.