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[ON HOLD] 01C - Creepy Dark Woods
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I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

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I was looking for a good place to start* with level revisions that did not require amount to "make a new (sub)level", and this seemed fitting enough. The second biggest issue as most of you may know is that some Hopping Flames were inserted to the second half without anyone noticing. The biggest issue? The second half is also very claustrophobic- and I mean VERY claustrophobic- if you don't have a cape, (screw a flower!), you're fucked.

So here I am to step in to fix this up. If it means that the level beocomes "too easy" and falls out of World 8, so be it. I'll re-theme it if necessary. The first half is pretty basic in its design anyway.

*But why not your own level? I have plans for that, but that's on hold for now.

Yeah, the hopping flames were clearly added with little regard for the player. The gimmick with visual obstruction could actually work with some tweaking and much more consideration for how the player moves about the level (to keep enemies like the hopping flames from spawning too early and being completely invisible when the player unintentionally steps on one), but the constricting passageways (in a forest? Really?) need to take a hike. Widening the passages would make the high-jumping green paratroopas less of a gamble to deal with while powerless, as well.
My thoughts from replaying it today:

Originally posted by AxemJinx
Creepy Dark Woods
--The first section gives too many opportunities to avoid most of the obstacles by taking the upper platforms. It also focuses too much on simplistic global sprites (koopas, goombas, fish) for world 8 difficulty, in my opinion.
--The second section's layout needs a full redesign, with less layer-priority tiles obscuring your vision, and less enemies in cramped tunnels. Remove the springboard as well- it's not necessary.
--Time limit is too low.
--Needs layer priority branches for the layer priority trees.

Personally I'd prefer to keep it in world 8, meaning I'd like the first section to be refurbished as well, but in the end, all I care about is that it gets a proper overhaul. Looking forward to your interpretation.

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I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

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What's this? Well, after some consideration and looking at the level as a whole again, I figured after all that it would be better for the level to be completely overhauled to fit W8 since the current layout either doesn't do it or does it for the wrong reasons. Rather than trying

So here are two very early screenshots showing some of what I had in mind. Let's just say for now it's a composite version of Spooky Scary Swamp (VLDC7) and Myrrky Mainline (SWMCP2), but all of that will change as the level develops. Forest's Furnace already took care of the firey forest theme and I didn't feel like making yet another fire forest level (I did a portion of one in SMWCP2), so I went a different traveled path and with with spooky-ish.

While currently this will be a yellow level, I can turn it into a red one if necessary.

I'm also tempted to have a song in the ROM that will be removed/replaced with this one (touhou alert, by the way) since almost none of the others would fit. Yes I still have no speakers, but I heard this one long before then.

Looks good, but I've feeling it looks quite bright compared to the rest of W8. Do you have any plans including the dark BG effect? Just curious.
I know you are just starting on the level, but it seems a little bit flat right now; I assume that will be changed. Still, looks interesting. Hopefully when the lava graphics get fixed you will be able to see the fire shooters.

As for the palette, I like the purple background, but you should probably see if you can give the purple background a dark brown foreground that contrasts well with it.

Also, were lava dolphins used before in another level of this hack, or am I getting this hack confused with Kaizo?

- BlackMageMario


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

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Relevant Chat Log
[22:38:01] <MrDeePay> ugh
[22:38:16] <MrDeePay> I think I designed myself against a wall with trying to undertake Creepy Dark Woods.
[22:38:34] <BlackMageMario> why, what's happened?
[22:38:57] <MrDeePay> At first I thought I would just have to rework the second half with changing only a few things with the first half.
[22:40:10] <MrDeePay> Then I realized that I need to completely redo the entire thing because of how gimpable and meh the level as a whole was.
[22:40:18] <BlackMageMario> oh
[22:40:28] <BlackMageMario> are you running out of ideas for it?
[22:40:36] <MrDeePay> Not quite.
[22:40:43] <MrDeePay> So I tried to do something much different while trying to vaguely maintain the original concept of the level.
[22:41:24] <MrDeePay> But technical limitations and how exploitable the cape is limits me to the point that I'm wasting too much time on this particular level when I could be doing something else.
[22:43:11] <MrDeePay> I'm seriously contemplating freeing the level up for someone else.
[22:43:28] <BlackMageMario> that sucks

You don't have to maintain the feeling of the original level if you don't want to. If it helps, take your own route with it. Honestly, the original had a generic first half and a horrible second half anyway, so there's not really much that could be salvaged.


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

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Alright. I'll put this one on hold for now.

@MrDeePay Haha I would like to say I'm sorry for the level I created back then. I was responsible for making the level (the first half of it). But my section was too short so they added a second half created by someone else. I know what you mean about how gimmicky and flat the level is. If I had the chance to do over again I probably would have redone it. #smw{T_T} Hopefully this level hasn't caused you stress. I also hope this project isnt dead, I really enjoyed SMWCP and making it better seems like a great idea.

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