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[W5] Cloudtop Castlewalls

Greetings. My name is zlakerboy357, but most people call me zlaker. So I dug up a level I made for a contest I joined couple of month ago. It's called Cloudtop Castlewalls. It's basically a castle level that takes place in the skies. The theme is more of a sunset sky level than a castle level so that's why you might not see much castle elements. I entered a contest level with this level and I got 14th place out of 70 which I'm really proud of. So here's screens. Hope you guys enjoy the level.

Download Link
It's a nice level you got there, and I can see how this got 14th place (good job with that).

There are however some small things I want to point out (I tend to be nitpicky about some things):
- The message box in the beginning swamps you with information. You can leave out the text about the red coin p-switch, or move it to before the actual p-switch. The crystal mushroom doesn't really need the explanation, because of the text when you grab the crystal mushroom itself. But you could also use a switch for this part and delete the crystal mushroom altogheter (unless they are all used in the second part).
- I've never encountered a mystery warp box before, and although it is explained in the level, I still wonder why you didn't use a normal warp pipe?
- It would be nice if you got a little bit more time to get all the red coins.
- I like that you get two yoshi's out of each block, in case you are with two players.
- The mushrooms keep coming out of the mushroom block here:

- There was a sign in the second half making a joke about another community. Such a reference doesn't make sense in SMWCX (especcially because it's saying "this community", but it's not refering to SMWC).
- It would be nice if you put down arrows above this hole:

The first time around I thought it was a dead end and went back :/

These are all just minor complaints, and overall it was a fun level. Keep up the good work.
The author is going to submit an update that fixes the issues mentioned by Blue Leaf, so I'll wait for the update to be submitted before moderating it.
I might have been a bit too nitpicky in the initial review. All the points I mentioned were pretty minor.
The level was enjoyable and the overall quality is good, even if there are some small things that could improve it (no level is perfect).
I've made some small changes to the level, since zlakerboy137 has been inactive:
Link to the level
I feel like this version could be accepted.
Level accepted! Maybe too long, but it's pretty fun anyway.