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[REMOVED] "EVERY LEVEL LEMMY" by mario and luigi
Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - [REMOVED] "EVERY LEVEL LEMMY" by mario and luigi
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Submitted: 2014.07.11 ~ 12:24:54 by mario and luigi
Claimed: 2014.07.11 ~ 14:04:54 by Counterfeit
Rating: 0.0
Authors: mario and luigi
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 9 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: this is a hack inspired by Nimono. basically, lemmy lies in every single level.

story: mario was having his summer vacation, when suddenly, lemmy thwarted in and took over the land. he made clones of himself and mario needs to get rid of him.

contains an easter-egg level with exgfx.
Tags: c3 entry, lemmy, nimono, vanilla-ish
Download: Download - 174.36 KiB
The title screen shows Mario coming out of a pipe into an underwater hellhole of fish. The game is quite clearly a faithful successor to Nimono's "EVERY LEVEL" series, which uses an old SMW boss at the end of each level.

I have no problems with the intro level... the palette is quite dark and there's an abundance of coins, but thankfully no way to die.

Lemmy Sea Grassland has a small graphical glitch in the beginning where you can carry a Buzzy Beetle out of the underground, and it becomes a large fragment of a Banzai Bill in the main room. The ATF is gonna be on his ass if you don't disallow carrying items and enemies through the exit. :X The midway point is really saturated with enemies and gives you little time to move before you get killed. The level design is very elaborate, full of secrets, and the palettes are great, except for the background clouds somewhat clashing with the sky. My biggest gripe, which ruins the design, is that enemies are incredibly overused, and there are really not enough powerups.

There is no overworld music after beating Lemmy Sea Grassland.

Lemmy Heights has clashing palettes: The mushroom stocks and the backdrop seem to say "sunset" while everything else looks like "nighttime" and furthermore, the palette makes the turn blocks indistinguishable from throw blocks. The level addresses a lot of the complaints I had about the first level: there are less enemies, more powerups, and even a distinctive trick with the music blocks and the invisible coin blocks which make the level stand out. UNFORTUNATELY, this also means this level is a lot easier than the first one. Towards the end, there is some slowdown. Lemmy's room is exactly the same as the last time, which I don't like. It kills off any progressive feeling the hack could have and doesn't attempt to put a different spin on the same boss. Ideally, Lemmy's room should match the atmosphere of each level and maybe get a little harder each time.

Lemmy Mountains is very unified, athletic, and raw. It makes me feel like I'm playing levels in an order reverse of what they're intended to be played in. Dino Rhinos and Torches are the main enemy here. Once again, Lemmy is the same.

The Caves of Lemmy is very earthy-looking, and starts as a vertical level to boot! The status bar is darker than it should be, though. There's a glitch making it impossible to use the music note block, so don't put a coin directly above it. As you progress, you scale up a mountain. The peak's palette makes it look like Death Mountain from The Legend of Zelda series, which is a great touch for a precursor to the boss. That said, Lemmy doesn't have any new tricks up his sleeve so it's a buildup to nothing.

Lemmy Sea felt crowded, but being able to bring in that shell helped quite a lot. One major flaw of the level is the ability to swim over parts of it, which exposes a lot of silliness in the ceiling slopes and decorations. I feel like the blue isn't strong enough in the background of the first room, although I love how it gets darker in the second room as if you've gone into deeper waters. You know, I kind of wonder how an underwater Lemmy battle would've worked here. I looked in Lunar Magic to see where the secret exit was, and you don't have any pipes that can access it.

Lemmy Skies's first major room is an autoscrolling level that felt like it would've played better as a free-scrolling level, as I found myself hitting fast-forward a lot. The next room has pink, dreamy skies, and ropes that are consistently very easy to travel with as long as you stay closer to the bottom because all the threats are generally above the line.

Lemmy's Gold Castle has a major Map16 problem towards the end where you fall through the ground and die, as evidenced by the Rex you see falling below the sign. What the hell? There's no way out of this room so you're forced to die. Sorry, I can't pass this.

Difficulty: Normal, although the level order makes it chaotically imbalanced

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!

I am not saying that this hack you have made mario and luigi is "bad" overall. There is one fatal mistake you have made while designing a certain level that doomed this hack. I will get to that later however as I will like to focus on the main points of the hack. Like your other hacks, this is another typical vanilla hack from you with custom palettes. I do get a bit burned out from this style as you have used it in many other hacks, but I will not hold it against you as each hack deserves to be reviewed individually without other hacks coming into play. The only exception to that in my book are hack series. Beginning with the level design of this hack, I can say in general that it is fine though I do feel that each level is simply a different manifestation of the same underlying idea in each of the levels. While that is not a bad thing, it does become a bit depressing if you play for some time so I implore you to keep this in mind when designing levels. Instead of simply putting different objects and sprites in each of the levels, add a twist to them. The underlying features of good level design allow for interesting levels to be created if you go down that route, and the only way that I can advise you to do that is to play some hacks from the hack section.

There are some problems with your levels though apart from what I have said above. First of all, you need to think about the use of sprites carefully and the reason I am saying this is because you are not designing with the powerup status of the player sprite in mind. Lemmy Sea is a good example of this. The sprite placement in some cases creates a long wait which is not interesting at all unless there is some sort of challenge (not in this case unfortunately). I also failed to find the secret exit of that same particular level. I had to look in Lunar Magic to see where it was and to my surprise, it seems you did not add an exit-enabled pipe that led to the secret exit area (that is simply a "press the P-Switch to get the key then guide it to the hole). That is quite unfortunate. The biggest mistake you made while designing this hack is in the level Lemmy's Gold Castle. The mistake is that you apparently used non-solid tiles around the boss door. There was no way of continuing so I stopped there. That is an extremely serious problem that needs to be fixed.

The aesthetics of this hack seem to be good though I cannot say that everything is good in this hack. You seem have used interesting colors though some elements like sprites and certain parts of the status bar need to be improved. The submap seems fine to me in general though it was certainly not the most interesting type I have seen. Not exactly the best in some cases. I did face some occasional glitches which need to be fixed. Testers can help in that field. The title screen and intro is fine. Yeah, that is all I have to say for this hack.

Difficulty: Normal. There are difficulty spikes present though.

I will go with rejection due to the MAP16 tiles in Lemmy's Gold Castle. If that error did not exist, I would have been conflicted on what to do with this hack. I am glad that I didn't have to make that decision now. On a final note, I find having the same boss in every level quite interesting.
Nice to see more from you, glad to see that you improved a lot since your last tries. This hack was overall fun to play, for the nice design and for the mostly good aesthetics.

The level design is indeed good: every level has a different gimmick, lots of ideas and nice concepts that have been developed quite good in my opinion. Most of the level were good, never boring and sometimes pretty challenging. The difficult curve is a little bit weird from my point of view: it may be me, but the first level was way too challenging compared to the rest. It's not new from you, since you tend to make first levels kinda more difficult than the others. Of course, it's not terribly bad, but maybe you could make it easier?~

The aesthetics is another strong point of your hack: most of the palettes were well made, nice to see and very pleasant. Although, I have to say that some of them were a little weird: sometimes it felt like the BG and FG didn't work well together, in terms of colors. Not a big complaint, as I think that the aesthetics here is mostly good.

Misc issues... these really push your hack down; it feels bad, since this had all the rights to be accepted, but anyway: one of the major issues here is about Mario's position respawn at the check points. Some levels either blocked me (like in the sky level) or made me die instantly (like in the SMB2 styled level). This makes me think that you didn't tested your hack before submitting it. Another issue that proves this is the weird actlike of some tiles, like here and here. These are major ones; about the smaller ones I see this happening a few times in your hack: you have to make sure that no objects are after the screen you want the level to end. Another minor one is the slowdown, not a big problem, but it could help you improving the hack's quality by decreasing the sprites' number in a few parts.

The difficulty is normal from my point of view.

Due to major issues, I'd reject this hack: it's good, but you should ALWAYS test your own hack before submitting it. Looking forward to the fix.
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Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - [REMOVED] "EVERY LEVEL LEMMY" by mario and luigi

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