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[REMOVED] "100 Rooms of Enemies" by Daizo Dee Von

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File Name: 100 Rooms of Enemies
Submitted: 2014.07.14 ~ 04:31:00 by Daizo Dee Von
Claimed: 2014.07.15 ~ 15:14:22 by Counterfeit
Rating: 0.0
Authors: Daizo Dee Von
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Difficulty: Hard
Description: Do you like the Pit of 100 Trials side-challenges from the Paper Mario games? If you did, then you'll sure like this concept. 100 Rooms of Enemies is a enemy rush platformer that consists of 100 Setups for the player to go through. Think of this as if you're in an arcade game; you essentially try to improve your record as you die many times. If you succeed to Room 100, you'll be prized with a reward that stands as a reminder that you completed the game. What kind of prize? You'll have to improve all of your skills and find out!
Tags: arcade, boss rush, c3 submission, enemy rush
Download: Download - 346.37 KiB
The creepypasta thing is kinda cute and it doesn't add too much bloat to the archive so, unlike with P-switch, I suppose it can stay with the hack.

The title screen shows Mario alone, facing a symmetrical horde of enemies. Even Yoshi is his adversary. o_O

The intro explains this is Yoshi's challenge to Mario.

It starts out basic and gets progressively harder. You're in a one-scree-wide room each battle. Pressing select will feed your item directly to you without the need to wait for it to drop, meaning if you use your item directly after beating an enemy, you won't lose it when the screen transitions to the next room.

Room 1 pits you against three shell-less Koopas.
Room 2 has a red, yellow, and green Koopa.
Room 3 is three Goombas.
Room 4 is two Paragoombas.
Room 5 is a Goomba on ground level, and a Paragoomba at a higher elevation.
Room 6 is a Koopa on a pipe, and a Paragoomba at ground level beyond the pipe.
Room 7 is a multilayer plateau with two Koopas on the platform above, and one on the very top.
Room 8 is four Goombas coming down from higher platforms on all sides.
Room 9 puts two Goombas, a yellow Paratroopa, and a shell-less Koopa on top of turn blocks, and you press the P-switch when you're ready for the destruction rain from the heavens.
Room 10 is three bouncing green Paratroopas in a row.
Room 11 is a Paragoomba, a green Koopa, and a bouncing Paratroopa all on level ground.
Room 12 is two yellow Paratroopas starting on a high mushroom platform, with a log separating the top halves from being mutually accessible.
Room 13 is four bouncing Paratroopas (two on each side of you, starting at the bottom) and a red horizontal-flying Paratroopa. The bouncers go up the ropes until they reach the top. Only a fool wouldn't slide here.
Room 14 is three blue Koopas, each on their own log bridge in the sky.
Room 15 is two Chargin' Chucks.
Room 16 is one Chargin' Chuck on ground level, and one Splittin' Chuck at the very top.
Room 17 is two Pitchin' Chucks at different altitudes, both on the right side of the screen.
Room 18 is two Pitchin' Chucks at the same, elevated altitude, on platforms on opposing sides of the screen.
Room 19 has two Splittin' Chucks at the top of the screen. The foreground palette is bad.

You get an opportunity to refresh after room 19. Mushrooms only.

Room 20 is two vertical-flying Paratroopas above a pit. While they're easy to dispose of, you've reached a point where a hole in the ground and one tiny slip-up could lead you to start over from the beginning.
Room 21 has two blue shell-less Koopas on opposing, level platforms, and one blue shelled Koopa on the bottom platform. More holes are in this room.
Room 22 takes a Donkey Kong approach, without the ladders. A solitary shell-kicking Koopa and his shell stand at the top of pillars of platform, with Mario at the bottom, and his shell tumbles and rebounds towards you. The shell can die in the pit, then you can go up and squash him safely.
Room 23 puts two shell-kicking Koopas at the top on opposing sides, and a Chuck in the crosshairs. Let the shells kill the Chuck, then jump and let the shells collide, then squash the two buggers.
Room 24 adds wall triangles to the mix. It's one shell-kicking Koopa, and two Bouncin' Chucks. The shell gets trapped circulating along the top of the screen, so other than the Koopa, it's up to you to kill everything this time.
Room 25 has three Monty Moles popping out of the right side of the screen when you get close.
Room 26 places you on top as the three moles pop out in securely-walled areas.
Room 27 is two moles top-center, and two Clappin' Chucks centered on the sides.
Room 28 is three Monty Moles and a Pitchin' Chuck, ground level.
Room 29 is four moles on top of a structure of used blocks. Hitting the P-switch drops them down. It's best to hit the switch before the last two moles start moving horizontally. The foreground palette is bad.
Room 30 has 3 shell-less Koopas on top of spike columns; not missing any of them your first try is critical.
Room 31 has a big gap you must clear, and then you defeat the 3 moles in the three-pipe-wide area.
Room 32 has 4 Clappin' Chucks on the screen sides near the corners. You can hit each one once and let them run to their dooms.
Room 33 has a dipping bridge and two bouncing Paratroopas, one on each side, coming at you.
Room 34 has two Chargin' Chucks, one on each side, on top of a bridge of throw blocks. Picking up one block and letting them run to their deaths is the easiest solution.
Room 35 has two Thwomps on a bridge of throw blocks above lava, with a little bit of cement blocks below for safety. Grabbing the throw block below the left side of each Thwomp while they're rising is the easiest way to get rid of them, because throwing stuff at them for some reason doesn't always kill them. Don't ask me, I didn't code SMW's weird collision.
Room 36 gives you a blue shell and a Thwomp above turn blocks, which is above a lava pit. Destroying the blue shell while small renders you dead meat. The preferred strategy is to stand on a cement block next to the Thwomp and let the shell go on either side. The shell will enter the lava and die, and the Thwomp will be close enough to drop down before the turn blocks return to normal.
Room 37 is a Thwomp at top and a Paragoomba on the rope above you. Just hit the P-switch and collect the coins they become.
Room 38 is a Thwomp at the bottom right in front of a pipe. He moves to the left and you just have to dodge him.
Room 39 is four Thwomps, each guarding throw blocks, except the top is blocking some turn blocks instead. Start from the left, grab a throw block after the left Thwomp goes, and the right one should exit the screen. Go to the right, grab the bottom block, and the left one should exit, leaving you with two Thwomps. Get close to the middle, and grab a throw block as the Thwomps are slowly exchanging positions, and hit the left turn block or use them to kill the Thwomps directly. The palette in this room is also bad.

You get another rest.

Room 40 is shell-kicking Koopas and wall triangles. Let the shells collide at the top of the level, then go down and stomp on the Koopas.
Room 41 has two vertical-flying Paratroopas and two blue Koopas on ledges in a symmetrical room.
Room 42 has two Clappin' Chucks on platforms next to pits - one medium, one high. You can jump on each one once and let them run down the holes.
Room 43 has all shell-less Koopa variants ropewalking in the middle on evenly spaced-out ropes. You can move between ropes through the trees on each side.
Room 44 has four Whistlin' Chucks. You have to defeat them all yourself, as they won't run down holes.
Room 45 is an ice room with jumping flames and a Lakitu on the rightmost pipe. Pits are on both sides.
Room 46 has two elevated Lakitus on opposing sides of the screen and Spinies already dropping out of the sky closer to you. There's a flame jumping from the far right. Kill the Lakitu on the left first, letting everything else go down the pit, then kill the right-most Lakitu after he throws his Spiny.
Room 47 is a forest staircase with Spinies crawling down toward you. Lakitu is on the right-most area, inside a pipe.
Room 48 has two Lakitus on pipes directly over/under each other, and a cloud staircase to the left leading up to the second Lakitu's pipe. The background palette is bad.
Room 49 is the first real boss, Mouser. You fight him on a diagonal pipe so you're constantly sliding towards the pit.

The next rest room lets you finally get a new power: Fire Flower.

Room 50 has two Koopas on the lowest level, and a Thwomp above two stacks of turn blocks. You can shoot both Koopas, then hit the top left turn block with your head, and spin jump on the bottom left and let the Thwomp die.
Room 51 has two Thwomps center-left and center-right above a section of throw blocks that you have to eliminate the left side of to get them to fall into the pit. The easiest way to do this without being it is to grab a throw block while duck-sliding and proceed to break everything below while the top row of throw blocks shield you from the Thwomps. Get down to the concrete block, then duck-jump back to the top and pull the rest of the blocks out while the Thwomp is rising.
Room 52 has a diagonal-smashing Thwomp. There's something weird in the window behind those turn blocks... I used the duck-slide-grab technique to get rid of the bottom left throw block and then cleared the rest of the wall when the Thwomp was going back so I could find a place to duck easily while the Thwomp ran away.
Room 53 has a Chargin' Chuck next to a side of blocks that comes rushing through. A horizontal-moving Thwomp is to the far right. Kill the Chuck first, clear the throw blocks, then move fast to get Thwomp out of the corridor without being hit.
Room 54 is an ice room with two Thwomps, two Grinders, and a need to hit the switch so they can all go away forever.
Room 55 has three Boos and a silver P-switch. Easy disposal, but a sign of spooky times to come.
Room 56 is an autoscrolling room with vine climbing. THOSE HORIZONTAL COLUMNS LOOK SOLID BUT THEY ARE NOT! PLAYER BEWARE. All you have to do is climb and dodge the waves of moving Eeries. If you're feeling brave, get the moon, but you don't need to.
Room 57 has a structure full of ghost trains that you have to navigate to get to the silver switch.
Room 58 has a single blue P-switch. Hitting it reveals a few ghost trains and some coins and walls so you have to endure them for 16 seconds. If you kick the blue P-switch offscreen, you're out of luck.
Room 59 is a double-switch room with more ghosts. You have to hit the blue switch, endure some ghosts, wait for the silver switch to drop, then wait on top of the used blocks for the coins to drift towards you.

You get another break here.

Room 60 has two Clappin' Chucks and takes place underwater. Getting them into the middle of the room gets them stuck against the wall where you'll just bounce on top of them until they easily die.
Room 61 has two moles that pop out of the middle column of water. You have very little space to move between them. There's a subtle 8-bit SMB Mario in the top left.
Room 62 has four Pitchin' Chucks in the water on the opposite sides of the screens. They all pitch at the same time. After two balls each, go up and stomp the top two once, then go for the bottom two. There will be no more balls, so they should be easy at this point.
Room 63 has three ghost trains. You have to swim to the top right corner from the bottom left and hit the switch and grab the coins.
Room 64 again has two Thwomps on top of throw block columns, but you have freedom of movement in the water. Eliminate the left sides of each column starting from the bottom.
Room 65 is three fish. You're generously given 8 throw blocks with which you must dispose of them. Or, if you still have your Fire Flower, that's the easiest way.
Room 66 puts you inside a box of throw blocks with three Rip Van Fish around you and a Whistlin' Chuck to rustle their jimmies. Unfortunately, it's the wrong Whistlin' Chuck. It spawns a neverending stream of Super Koopas, rendering the level unbeatable if you disturb him, AND they're glitchy, on top of that.
Room 67 contains two Rip Van Fish following you and a fish swimming vertically in the top center. Loop around counter-clockwise, get the silver switch, and go fishin'.
Room 68 contains 3 Blurps and a Splittin' Chuck. Drop down immediately to avoid the Blurps and the left split, and then swim to the right so they all follow you and go down the hole.
Room 69 has a Big Boo boss with a few Paratroopas, two throw blocks, and a ghost train. Don't kill all the Koopas or you have to give up.

Here's another rest... appropriately, you fall out of the black blood water in the sky and land in heaven. Funny how that works...

Room 70 has a staircase with a Spiny going down it, and a Lakitu strategically hidden behind a Chuck in the top right. Sneaky.
Room 71 has an obscene amount of slowdown. You have to kill enough Spinies to get a 1up and then you proceed.
Room 72 gives you a springboard and three really high-up horizontal-flying Paratroopas. Use spin jump if you know what's good for you and then get rid of that DISGUSTING springboard.
Room 73 is a big E, with shell-kicking Koopas at the end of them all. Run forward with the first blue shell and collide with the first shell-kicking Koopa, then let the middle one kick their shell towards you and jump on it, grab it, and collide it with the next shell to come down. Then, squash the remaining Koopas.
Room 74 is a giant D, with six shell-less Koopas on little cloud tooth platforms.
Room 75 is a giant P (I KNEW you were advertising your website! >_></b> and you have to defeat a solitary Hammer Bro in the top middle, without his Amazin' Flyin' platform.
Room 76 has two of them, and four throw blocks. They're too high to defeat any other way, so make it count.
Room 77 has two Hammer Bros and one throw block. Jump up, throw the block straight up, grab it again, and kick it left.
Room 78 has the Hammer Bro right above you, and all throw blocks underneath the clouds. Jump to a far side and land on top of a throw block.
Room 79 is that Hot thing I forget the name of. He sometimes goes off-screen and never comes back, rendering the level unbeatable.

Here's another rest, this time with Fire Flowers. You exit now with a Warp Star.

Room 80 has two Puntin' Chucks on raised elevations. Clouds can protect you from the footballs while you plan your move.
Room 81 has two Whistlin' Chucks that are easily disposed of with fireballs. They spawn nothing.
Room 82 has a giant, slow-moving Thwomp that you need to use the P-switch to get rid of. It's easy to accidentally lose the P-switch by pushing it too close to the screen boundary so throw it straight up and get ready to jump on it.
Room 83 has one Rex on top of munchers, one mushroom on a turn block in the sky, and one blue shell. Jump on the Rex to get to the shell, grab it, jump on Rex again to kill him, and then hit the turn block with the shell and kick it away off-screen. The mushroom should also go off-screen.
Room 84 takes you for a ride on top of Mega Mole. Dodge the munchers and dismount at the end and let him fall down the hole.
Room 85 puts you on a flying golden Yoshi (nice meta) to fight two Pitchin' Chucks at the top of the screen. It's easiest to dismount from Yoshi when you find any opening and stomp both Chucks once and let them run away. Then, you have to get rid of Yoshi.
Room 86 brings Golden Yoshi back without the wings. You must stomp on three Parakoopas above a pit below your clouds. They rise up underneath and next to you though, meaning the Yoshi is just an inconvenience.
Room 87 has two Volcano Lotuses, so you need to have Yoshi with you until they're gone. This time, he stomps.
Room 88 has a glitched Yoshi tongue. Don't be confused -- kill Yoshi.
Room 89 is one PO'd Thwomp boss. He hides partially behind a canvas, and any of his spawns are hidden by the X's in the foreground or the fact that the background and the Bob-ombs are both black.

Here's what I'm assuming is the final rest of the game. All mushrooms. Big arena in the background.

Room 90 has three Paratroopas bouncing around: two on top, one on bottom. Easy disposal.
Room 91 has two Pitchin' Chucks up top and one Chargin' Chuck at the bottom. Jumping too high will put you within ball range, but it's still easy to get around Chargin' Chuck, let him fall, then run and jump up to the top mushrooms when the balls cease.
Room 92 has two Monty Moles and two Pitchin' Chucks on opposite ends of the screen. Fireballs make this very easy.
Room 93 has four Thwomps that are positioned to jump across the sides of the screen rather than through the middle. This arrangement is much tougher than the one it reprises without taking a hit.
Room 94 has two Lakitus in pipes on opposite ends. You're in the middle of the Spiny bombardment, but it's still piss easy after everything you've been through, right?
Room 95 has that creepy blue P-switch sitting alone. Hitting it spawns blocks everywhere and three ghost trains.
Room 96 has a big Thwomp and a little Thwomp. You have to hit the blue P-switch to the right of the little Thwomp, but he isn't easy to get around.

You get another rest. From here-on out, there is a rest after every boss.

Room 97 is a rematch with Mouser.
Room 98 is a rematch with Big Boo, but unlike the battle with Mouser, his room has completely new threats, and is arguably the second hardest room in the hack. Fishin' Boo will terrorize you as you have four shots at Big Boo.
Room 99 is a rematch with the hot thing. This time, you're on throw blocks above a pit. There's still a glitch where he goes off-screen and you're stuck forever because he doesn't come back for you to kill.
Room 100 is a rematch with Thwomp boss... I was honestly hoping to fight Yoshi himself. Admitably, I was a little creeped out by that... 'scene' before the battle. Mouser actually takes part in this battle too and his bombs hurt both of you.

I can swim inside the THANK YOU letters at the end for some reason.

The Moon Vault gives you access to any room from the hack starting at each ten, up to and including room 100.But wait... there's more. As an added bonus, the 24hoSMW contest entry Big Boo boss fight with layer 2 smash is here. There's a Q&A to clear up some questions about decisions made for this hack. There are a few demo rooms that aren't relevant to the hack, but show off a few neat things.

Ok. Now that I'm finally through with this admitably deep and unique hack, here's a few grievances and/or suggestions I have with the execution:
1) "Credits" (lives) are totally meaningless here, as they're just less lengthy game overs in that they lead you back to the start. To make lives meaningful, I think you should start with 3-5 lives, and then each rest area could count as a 'midway point' in ONE level of difficulty.
2) As suggested before, two difficulties would be cool. The other difficulty, aside from the "easy mode" mentioned above, this one being the "normal" or "arcade" mode or whatever you'd prefer to call it, should start with one life only, and that room that grants you the extra life will be your only insurance.
3) Or, scrap lives altogether, and that'd solve my 1 and 2 comments.
4) "TIME UP!" should not exist; this is a really easy thing to bypass with a hex edit.
5) Those couple of rooms with bad palettes should probably be touched up.
Director's cut ideas:
6) Speaking of timer... how about you add a 'stopwatch' type of timer to this hack where in the official level, it times you from when you enter Room 1 to when you complete room 100?
7) Use ASM to create a leaderboard saving your top three times to SRAM.
8) If you do the above and implement the two difficulties, then I'd restrict the leaderboard to the harder mode to give more incentive to play it that way.

Game-breaking bugs:
*** The fire head boss and the Whistlin' Chuck underwater. The Whistlin' Chuck is an easy fix, but you should probably get someone who knows enough ASM to configure and restrict the fire dude's motions to keep him on-screen. I had him go away twice so I don't think it's all that rare of a bug.

Nevertheless, kudos. Even if this hack doesn't pass moderation, this is one of my top 3 favorites this C3.

Difficulty: Hard

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Being a fan of boss rushes in general, I immediately decided to pick up this hack and play it.
Unfortunately, I ended up getting stuck repeatedly in room 69 due to having to keep at least one of the Koopas alive... this would be considered a game-breaking glitch in my opinion; the player should never run out of ammunition in an unavoidable battle. Also, some rooms (especially the room with pulling large amounts of throw blocks out from under the Thwomps) seem rather tedious and could probably be made less so. Like Cou said, the life counter is rather pointless since you always have to start over (and putting midway points in each rest area might not be a bad idea, since you never did anything that'd break the Multi-Midway patch), so that could be done away with if you don't implement the checkpoint idea. The death fanfare is a bit long (it JUST plays the last note at the end of "TIME UP!") and should probably be shorter.
The above issues aside, this was a VERY fun hack to play, so with those fixed I'd accept it, but for now rejection seems to be how I'd vote.
I really need a layout. :<
This hack is great! The concept is a really good one and the game itself was pretty fun to go trough. Here you can't speak about level design, since each room differs from sprites usage and placements. Most of the rooms were pretty good, and the difficulty curve is pretty well made as well. In a few rooms you can happen to get stuck, like the ones Counterfeit pointed out and also in this one: this and a few rooms which use the P-Switch can make the player stuck if badly used (in my screen's case, I accidentally threw the P-Switch off screen). The best solution here is to use reset doors, because, from my point of view, getting stuck, especially when you don't do it on purpose, can be pretty annoying. This could be a critical hit if the player decides to not use savestates; going through lots of room and then getting stuck unfairly. I highly suggest you to follow my advice.

Aesthetic-wise there's not much to say. I can suggest you to fix a few silly palettes.

There aren't mayor misc issues besides the possibility of getting stuck in some room, but I found more of them which would be nice to be fixed. In this room you get major slowdown on ZMZ, highly suggested to remove a few spinies. Another silly glitch here, due to GFX sprites setting Yoshi's tongue is glitched. It's an easy fix, since you only need the castle entrance tiles here, the only "enemy" here is Yoshi (and yes Counterfeit, here you can actually "fight" against Yoshi >w<)

Difficulty is hard, pretty tough to clear without savestates, but still enjoyable.

A very fun hack indeed, but I'd go with rejection because of the possibility to get stuck in some rooms unfairly. I hope you'll consider fixing this one, since it's one of the best hacks, in terms of concept, that I've ever played.

P.S. If I get nightmares because of your creepypasta, I'll throw bugs at you while you sleep.