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[REMOVED] "SMW Dragon Island Quest" by bandicoot
Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - [REMOVED] "SMW Dragon Island Quest" by bandicoot
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File Name: SMW Dragon Island Quest
Submitted: 2014.07.12 ~ 23:27:04 by bandicoot
Claimed: 2014.07.13 ~ 08:59:46 by Counterfeit
Rating: 0.0
Authors: bandicoot
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 8 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: This is Dragon Island quest a hack made for the Brazilian Vanilla Contest,I just implemented and add custom music to make the hack better,enjoy!
Thank for Gamma V,Imammelia,Tornado and Midi guy for the custom music
Tags: c3 submission, short
Download: Download - 112.80 KiB
The title screen has the original gameplay video with title text placed so low it gets eaten up by the menu. The Corridors of Time port here is really subpar and almost hurts to listen to.

The intro level has some bad English.

Yoshi's House is in a different language altogether. Now, what I wonder is why jump between two language when you could/should use the one you know better?

Dragon Island 1 is a layer 3 tide level introduces more threatening ideas as you go along. The build is alright, although I feel like the dolphin placement wasn't all that great because I often ended up having to swim with the Porcu Puffer because I could never land on the first one.

Dragon Island 2 is an autoscrolling level with a Bullet Bill generator. Again, the level feels like it continually gets harder, which is a really good thing. There was an excessive amount of time on the clock though... and I really didn't like the @6 on the Top Gear Port. The forced rate makes it kind of annoying to play through a second time to get the secret exit but that was a really cool secret exit in the sense that Yoshi had to fly under the goal.

Brown Switch Palace is a lazy edit of Red Switch Palace. UNACCEPTABLE.

Dragon Island 3 brings us back to English? What language is this hack supposed to be in? Anyways, there's nothing more torturous than deeming it necessary to retrieve your Yoshi between two Spiny-filled pipes while Lakitu keeps pelting more and more of them at you. Lately, people have been understanding that this is the best way to use a Lakitu. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Dragon Island 4 was a short but powerful punch of a level that combines elements of the first two major levels in a way that feels like neither level. Having Yoshi here makes a big difference.

Dragon Hill Top is a level that takes place largely over pits, as you ride the flying turn blocks under and over the Bullet Bill shooters. It was fun, progressed nicely, and was kept short.

Dragon Island 5 has a little issue with the layer 2 smash twitching off the screen because its actions largely depend on what screen Mario is in. I recommend you play it and figure out where these areas are, and eliminate the smash blocks from that area. The level feels really long and random compared to the rest of the hack's standards of length and conceptualization. It's kind of like "the cave with every cave gimmick." Also, what's the keyhole for if there is no secret exit?

Bowser Fortress has a bad background palette (white on black? Kind of eye-burning) and really bad English in the second room. Doors 1 and 2 lead into edits of rooms from various SMW castles. I'm not sure what to think of this. Is it laziness or is it throwback? Bowser uses the regular boss music and then "gets serious" after he starts dropping fire on you.

My vacation is apparently going back the way I came. It seems wrong to end a hack without letting the credits roll... this isn't a demo.

I expect a little more polish for a hack that calls itself complete. The level design is good although it doesn't touch on a whole lot of things you can do with SMW. Dragon Island 5 sticks out as that level that's too different whereas every other normal level fits under the same umbrella of concepts. Brown Switch Palace is the real killer here because it contextually has no reason to be a minor edit of an original SMW level. I'm not entirely sure that this is ready to be published without redesigning that level.

Difficulty: Normal
Mirann (p.s. you're working overtime and straining payroll. GET BACK TO BREAK)

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
SMW Dragon Island Quest by bandicoot

I'm going to try a new form of reviewing where I don't go through all the levels and point out everything that could be better because that just takes a while for me. I'll write on stuff I feel needs mentioning-- shit you know what, I'm too used to reviewing each level. I'm just going to do that.

Intro and Yoshi's house
I find it a bit weird how the intro uses (broken) English, yet Yoshi's house message box uses Spanish (I think). Not a removal reason. Just know that it's inconsistent. Not everyone is multilingual with those two languages specifically.

Dragon Island 1
This level is very flat, and occasionally, the sprites would not spawn. It looked like at one point that I would be screwed and not able to continue because a dolphin wasn't there, but then I realized it just didn't spawn, so I scrolled back and there it was.
The layer 3 water also seems like it should rise and fall, but it doesn't. I say this because there is a cheep cheep that falls out of the block at the beginning. Also, I felt the cheep cheep spawner was an example of lazy level design. There are a lot of ways to make a level fun and exciting, but a cheep cheep generator is not one of those ways. Especially in the first level.
Finally, why was it all misty at the end of the level? Did you just happen to use that sublevel and not change settings? Overall, I'm a bit iffy on this level. It doesn't seem that great so far.

Dragon Island 2
Autoscrolling level was very slow. Sure, it was hard to sit there and fast forward, but I still managed to do that. It was slow to the point it was boring. Sitting and dodging bullets can only be so exciting for a moment. At a point, it just gets very annoying.
I have to hand it to you though, that secret exit was quite clever. Though, the part after going under was annoying because the player had to do yet even more dodging. (Also the 3up moon wasn't needed, and should just be replaced with a 1up or something, but I feel that's the least of your troubles).

Brown Switch Palace
Huge problem. If you beat the palace, the switch inside disappears. Have the destruction sequence go on the overworld setting for the tile, otherwise the player can enter the Switch Palace again and be trapped until time runs out.

Dragon Island 3
This level was actually quite enjoyable. Even though it was flat at some parts, the rest of the level made up for that. I'd suggest turning the time down a bit, because the score countdown at the end of the level doesn't end.

Dragon Island 4
Gotta say, this level was pretty fun too. Though, I did keep Yoshi for a majority of it. I don't know if this level would have been as fun without Yoshi, because there were a lot of munchers in one segment.

Dragon Hill Top
That level was pretty fun too. I would suggest making things look better by using ledge and ground blocks rather than cement blocks, but it was still very fun to play. I can't remember much about this level because I just tabbed out for a few minutes after typing the first sentence, so I'm going to end it here.

Dragon Island 5
The water part of this level was the only boring part for me, but that's probably because I hate water levels. I did like the ceiling smasher segment. I was playing and questioning the coins at the top, and then when it fell I was like, "holy shit".

Bowser Fortress
This level felt like blatant edits of the original SMW castles. I haven't played the original SMW a lot myself, so I don't know for sure. But I definitely know that the brown block snake and the magikoopa stuff was basically from another castle.

Although this hack isn't too bad, there are little quirks that drive it over the edge. See Brown Switch Palace and Bowser Fortress.

Difficulty: Normal
Verdict: Reject
Tested with ZSNES v1.51

Dragon island 1:
quite a nice level but lacks decoration for my taste

Dragon Island 2:
This level is quite annoying due to REALLY slow scrolling

Brown Switch Palace:
Uh .... This switch and very similar to those of SMW
I think you should rework your switch palace

Dragon island 3:
Good level, the longer I liked this level building was pretty good
And I had more fun to play on this level

Dragon Island 4:
This level has a little diffcult pushed on it I think some places construction would do again.

Dragon Hill top:
Very repetitive level, many passages are identical especially before the checkpoint
The level is annoying on my mind
I think it would need to be reworked.

Dragon Island 5:
Average level, once you get into the water passage of torpedoes was pretty hard to pass on some places especially when there yoshi
AND also why there is a keyhole then there is no secret exit! #tb{''}

Throughout the hack is not too bad, but some passages remain a review
and please remove this keyhole.

Difficulty: Normal
Verdict: Rejected, I think some places need to be reworked.
Layout by Koopster
I played this hack. I don't want to be wrong, but if I recall correctly, this was one of the entries of the Brazillian Contest, isn't it? I slightly remember a few parts, but most of this was new to me.

The level design is good enough I think: I particularly liked the former levels; their design is very good, and going trough them was very fun and, sometimes, pretty challengy too. The latter levels, specifically the last three, have a drop of quality. They start getting repetitive, excessively long (mostly the castle) and boring. As everyone already pointed out, a few levels, including these three, could have been more polished overall, but I still judge your design decently good.

Nothing big about the aesthetics, just vanilla GFX. At least I can say that their usage is pretty clever. If I were you, I'd may have used more decoration tiles, as some vanilla hacks do.

I haven't found misc issues worth of mentioning. Maybe I can point you out that sometimes, certain levels finish with more than 400 SMW seconds. This makes the score glitchy when you touch the goal tape.

Difficulty is normal, nearly hard in a few parts.

I don't think this hack should be rejected just because a few levels doesn't feel right design-wise, but, at the same time, I feel that this hack could have more work overall. I'd say to accept it, but submitting an updated following mine and others' reviewers won't hurt, is it?~
Damn, I'm certain I played this hack before >.<

Originally posted by Wakana
I played this hack. I don't want to be wrong, but if I recall correctly, this was one of the entries of the Brazillian Contest, isn't it?

Could be... really not sure either xD

Onwards to the review.
This hack looked overall fairly good. It had good level design and nicely decorated level. The levels are quite fun to play too.
What throws me a bit of is the final castle. Sadly, it looks like a collection of blatand edited castle levels from the original SMW. I think this level can be improved a lot, if not redone completly.
On the countrary, I loved your switch palace. That gimmik idea was briliat. Man, getting that 1-up sure was some work. I also liked that you actually used the switch palace blocks. Many hacks seem to have swtich palaces but not use the blocks to make level easier.

[1] Guess you forgot to translate this ^^
[2] Now this should be fixed. Working with the special message settings on the OW and some palettes, you can make this look right. Note that the flat switch is a sprite and thus uses sprite palette. Also, in the previous room you have brown walls, here they are back to blue.
[3][4][5] The spinys walking into the pipes should have been a good hint that something is wrong. First of, you should always prevent the player from being able to walk under the sledge end of the pipe. It behaves glitchy and can kill the player. Also, and I don't really know why, I can just walk into the pipe from the left. I'd concider just removing them.
[6] I see that you didn't pay close attention to the range of the smasher. It resets on certain screen positions, if layer 2 is visible while this happens, it glitches up onscreen. Check this image to see where to pay attention and not put layer 2

The hack is well made and fun to play, but I'm still for rejecting this. Once the bugs are fixed, feel free to submit it again.
Difficulty: Normal

Anime statistic on MyAnimeList:
400 animes completed ✓
6000 episodes completed ✓
100 Days completed ✓
... what even am I doing with my life?
I'm going to try going through each level individually instead of just writing holistically about the hack. This should allow me to point out specific problems while painting an overall picture of the hack.

Title Screen/Intro/Yoshi's House - They're all the same as the original SMW. The only difference is that some of the text is changed. I find it odd, however, that the intro is in English, but the text at Yoshi's House is in Spanish.

Dragon Island 1 - This was a pretty fun level overall. I wasn't really a fan of how the level just threw a flying fish section at you with no warning, but luckily, the section was short. Other parts of the level felt flat and empty. Also, I'm not really sure why there was a free 1-up mushroom right at the end of the level. That made no sense to me. Overall, I'm not sure how to feel about this level. There's a lot of little things that make me feel iffy about it.

Dragon Island 2 - To put it bluntly, I didn't like this level. The slow autoscroll was a real drag for this level. It didn't really seem fun. Also, I hate the position of the secret exit. It basically means that you have to play the level twice to get both exits. Also, I wasn't really a fan of the music choice here.

Brown Switch Palace - Really? A blatant edit of the red switch? Really?

Dragon Island 3 - Again, I'm really iffy about this level. I just played the level about 20 minutes ago and I'm already forgetting stuff about it. There wasn't a lot of memorable things about this level. I remember it being flat and empty in some spots and not liking the positioning of the Lakitu. He seems a bit too low.

Dragon Island 4 - This one was definitely my favorite level of the hack. It introduced a gimmick (tide and dolphins), expanded on it, and the gimmick didn't overstay its welcome. Well done!

Dragon Hill Top - On the flip side, this is probably my least favorite level of the hack. It's very repetitive (jump from flying platform to pipe) and kinda boring.

Dragon Island 5 - I really enjoyed this level too. Even if it seems a bit unfocused, all of the sections of the level were generally fun to play. I really enjoyed the ceiling smasher segment. I thought it was very creative. It's worth noting that in the P-balloon section, Mario can just float on the ceiling and avoid all of the hazards.

Bowser Fortress - I thought that some of the rooms were blatant edits of the original rooms in Bowser's Castle. The rest of the level felt kinda repetitive. I enjoyed the Magikoopa room though (even if it was a blatant edit).

Difficulty: Normal

Verdict: Reject - Overall, I had a fun time with the hack, but like others have said, there are some issues that prevent me from wanting to accept the hack. That being said, this hack is very, very close to being acceptable. If you rework a few parts, you should be good.

Mario's Vanilla Journey

Progress: 22/72 levels complete
The text in the title screen is overwritten by the file select menu. You should move it up a bit so that doesn't happen.

Onto the levels themselves...

Dragon Island 1 starts fine, but I think the jumping fish generator is a bit too chalenging for the first level. That also made the second part of the level harder than the first; maybe they could use a swap?

Dragon Island 2 is the level with the autoscrolling that made it pretty long. I suggest that you move the secret exit to somewhere nearer the beginning, so the player doesn't have to play it again entirely for taking the alternative exit.
Also, this doesn't happen too often, but if wait long enough, the scrolling will smash me after I get the goal bar. It's often better to put the goal post in a room apart without a scrolling generator, or just have the level to end one screen after the goal, so the camera can't scroll anymore.

Brown Switch (I don't think I've seen too many people use differently colored switch palacdes, so kudos to that!) has a pretty tricky bonus... It's really easy to screw that up. If you want to make it more friendly you can use some platforms for the player to stand on as they guide the shell, but it's up to you. It was a nice challenge either way.
Also, even if I can use START+SELECT to leave passed levels, why don't you use an exploding sequence after the switch is beaten? I believe that'd make more sense.

Dragon Island 3 was a pretty simple level, kind of straight-forward running. I like what you did with the trees priority after the midway point. Just a bit after that, I found some broken diagonal pipes - check out a level where they're originally used (i.e. 105) to see how you should set them up.
Near the end, more jumping fish... I don't think they fit very well in a forest, also it's kinda boring to use the same gimmick twice in a single world.

Dragon Island 4 had a midpoint that came pretty early, but the level itself wasn't that short, so that's good. Don't really have complaints about this one, it was a fun level.

Dragon Hill Top, apart from the first few screens, is really not very action-packed. I guess it could benefit from a few more enemies in the land areas.
I'm forced to ditch yoshi right after the midway, since there's a low-ceiling platforming part and I can't duck while riding. :<

Dragon Island 5 was a cave level with 4 unrelated sections.
The first one began with a simple skull ride and was followed by a little area with piranha plants. I really like how you have to be quick to get the first yoshi coin.
The second one was a pretty interesting translucent layer 2 water room. Not only it looks pretty appealing, but that part also played nicely. You could've explored that gimmick a bit more (having the player to wait for the water to go up/down to reach some bonuses), but that's just a suggestion. Also floating blurp fish. :P
The third room really wasn't my favorite. There are coins in the ceiling, but I really can't tell what they stand for before it's too late... You could make the layer 2 visible before it falls down, it'll become more fair that way.
The fourth room is a P-balloon ride. Really simple, too.

Now, Bowser Fortress is the level I liked the least... What bugs me the most about it is that almost every room is a blatant edit of SMW's original rooms. I'd be okay if you used the same concepts as the original rooms did, but the levels feel almost the same, especially the brown block ride room. I suggest you rework this level from scratch.

I'd probably vote for accept if it weren't for the castle level, but since almost everyone else voted for reject, I guess it wouldn't make too much of a difference anyway... So rejecting.
My only real major complaint about this hack is the last level anyway, so if you redesign it, I'll probably give it an accept next time. Those levels were really well-designed and fun to play through, so good job on that! Hope you'll fix what's been pointed out and ressubmit it.

Difficulty is "Normal".

Originally posted by akacesfan
the text at Yoshi's House is in Spanish

;_; That's Portuguese...
Boss, don't kill me. I know I'm supposed to be taking a break from hack moderation, but I still wanted to review something.

The Title Screen wasn't edited at all besides some additional text and a Chrono Trigger port, which wasn't a good choice for that title screen at all. The file select cuts off some of the edited text present on it, too.

The Overworld has an okay design, it could be more interesting if you tried to variety a little more in the usage of shapes. The dirt felt empty by the lack of lines in it, and the decoration could've been used in a more interesting way.
Yoshi's House also wasn't edited at all besides a different message is introduced in the message box. I kind of liked the unusual palettes for the mail box, though.

Dragon Island 1 is introduced as a river-themed one. I liked the design, but I really felt that the fish generator already near to the Yoshi block in the begin was slightly overkill, since I lose him by getting hit by the fishes, without going actually far in the level. The usage of dolphins in the level wasn't all great, as you could've tried to use them in a more interesting way. The amount of chucks could be less, since we're still in the first level of the hack. Weirdly enough, I actually found the fog addition in the last room of the level to be a nice touch, but I can't seem to point out why though.

Dragon Island 2 is the first athletic level of the hack. I really liked the Top Gear music being used in the level, although the port could've been ported better. The difficulty already increases significantly, but in a good way. The autoscroll was also well used there, but it made the high amount of time set in the timer become a little unnecessary. Clever idea with the secret exit of the level, too. Overall, I actually liked this level.

Brown Switch Palace is a blatantly edited version the "Red Switch Palace" from the original Super Mario World. Needless to say, I don't think I need to review this level.

Dragon Island 3 is a forest-like level. Although many forest levels use lakitus, I never get bored of them. I liked the aesthetics, although the tileset mixing felt slightly unnecessary, I found it nice that the level had a transition from grass to forest. Though, the fish generator that appears later in that level was a little overkill, as a player, I wouldn't expect something like that coming from a forest level, not like this is a bad thing but that was a tough spot, but at least, it wasn't a long spot since the goal point was already near.

Dragon Island 4 is another river-themed level. I've heard some people dislike the usage of torpedoes outside water, but I actually find it to be creative, and I'm glad they were used well in this level. However, playing this level without Yoshi was really tough IMO, I never thought he'd make such a huge difference in this level's difficulty. The music of this level was really cool though, I got a little sad that some channels get cut when SFXs are played.

Dragon Hill Top is a nice level. The pits weren't unfair and the level was well designed. I got slightly disappointed that the area with timed lifts made me have to abandon Yoshi, else I couldn't proceed in order to beat the level.

Dragon Island 5 is a cave level. I liked how the introduction of the level slightly made me rush to get the Yoshi coin at the begin. The water section, however, was boring IMO, that could benefit of a redesign, also I didn't get what was the keyhole there for? Assuming it didn't have a secret exit. The third room's end was slightly tough. The last room and the usage of the P-balloon was neat, though.

Bowser Fortress isn't a good level. There are many sections that weren't even edited from the original Super Mario World and this level felt lazily made due to it. I'd expect this level to be entirely remade, because having blatant edits at the final level kills the fun of playing a hack that was having a good progress on its fun factor.

Overall, it's a decent hack. But the fact that there are unedited levels from the original Super Mario World present in the hack really kills the fun I had while playing some of the custom levels. I wouldn’t consider it a very big deal, but unfortunately, as a hack moderator, I don’t think that hacks should contain unedited or blatantly edited levels in them in order to finish the hack quicker, as it sounds effortlessly to do and may encourage other hackers to do the same, which wouldn't result well for the future.

I'm leaning towards a denial for this hack. I wasn't sure about a better verdict for it at first, but the fact that there are unedited levels present in this hack, mainly for the castle level, which killed the fun of the hack. I'd be leaning towards accepting the hack, if you decide to remake the unedited and blatantly edited levels of the hack, though. I feel it has potential to become better, since the hack originally was that entry for that brazilian contest we had a while ago, and it gave the participants a really nice idea for the hack's purpose and story. Please, remake the levels when you can.

For the difficulty, I'd say Normal.
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