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[ACCEPTED] "COLLAB" - Daizo Dee Von, Neidave

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File Name:COLLAB
Submitted:2014-07-13 04:44:20 AM by Daizo Dee Von
Authors:Daizo Dee Von, Neidave
Length:11 exit(s)
Description:COLLAB is a 1-World Teamhack made by several people of the SMWCentral Community. It is mainly Vanilla-styled but contains little changes to avoid cutoffs.

There has been tons of effort put into re-releasing COLLAB, from cleaning up level design to fixing up palettes. There are also a few hidden secrets added in for any Easter Egg Hunters out there, looking for something interesting.

Now that COLLAB is finally back and ready for action, all you need to do is have fun! :)

This hack was actually quite fun to play. I've been looking through the thread of this collab on WIP forum and I think the result went well, it's also better that you've got this to work on accurate emulators.

About the level design, in general I found it to be nice. Sure that some may have different design choices from each other, but this issue aside I think that the guys that have participated of this collab did a nice job on the level design overall. The submap was well designed too, although some bright palettes could be slightly toned down to fit more the night feel present in the hack.

In the topic of weird issues I found in the hack + design choices that could be avoided or changed, I've found this [1] [2] to be weird, since the lava only kills from the above. Also the fireballs that reflect off of walls die in the lava, nothing major though. The ceiling of this level isn't well set, as the player can get into it. Lastly, the vine inside this block sometimes appear, sometimes don't.

Overall, an enjoyable hack.
As for the difficulty, I'd suggest Normal.

+1'd users:
- Macky
- Wakana-chan
- Jack-kun
- Wormer21
- Everest
- SuperAgentYoshi
Originally posted by Mirann
this block sometimes appear, sometimes don't.

Wrong image?

Anyway, there appears to be a lot of silly little mistakes I never even thought of would happen. Should I upload an update, or should I update the file itself? I don't usually submit hacks, especially three in the same week.
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Good catch. This is the image I meant before, sorry for the confusion.

If you want to submit an update of the hack, feel free to - I just claimed the file as free for now. Let me know when you're done updating it.
Didn't this hack already got accepted? Anyway, the hack overall is nice, but I have the feeling that the designers could improve on the palette choices, because in every level the palettes are very dark and don't really catch up with the level's atmosphere. I believe the level design is now much better than how they were designed in the previous release. The overworld was nice to see, but once again I talk about the palettes. (it's also nice to see that you guys fixed the glitch when beating one of the levels, though most bugs/glitches were fixed anyway). But in general I enjoyed this hack along with Collab 2.


e: Difficulty: Normal
Fun hack, this was really entertaining. I liked the concept of the haunted levels, I believe I've never seen this idea before.

This hack is very well designed: nice levels, which never felt boring or so. I loved how you used the SMW elements and combined them in different ways to obtain the gimmicks you wanted, I found this fact pretty good and impressive in some cases. It happens that a few parts may be a bit too challengy, compared with the rest of the hack. I'm mainly talking about the level before the final castle, which asks too much from the player, both for the lenght and for the design, which is indeed challengy. Despite this, I think this hack has a great level design, good job on it~

Aesthetic is another factor that impressed me in this hack: I liked, in particular, how you implemented the Ghost House elements in each level. Being it vanilla, I also focused on how palettes looked like: I must say that most of them really look appealing; I'm a little unsure about the one in the level before the castle. Nice job anyway, since most of the aesthetic was pleasant to look.

A few misc issues I'd like to highlight are some ones in the lava cave, regarding weird actlike of the lava in certain cases, which Mirann already pointed out.

The difficulty is normal, even with a few spikes in the difficulty curve.

Overall, I think this hack is worth of being accepted, good job with this one~
Well great, you made me hate ghosts now :<
Putting my new found hatred aside, this hack was pretty nice. Hard but nice.
The level design was fairly great. I love how you put the ghost house components in every other level :P There was some cutoff here and there but I don't really mind those as long as they stay so small in number ^^.

I kinda love what you did to the falling down bonus game from the original. You hardly ever see those revamped and than done so nicly too...
Good job with this one.

The difficulty curve was kinda... flucturing. There were levels that were a lot harder than other later on... or was that just me. Given that the whole hack was fairly hard ^^' I guess I shouldn't mind too much.

The idea of having the boss fight in a reused level 1 montage was kinda nice. Though the fact that you only get 3 throwblock (read: no misses allowed) makes things harder again, and I have to kill myself if I mess up. The secret in the last level... could have been a bit better hidden maybe. Given how it literally destroys the overworld. Being the lazy person I am, I just rewinded after getting the secret, so I'm not sure, but wouldn't getting the secret first and the normal exit after that destroy the text written on the OW.

As I said, the difficulty deserves a hard.
As for the verdict... well, you gave me a phobia of ghost levels in SMW hacks which probably is a huge handicap for a hack mod but sure, why not. Goign with accepting this.
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Going to check the Hard Mode a second time, because I'm a masochist.

For some reason I've no idea why the score counter isn't working, maybe I did something wrong? O.o
I see the music and some stuff have been fixed after I played the last version of this hack. The Red Beetle Cave is still "non-flower-friendly", until they are immune to fireballs (honestly, I didn't test it with Fire Mario this time). Living Death Mine is still really hard to beat, as you can easily run out of time (time does drain faster in Hard Mode, but I think it's fine in this mode). Spooky Walk was also challenging, but I see some of the harder and precise gaps have been made a bit easier - that's good. The last level was fine, I almost ran out of time during the big Boo fight. For some reason if you destroy the fortress, the destruction event is misplaced. Minor error though.

Overall this hack is enjoyable, so I'd accept it. It was pretty fun and I liked how the levels were designed.

Difficulty: it depends really... something like Normal/Hard. It may have medium difficulty in Normal Mode, but in Hard Mode some levels may be a pain in the butt, because the timer is draining really quickly, also every hit insta-kills you. Only the cape seems to make stuff easier, but it's fine as it is.

Good job!
This was the first hack I reviewed under the new system I believe.

Wow, replaying it gave me so many memories. I remember last time having a mixed opinion on it, but now I believe this hack has indeed improved. This is mainly down to the aesthetics and level design in this hack. I believe this time you improved and rectified quite a few things. Beginning with the level design as I usually do in hack reviews, I can say that the levels felt quite amazing. It certainly has some sort of challenge to it and that is what made this hack so interesting to me. The general concept would be going through levels that have obstacles that the player should avoid while playing the level. While I could see that the general layout of the levels was basically cave/low ceiling like, each level felt quite different from the last due to the structure of the levels. For example, some levels had P-Switches that were need to progress while others had a simple but difficult "run towards the end" type of design. Regardless, I am impressed by both styles used. One thing that you should avoid doing in a short hack like this is creating repetitive situations with the P-Switch. It isn't horribly overused like some other hacks I have seen but still, in a hack with only a few exits, I expect it to be used a little less. On a final note here, I really like some uses of certain sprites! It really creates interesting design.

The aesthetics in this hack are quite pleasing to me and I am easily impressed with the palettes and use of vanilla graphics. Most of this hack is based around a ghostly theme so I can see a lot of ghost house tiles in the hack. They are well integrated into the hack whether it is normal a normal grass tileset or a cave tileset. Some graphics are slightly redrawn to fit certain areas (including some sprites). That does not have a huge impact however so I am not worried about it. The HDMA and palettes are one of the best I have seen in some time; I really do like them and it gave me some ideas. Good job overall on this area! The submap seems to be good looking as well and fits in with the levels. There are some odd bits such as weird acting lava tiles in Living Death Mine and the fact I could walk down from that very same level on the map without getting the secret exit. They are not major enough to have any impact on this hack but should be noted nevertheless. Overall, I can say this part of the hack is good as well.

Difficulty: Despite a few difficulty spikes, the difficulty setting should be Normal.

I can happily accept this hack. Good job on this hack!
The update has been submitted within the same hack page, so I believe it's ready for release or another tryout.
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What did I think of COLLAB?

*Click* Noice!

Let's go over the levels!

Holes on the move

I like the level design and palettes. The combination of tilesets 15, 7, and 1A (grass, ghost house, underground) turned out very nicely. The decoration was good as well, good job!

Mysterious Meadows

Your level design and palettes worked out very good as well. I didn't like how the mountains in the background where so Bright Green (<-- Nitpick) but that's fine.

Ghostly Caverns

While your level design, decoration, and use of layer 2 was good, I would've liked to see a custom palette in your level

Deadly cave

I really liked deadly cave (for the reasons above But not layer 2)) However I found it odd that there were two cave levels in a row. Beyond that, Great level!

Haunted Home

Unfortunately I didn't like this one very much. No custom palette, the design was okay, and it looked like you would've seen in in the original SMW.

Red Beetle Cave

I really liked the palette in this one, I also like the hard difficulty of the level. It was sorta' kaizo-ish, good work!

Living Death Mine

This level was very cool Not literally! I liked the broken bone thing, genius! But does anybody else find it weird that there are berries in the ground? They must taste awful #tb{DX<}#tb{^V^}

Spooky Walk

I liked this level Putting aside the fact that it was made by Darkdlp02 who is one of my favorite hackers for its palettes, creativity and design. What I didn't like was the difficulty.

#tb{DX<} <-- That was the face I made when I lost #tb{^V^}

And finaly...

Haunted Fortress

Haven't seen a haunted castle in FOREVER! I liked the clound effect and the hopping on clouds to get to secrets, cool beans! I also found the secret exit in the level kinda funny after the event. The boss battle was harder than most big boo bosses (putting the 7th 24hosmw aside) I've played, good job on that!

Also I'd like to point out the funny stuff within the ROM such as level 105 that says "Welcome ..cheater" and how on the OW it said "damn hackers" then had DDV's little face logo thing, good stuff!

Overall this hack was very nice hack!

Just wanted to let you know that I've already had another playthrough of his hack and I've found no bugs at my end, and that the permanent link has been updated, although there aren't many changes.

Also, I forgot to mention before but the music used for "Red Beetle Cave" is nice besides the @4 strings. If I could know the name of the song, that'd be cool.
Originally posted by Mirann
Just wanted to let you know that I've already had another playthrough of his hack and I've found no bugs at my end, and that the permanent link has been updated, although there aren't many changes.

Ah, well the changes thing was intentional since I wanted to just release it without major changes. I'm glad I remembered everything to fix, since I usually miss something obvious. Ooops!

Originally posted by Mirann
Also, I forgot to mention before but the music used for "Red Beetle Cave" is nice besides the @4 strings. If I could know the name of the song, that'd be cool.

Considering it wasn't my hack to begin with (although I was the one who fixed it up, as well as one of the level designers), I have no idea myself on what it's called. You're going to have to as Neidave if he knows if you really want to know where it's from.

If I forgot to mention it, yes, Neidave knows about the update, as he gave me permission to do so.

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Deadline for reviews is over. Considering all the reviews were leaning for the hack's acceptance, it has been accepted.