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[REMOVED] "Super Mario Bros. 3 Adventures" - Javier

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File Name:Super Mario Bros. 3 Adventures 1 World Demo Update
Submitted:2014-07-19 03:01:09 PM by Javier
Length:8 exit(s)
Description:Mods Please delete the other version of this hack. This is an updated version which fixes some bugs.

Hey, this hack was actually pretty neat! Probably because I'm a fan of SMAS-styled hacks, but I think you did a good job resembling a SMB3 feel in your hack overall.

The level design was good overall, it reminds well the layout of the level design that SMB3 levels had, although I noticed all of your levels follow the same level theme that SMB3 originally had, so I kind of thought you made a reloaded version of it. I would probably have made changes on Grassland 3, because this one looked almost identical to the original level. This one aside, the levels were nice. As for the overworld, too bad you couldn't make the animated decoration just like the original game, it'd be really good if you could give a shot at trying, someday! The grassland submap didn't look nice at all, but the desert one looked really nice.

In the topic of weird issues, I found a few you could take a look on, such as:
  • [1] - The cutoff here is easily avoidable. I suggest you to look for a complete version of the same foreground in the Graphics section and replace the current one.
  • [1] - Suggestion: Disable any vertical scrolling for this level, it'd hide the cutoff of the teleport block while climbing, since there aren't spots where you'd need the camera to scroll vertically.
  • [1] - Unchanged castle destruction message after beating a fortress. In fact, I'd suggest you to remove these cutscenes as they'd look weird for a SMB3-stlyed hack.
  • [1] [2] [3] - Cutoffs you can easily fix. Minor, but in the third screenshot when you bounce on a note block, the "bounce" tilemap is still the SMW one, which you could change to be similar to SMB3's.
  • [1] [2] [3] - This is a weird issue; when using a star from the OW inventory and entering a level, after the star music stops playing its theme in the level, the overworld music plays on the level instead of the level music it was supposed to play. Must be to do with the patch, so I'd probably look for a way to fix it.
These aside, it's a good hack overall. Good luck with what the coming reviewers will say about the hack, because I think you did a good job on this hack.

Difficulty would be Normal.

+1'd users:
- Wakana-chan
- Clemasterable
- Everest
- Koopster
- Jack-kun
- Wormer21
- mario and luigi
Cool hack I guess. I'm actually ambivalent between accepting it or not.

What it concernes me most is the level design, mainly two things. The first one is that your levels kinda remind me the original SMB 3 game. You should avoid doing this, even if it wasn't intentional. The second thing is that it's not this good either: actually, most of the sections were terribly flat, with a few enemies to avoid easily. This judgement may be wrong though, since first worlds are not compliaced, but still... I believe it could have been much much better.

Aesthetics, instead, are well made. Despite a few cutoffs, I liked how you implemented the SMB3 elements in a SMW rom, from the biggest changes to the small details. You have a point here, good job.

I don't think there are major issues worth of mention. I only spotted a bad fireball palette in Larry's battle level. You should consider fixing it.

Difficulty is easy from my point of view, very easy.

I'm ambivalent on this one: ugly in design but awesome in graphics. I'm sorry, but I think that the fun factor, and so design, has priority in a hack, so I'd go with rejection. As suggestions, I'd tell you to make a better level design, and also try to make at least two worlds in your next demo; in this way, your hack will be more reasonable as it is now. Good luck with it.
This hack was pretty cool, I guess. No major palette or sprite problems as far as I could see and no game breaking bugs. Speaking of which...
-It's possible to get all the treasures in Toad House if you're fast enough.
-Completing the Fortress rewards you with the Iggy Castle Beat sequence.
-You don't get stuck but it shouldn't happen.

3 common problems with the levels:
1)Unless that's really what you were going for (in which case, don't), the levels are way too similar to the original SMB3 levels. If I wanted to play SMB3 on my SNES, I'd play All-Stars.
2) Not enough enemies and/or bad enemy placement. The Airship is just a long and boring corridor with nothing to attack you while you wait for the slow scrolling to do its thing.
3) It's SO empty! In pretty much every level you have areas that have ,just, nothing. Grassland 5 suffers the most from this. You see a path, you go there, and you hit your face on a wall. It tries to be a maze but fails so hard because the correct path is way too obvious.

Think outside the SMB3 box (I'm 99% sure that sentence doesn't make sense but I don't know how to put it otherwise), you have all the SMB3 GFXs and music but that doesn't mean you have to make a flat and boring replica of the original. Try to make things that weren't done in the original, create something new! Try to think of it as SMB3:2 and not just a "SMB3-like game".

Difficulty: Easy
Verdict: Rejection
Tested using SNES9x (no save-states)
This won't be long at all.

The hack can be finished in minutes if you constantly run through it though I put it (barely) at the acceptable amount of length for a hack so there will be no issues regarding the length of this hack. I am quite amazed at this hack for one particular reason and that would be the accuracy of it in one particular area. You have recreated SMB3 to such a good extent that I was actually wondering whether I was playing a SMW hack (the only noticeable difference is the motions of the player). The level design clearly reflects this as well and here is where the problem begins. I can see that some of the levels felt like minor edits from the original SMB3 levels and that comes dangerously close to becoming a remake. While that is clearly not the case here, you should have put more effort into making the levels seem completely new. The level design itself is around the "fine" area though I cannot say it was good as some areas felt extremely short and flat. Not good. The sprite usage was decent in some areas though and as such, it sort of compensated for that.

The aesthetics all relate to SMB3 and I can say all it good about them. Nothing seems changed and since they looked good in the SMAS SMB3 game, they looked good here. Good job at implementing the graphics for this hack. I am also impressed at how you implemented the sound effects (note block) and several changes to the status bar (such as the P-Meter). Good job on them! One thing to note: After beating Grassland Fortress, there was an unchanged castle destruction scene. Please get rid of it completely as it does not fit in this hack. There was some cutoff present but it was pretty minor (Mirann pointed out some examples). The music was quite pleasant to hear as I expected. Good job. Unfortunately, I do not think these great achievements outweigh my judgement on the level design.

Difficulty: I found this hack to be overall quite Easy.

I am not sure what to do since I felt like you could improve the level design of some areas. On the other hand, the other elements are very good. What shall I do? Hmm... I will go with rejection this time and suggest you fix some of the issues in this hack (Mirann gives a good few that are more noticeable) and improve some of the level design to make it less boring. Good luck - this was close to being accepted!
Comparing this to the C3 demo I happened to play, this one is clearly a lot more clean and bug-free. Except for a few little things such as the cutoff vine (btw is that my teleport block? I've never seen anybody use it before, so hey!), it's really polished enough.

One thing that didn't make a lot of sense to me is the toad house. I can get the three items in there instead of only one like the message says. Actually, what are even those for? Unless I'm missing something badly, there's no way for me to even use them.

My main complaint about this hack though, it that it just feels like a SMB3 remake, except with more linear levels. Your sixth level is a good example of linearity: the original SMB3's 1-6 had some line guides and interesting enemy setups, while your version which seems to be based from that has a pretty bland design, and there's a fair amount of whole screens with no enemies at all. The other levels overall are also pretty linear and most of them lack bonuses (be that separate room bonuses or not); they're a lot more about simply "go straight forward and dodge enemies". I get the feeling that what you tried with this hack was to "revamp" SMB3's levels, but to be honest, those aren't too much more interesting than SMB3's themselves.

I don't really like the revamping idea too much to be honest, unless you can execute it in a way that the levels are not only interesting but feel distinct enough from the original ones, yet using the same overall ideas. This requires a lot of creativity, or else you'll find yourself simply ripping off the levels you make your own from. I suggest you to try to use your own ideas, but if you still want to go for what you have on mind currently, I'm all good, as long as you improve your levels of course!

Reject; I'm expecting you to improve all of your levels and make them more interesting to play, and also more distinct from SMB3's (then again, I'm all good if you keep up the revamping as long as you use your creativity and don't rip off). Reworking all of your levels may take a fair while, but you don't need to rush! There'll be people in here to moderate your hack again whenever you're done. ;)

Also make sure to fix the existing bugs too, and this should become a great thing!

Difficulty is definitely "Easy".
It's easily the best thing I've done
So why the empty numb?
Nice demo B)
Now, what to say about this? If I could have used the white blocks to go behind the layers this would be like playing SMB3 all over again. (well except some colors not quite matching but w/e)
No, the pure feeling of SMB3 has been embeded quite well. I've played the first world of the original many times and they do strike me as quite similiar (in feeling as well as in appearance) Whether that's a good thing or not is up to debate. I'm just kinda scrared that this will end up trying to copy SMB3 too much :<
The levels also didn't feel like they had much content to them. Sure, they looked nice and all but in the end (especially those air type level) felt kinda like something you can just run through.

[1] You seem to have a but with your pipes though. Some of them glitch the level up for a split second when entering or leaving.
[2] Am I suppose to be able to open all of them? Or is this like a slot mashine?
[3] Ifninite 1-up FTW

In the end, it looks great but that sadly seems to be about it. This strikes me as trying to be like SMB3 a little too much and not really bringing in own content. Therefor, I am for rejecting this. I do belive this has great potential, but there needs to be some improvment done.
Difficulty: Normal.
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This hack was okay, but there were easily avoidable things. Well, let's check...

Your level design looks very similar to SMB3's for some reason. Most of your levels feel like SMB3 remakes, while some of them look a bit bland. Try to change your levels, so they won't look too similar to an another game. I like the changes you implemented like the SMB3 map items. So far they feel a bit pointless due to this hacks easy difficulty. Toad's House allows you to grab all three items instead of one. Try to block it if you didn't want that to happen. Try to make your levels from scratch and try to avoid too much difference with the originals. Play some hacks, gain inspiration and show what you can and be as creative as you can. Some of the changes are actually quite nice.

Your OW is simple, nothing special, to be honest. The music is from SMB3, so there isn't too much to judge.

Well, unfortunately I'm voting for rejection. Try to make your levels from scratch, but you can keep all other ideas. They were actually quite good.

Difficulty: Easy, definitely.
super mario bros. 3 was one of my favorite games for the snes and the gameboy advance. i used to play it to death. this hack brought me back to that year! now, for the review:

the graphics in this hack match that of smb3 perfectly. the only thing that i would suggest is that some objects cause cutoff when placed on top of the foreground, like in grassland 2, the hills at the beginning of the level don't exactly line up with the foreground. also, in that same level, the ending (the black curtain) is also cutoff, as you could see a few pixels behind it. not a worthy issue of rejection, but it is something to know.

the custom music also matches that of super mario brothers 3 perfectly. i would suggest in grassland 2's bonus area, to not use cave music, but bonus music, as it seems more fitting for that area. i also really liked the idea of the overworld item counter; the "select" button opens it up.

onto the level design now. to be honest, there wasn't really anything wrong or bad about your level design. some levels were just generally flat and uninspiring, and some of them needed a bit of work. grassland 2 was a short level and there was a lack of enemies a bit there. grassland fortress was an extremely short level, and also had lack of enemies besides a few dry bones and boom-boom at the end. also, in that castle level, there was the unchanged vanilla cutscene with iggy koopa being defeated, which is incorrect. i suggest fixing this as well in your next update.

grassland 5 had cutoff corner tiles: there were pieces of dirt that were cutting into the corners. not a big issue, but still pretty noticeable. the worst level in the game was probably grassland 6. it involved nothing, but mario jumping across repetitive platforms with occasional goombas and koopas. decorations were also lacking, as well. grassland airship had an interesting idea, but also turned out to be bland and un-decorated. again, try adding a few things there. and not a removal reason at all, but the boss at the end of grassland airship should have smb3 music, as well.

i'm going to say rejection here, sorry. practice creating a few levels by yourself. your main goal is to add more things, like decoration and (mostly) enemies, and avoid repetition. good luck, Javier!


for some reason, every time mario goes up this pipe, the screen flashes this for a split second (glad i caught it). i'm using zsnes; don't know if that's why.
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The reviews have spoken. The hack has got rejected.
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