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24hosmw #7: Results

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It's time to announce the results for the 7th 24 hour challenge (designing a new Big Boo Boss battle). I found the entries this time around to be a mixed bag - there were some really, really amazing battles, but there were some users who totally missed the point and made something incredibly hard/frustrating. I think some people took the "you can make the arena as large as you like" too seriously and made a giant level that surrounds the boss, but doesn't actually have much of a purpose and/or lacks integration with the boss itself.


1st: leod: 45.5/50

2nd: Bio: 44/50

3rd: JackTheSpades: 43.5/50

4th: Atma: 41/50

5th: notgoodwithusernames: 40.5/50

6th: Morsel: 40.25/50

7th: Aquamentus: 40/50
7th: Mellonpizza: 40/50

9th: Superkingyoshi: 39.75/50

10th: PatPatPat: 39.5/50
10th: yoshicookiezeus: 39.5/50

12th: Katerpie: 38.75/50

13th: Daizo Dee Von: 38/50
13th: levelengine: 38/50
13th: Slaxles: 38/50

16th: Deeke: 37.5/50
16th: Superwario1999: 37.5/50

18th: Shog: 37.25/50

19th: Dan Maku: 36.75/50
19th: neosaver: 36.75/50

21st: HackerOfTheLegend: 36/50
21st: worldpeace: 36/50

23rd: DaKennyMan: 35.75/50
23rd: Gloomy Star: 35.75/50

25th: Everest: 35.5/50

26th: Blittle McNilsen: 35.25/50
26th: videogames: 35.25/50
26th: TheOtherGuy25: 35.25/50

29th: Koopster: 35/50
29th: Macky: 35/50
29th: Poloros: 35/50

32nd: Richard Nixon: 34.75/50

33rd: Mirann and Arctic Avenger: 34/50
33rd: SomeGuy712x: 34/50

35th: S.R.H.: 33.75/50

36th: aj6666: 33.5/50
36th: Argumentable: 33.5/50

38th: lolyoshi: 33/50

39th: MoosieHD: 32.75/50

40th: Roberto zampari: 32.25/50

41st: PphoenixX: 32/50
41st: tcdw: 32/50

43rd: Rykon-V73: 31.75/50

44th: MercuryPenny: 31.5/50
44th: Qwholl: 31.5/50
44th: natnew: 31.5/50
44th: Sokobansolver: 31.5/50

48th: JaphethMario21st: 30.5/50

49th: Twoka: 30.25/50

50th: Meirdent: 29.25/50

51st: Wakana: 29/50

53rd: Daniel 115: 27.5/50
53rd: LitDude: 27.5/50

54th: gabriel alves: 26.5/50

55th: SuperAgentYoshi: 24.75/50

56th: Mr.some1: 24/50

57th: dragoniante174: 23.25/50

58th: nick 139: 21.75/50

59th: yogui: 21.5/50

60th: AnOtakuGamer: 21.25/50

61st: Footsteps_of_Coins: 21/50

62nd: Gible_v: 18/50

63rd: chineesmw: 15/50
63rd: xjakku: 15/50

65th: Tymewiz: 14.5/50

66th: Salaramon: 4/50

Tahixham's results
S.N.N.'s results

As always, if you notice an issue with the rankings (typos in names, rankings calculated incorrectly, etc), let me know.

Thanks for participating!

Lol, it was predictable that leod would win this time. :P
Either way, I could have placed the Eerie generator a bit better in my entry, but I didn't want to make it unfair enough to warrant a hit before taking the shells. It was at least better than other entries I made for this kind of contest so far, and I had fun with making the entry.

Congrats to the winners as well, they had some amazing battles in mind!
Well, looks like neither of you noticed that you could use START+SELECT to leave the battle, but it's not like I expected to get around the highest or anything. I made it to top half (29th out of 65 entries!) so I'm really happy for doing my best. :3

Congrats winners! You all did a really good job. :>
I've got to admit, I'm surprised that I managed 4th place. I thought mine a fair bit lower than Bio's pinball or leod's shmump. I still think Jack's was the best, as it was both very nice, creative, but still within the bounds of "mario game possible"

Still though... SHMUMP!!
57th place, I'm gonna hang myself. well at least I'm not last.
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43rd. Better than the bottom 10 lol

I had a feeling that leod would win. Well, good job leod, Bio and JTS for the top 3 wins, along with everyone who scored higher than me.
Originally posted by result
If I avoid the fishin' boo, the big boo eventually kills himself with the yoshis - which didn't fit by the way.

I guess that makes it part "hold the line" mission then since the Fishin Boo is intended to be an obstacle. I used Yoshis because they can't be destroyed in this particular set-up, so no reset anything would be needed. I also didn't think about if the player is able to press start/select, and if so, then you could get another feather, have a Yoshi eat it and become a glitched Yoshi.
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Originally posted by Tahixham's Results
Your reset door was a waste of time as the directional coins didn't work afterwards.

Hehe. That's what happens when you finish your entry ~10 minutes before the deadline. 8P

But I'm really comfortable with the result, considering my gimmick was essentially vanilla (couldn't come up with an interesting chocolate one that would actually work...). I'm also glad S.N.N. found it nice.

Congratulations to the winners! They were my favorites all along, anyway, so no complaints at all. #ab{:D}

May I have better luck with the next theme, because chocolate gimmicks aren't really my nicest stuff. #ab{:P}
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At least, i not have been the last so it's okay~
Originally posted by S.N.N.
21st: HackerOfTheLegend: 36/50

Wow, I didn't expect this at all. At least I got a decent-ish rating.
I expected a better outcome, but I guess you can't always win.

Still I'm surprised Yoshicookiezeus' entry didn't make it in the top 3, but then I haven't seen any of the winners entries to judge that.

Congrats to the winners.
So when i try in these contests i average at #~mid-30's

...and i didn't try for this one, and i got...#~mid-30's

...I walk away from this more confused than happy
Congratulations to the winners:D could have an emblem for the 54th#tb{'U'}


Why my entry got IGNORED?

1. Although the title said "2014 new boss", but it's not actual NEW boss.
2. My entry is downloadable.
3. I followed the rules, I think.
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It was so obivous that leod won. :P
Originally posted by SNN's Grade Sheet
This one was neat. The scrolling was integrated nicely into the battle and there was always something you had to watch out for. Nice aesthetics too.

Originally posted by Tahixham's Grade Sheet
Enjoyable. Quite tricky but quite fun, too.

It would've been nice to hear a little more detail as to your thoughts on the entries, but I remember judging the last 24 Hour contest and holding back the results for some time by being too verbose. Laconic is much, much better in the grand scheme.

16th place (or 12th place if you disregard the placement skipping, 4th if you arbitrarily remove Tahixham's rating from my score [33rd if you remove SNN's score, so let's not do that]) is honestly way higher than I thought I would get, especially for something whose concept changed a thousand times in production.

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I should've made this easier. ~(ㅇㅅㅇ)~

Anyway, it's good to see that my only flaw was the difficulty: Also the glitchy Note Blocks were intentional.
Originally posted by tcdw
Why my entry got IGNORED?

Ah, I'm sorry about that. The entries were compiled into a ZIP and sent to both myself and Tahixham, so the one who put them together must have overlooked it. I played it and ranked it in comparison to the other ones for you.
Atleast I didn't fell into botom 10 , that's great.

whelp I'm not even mad at all , when I land on 53th place.
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