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[REMOVED] "The Amazing Super Mario Bros. 2: Legend of the Rare Treasure (Demo)" by MCJ32
Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - [REMOVED] "The Amazing Super Mario Bros. 2: Legend of the Rare Treasure (Demo)" by MCJ32
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File NameThe Amazing Super Mario Bros. 2: Legend of the Rare Treasure (Demo)
Submitted:2014-07-24 09:28:12 PM by MCJ32
Length:5 exit(s)
Description:Sequel to Amazing Super Mario Bros. The Mario bros are back home in the mushroom kingdom doing their daily routines.
Downloads:Original Submission Page
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So... this seems like a first time hack.
I can tell that you tried but unfortunatlly, that alone isn't enough to help this hack ^^' The fact that you managed to include what seems to be a custom sprite is great, but I wonder why you didn't add more or better ones to spice things up a little.
The palettes too. It's nice that you tried your hand at custom palettes but if you don't know how to make good looking palattes yet...better not touch them.
You had some custom graphics included for the castle, so yay for that but at the same time they don't seem to have been used too well.

The levels aren't build that well either. There's tons of cutoff everywhere and the levels usually rely on one enemy type through the whole thing. There isn't much variety to them either. Some platforming at best. One level had some "hills" I could check out for coins but that was about it.

[1][2] Cutoff with the pillars and some odd looking FG and even more odd looking NPCs. We've got some good toad graphics hosted, I'm sure.
Also, why did you cutoff small Mario's hat? It just looks weird o.O
[3] Cutoff feather. Also, I need that cape later to fly, had I been small... well.
[4] The fuc* happened to that flower? Also... those palettes >.<
[5][6][7][8][9] More cutoffness. You also used the map16 midpoint. That means it reappears after I die. Use the one in the object window instead... it also looks better.
[10] Yay for custom sprite, but I refuse to see this thing as an actual threat and it's the only enemy tye I encounter in this level.

Nice (first?) try but not at our standards yet ^^'
Verdict: rejected.
It's a good thing though that you already know how to insert custom stuff. Try some more and I'm sure one day you'll come up with a fine hack.

+1'd users:
gabriel alves

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let's go!!

first thing that bothered me were the bad palettes, both in levels and in the overworld


the palettes of the bush and the sub levels is strange and not combined with the level


the level design is very straight and uninteresting, not to mention That You only used the torch and the dino dino dino around the level and has one part of That You Not Have a feather you can not jump a hole
Try to vary the sprites and the level design


this level has many cutoffs, and also you only used pokeys and Piranha plants and palettes are also bad


this level has no bad palettes but hardly have any sprite in that level and the sprites has not cause any damage to mario and are with bad graphics, also the level is very linear and repetitive


the level design is weird and this level has only one type of sprite in the level, and cutoffs and bad palettes ... as in previous levels, and repetitive and has no traps or decorations.

the rest the JackTheSpades already said

Verdict: rejected
Short...very very short hack here. It doesn't seem this good on first look, but let's analyze it better.

Level design in this hack can't be called as it: most of the levels seemed testing levels for me, because they were flat and boring. They suppose the player go "one way right", sometimes even without any sprites or obstacles in the way. Unfortunately, I don't think this hack is fun by any chance; you should improve each level a lot. On second thought, it may would be better to redo most of them from scratch, since they are plain lands, so...

Aesthetics is litterally a punch in the eyes: complaining here, not only for the glitches and cutoff that are here and there in the hack, but also for the palettes. Lots of them were way too "lively" (I guess you can say "too satured"?), and this made the hack even more unpleasant. This is not only for FGs and BGs, but also sprites suffered from bad palettes.

Besides glitches and cutoff, I haven't found any misc issues worth of mention.

The difficulty is very easy, due to flatness mostly.

In the end, I'd reject this hack, because of bad level design, bad aesthetics and short lenght (even for a demo): sorry if I sounded too harsh, but this hack needs lots of more work before it will get accepted.
Looks like a "first hack". Let's review it.

The title screen ain't the best. The "II" looks a bit weird and "The Legens of The Rare Treasure" shows black outlines around these letters. Use these with transparent background. Also, when I press a button and the slot selection appears, the "II" gets cut off. Mario looks a bit odd without the cap (maybe changing the hair would be nice), but maybe that's just me, oh... and when Mario's holding and item and looking up, a part of his cap can be seen. Mario's palette looks like 8-bit, if it was supossed to look like. Your main issues are your pallette choices. Sorry to say, they're a bit eye-hurting. They are too bright and too saturated. Look for some other hacks or take a look on SMW's original palettes. They are an example of decent palettes. Only two levels: "Neon Mushrooms" and "Cherry Cove" had decent palettes (but the first one had wacky sprite colours). Your next thing would be the design. Take a look on some tutorials on our site. There are plenty of tutorials about level design. Show your creativity with it and go on with a fun gimmick. There's also some cutoffness, while some are really easy to fix. Avoid cutoff, as it makes a level look bad. Nice to see changed powerups (mushroom as a cap, fire flower as a gun (?), feather as a cape (?) ), but they don't seem to look the best. Take a look for outlines, some shading, etc.

The OW is simple, but it's a bit too bright. The music was okay.

Overall, your hack needs a lot of work. It's not that bad for a first hack, but you need to get some improvement with making palettes and designing your levels.
Here are some tutorials which may help you:

AxemJinx's level design guide - CLICK
Here's some random palette tutorial I found on YouTube - CLICK

I hope they will help.

So as now I'm going to vote for rejecting. Keep an eye on the tutorials I linked to you and try to learn a bit more about palettes and level design. Maybe you'll do a great hack in the future, keep going!

Difficulty: Easy, very easy.
This is one short hack.

I might just be able to sum it up in one paragraph I suppose. This hack felt like a first time hack that was simply for testing. The length of it puts it on the path to rejection and the other elements of the hack completes that path. The level design was quite boring in this hack and it gave me no interest so I was glad when I finished the hack. The levels in general are repetitive and uninteresting as they simply seem to be "run right until your reach the end" types which almost always present a boring experience. I would simply suggest scrapping them as they do not have anything else interesting to them. On occasion, I do see some serious attempts at level design as seen in the levels Neon Mushrooms and Berry Cove. They generally consisted of something different to the "run right" philosophy this hack has. But overall, the levels are not fun at all due to their design. Redoing them would be best for this hack. Play some hacks in the hack section to get a good idea of what good level design is.

The palettes in this hack were not well designed at all. They seemed to be either bright, ugly or simply unfitting with other surroundings. The exception would be the foreground of Neon Mushrooms but the graphics are not the best I have seen. There was also cutoff and incorrect tiles uses at parts that do not look good and in some cases, they can cause unexpected glitches. This even extends into the overworld as it has an awful land palette with cutoff at parts. Mario does not look good with its current palette. Finally, the title screen isn't that appealing. Bad first impressions will likely turn the player away and that is something you need to avoid.

Difficulty: No contest here. Easy.

I am going with rejection. Length, aesthetics and level design are the main reasons as to my I chose to reject this hack.
S.R.H's 954968415640852nd try to make a good review..

Really feels like a first hack.

-Level Design

I didn't really like it, sadly. Firstly, I want to mention the blind jumps. It may be easy for you, but the players don't know what they should do. I had to fly and jump off of my Yoshi to live. Not cool, man. However, this is pretty minor, so it should be easy to fix. Adding a coin trail is the solution for this. Secondly, repetitiveness. At first, I've seen some nice ideas, and thought "Wow, that's a pretty nice idea!" but after playing the rest of the level, I noticed that you did the same thing for many times. Feels like you lazily copy-pasted them. Not nice. I think you should try to use different kinds of enemy and obstacles here and there. If you have no idea what to do, that's not a problem. Go do something else. After a while, you will notice that ideas are popping in your idea. A good thing to do would be to sketch and draw your ideas on paper, and create them in Lunar Magic. Lastly, the sprites were under-distributed in some levels. As an example, Pear Hills. All you did was to copy and paste a Pokey. Nothing else. Even though you did that, some parts were really empty. Try to use different enemies. When you're finished with it, get testers, share it with people, ask people what they think about it.


Oh god. The graphical elements really need some improvement. Firstly, the palettes. You REALLY need to work on them. Sorry if it sounds mean, but it looks like you just randomly put colors here and there. Try to pick colors that fit each other. Try to use color gradients if needed. Try not to use so bright colors. The "get testers, share it with people, ask people what they think about it" tip also goes for this. Don't worry, we won't bite you! Secondly, graphical clashes.. this is really minor, I'm not even sure if it needs improvement, but in the first (except "Toadstool Castle") levels, the graphics were fully vanilla. However, it magically turns into a chocolate hack in Neon Mushrooms. Lastly, in "Toadstool Castle" there were some quite badly-drawn graphics there. It just wasn't really fitting. Nothing major again. Also, I suggest you to keep it. It feels like a little joke, and it made me laugh to be honest. These drawings are pretty funny.


Well, nothing major is wrong with the musics you used here except, in some levels, the music was hardly ever heard. It was really quiet. Also, try to use different musics in levels. Let's say you used port1 on level 1, and used it again on level 2, you should find something different. Hearing the same music again and again is not good.


Again, the palettes don't look nice. Try not to use too bright colors. Use color gradients if needed. Also, the Overworld music.. I don't really think it fits. It is really minor, so it should be easy to fix it. Also, there were some perspective errors in it, not nice.


Meh. Nothing original. I've heard many stories LIKE this. It was easy to understand, it also was pretty simple, but it wasn't motivating to play the hack at all. Also the only grammar mistake I noticed in the story was about a comma. You forgot to put it. The smallest mistake you ever did, so it should be extremely easy to fix it.

Difficulty: Easy.
I am going with rejection. (a.k.a. game over)
Also, pu velev!
Suika Ibuki - 25107
My first impression of this hack was not good.
In the start i see a cutscene. But I've taken time to know i needed press ↑ to advance. You should put a: Press up. in the end of the message.And the new player... The normal pose looks a bit odd, i recommend you to make a thing that looks more like a hair.
The first stage is a great ripped Peach Castle Graphics, But when i got inside the castle... Ugh! I don't know what NPC'S are those but if they are my favorite Mario character, the Toad... I suggest you to use ripped graphics for they too. Also there are some cutoffs in the pillars.
But okay, I've got into a room that shows the castle is very futuristic at all O,o. We can see some microwave ovens. It's good, but it kinda clash with the princess castle. Because peach castle and microwave oven are two things that don't combine each other. Here i can find some bag graphics cutoff powerups (unless the Mario hat). When i find the exit of the castle. I see a background with bad pallets. and some bad pallet in the grass tiles.
The fist stage i liked the background and the level by itself. But there are some gray palettes in the grass.
The second stage, have other bad pallets in the Background.and a lot of cutoffs.
The third stage have ripped graphics with good palettes.Take a look in those pallets. you see how they looks good?Try to make all the pallets from this hack like this. But i guess you used the original pallets because those enemies have a veryveryvery odd looking pallets. And the stage have only one kind of enemy.
The last stage have only one kind of enemy and cutoff.
Verdict: REJECTED.
Difficult: EASY
General:The hack is very short and have a low kind of enemies and bad graphics. Before the end take a look at this and this Cape Mario have weird graphics and fire Mario have bad pallets. I din't think a hack short like this will be accepted. If you fix everything i tell you above i will be happy to accept this. Good Luck!#thp{;)}
Tested with ZSNES v1.51

Pleasant Plains:
Pallets of foreground are too dark and it does not match backgourd
Otherwise the level and fairly flat and repetitive

Pear Hills:

Pallets of foreground are horrible those in the background are not better.
And the level and very flat and repetitive

Neon Mushrooms:
Very very level and flat lamps repeatedly
Also change the palette of custom sprite.

Berry Cove:
Flat level but repetitive than other months
then I found the range of herbs that serve as decorations too bright

This demo was very short I played 5 minutes
Otherwise throughout this demo is very bad lot is a remake
Moreover palettes you used are no better
Levels are very repetitive, which is flat so it is easy to complete.

Difficulty: Very Easy
Verdict: Rejected, Too many things to see again a remake for the next demo to see full version.
Layout by Koopster
I think we all agree on what to do with this hack
accepted er ah I mean rejected :>

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Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - [REMOVED] "The Amazing Super Mario Bros. 2: Legend of the Rare Treasure (Demo)" by MCJ32

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