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[REMOVED] "Kirby's DreamWorld Demo Exstended" by Aaronhoffer

File NameKirby's DreamWorld Demo Exstended
Submitted:2014-07-24 08:31:09 PM by Aaronhoffer
Length:14 exit(s)
Description:Added a new and better ending to the demo :D
Downloads:Permanent Link

Looking back on when I played the first version of this, this sure has improved A LOT.
The Kirby graphics (or whereever they are from if not Kirby) suit this FAR better than the ol' SMW ones :P
The levels themselfes seem to have improved quite some too. I caught myself having fun every now and then ^^. The biggest problem I have with the levels is that some are still blatand edited. Like I can totally tell that the first castle is originally Iggy's level and so on. You also seem to have gotten a bit more lazy on the later levels. It just strikes me as such sometimes.
The overworld looks fairly nice. The only thing I do wonder about... is there any solid way to tell if a level has a secret exit or not? You seem to be using the blue/yellow level tiles pretty baseless.

[1][2] This riding star thing is A: super cool B: Graphicwise a nightmare.
[3] You underground music is broken. So every sublevel and the undergound level later on itself that plays the music results in ALL the music in the hack sounding like cripple trying to breakdance on turntables. Thus the instant reject :<
[4] The corner is obviously wrong but there is also this gray in the walls, which I think shouldn't be there. IIRC, we host switch palace graphic add ons with slopes and all.
[5][6] green =/= gray
[7][8][9] You've got a random tile there + vertical scroll in a level with layer 3 tide is bad. Either disable it or apply the fix patch for that. + Goals on a level with layer 3 should be avoided, as they make it disappear when finishing the level
[10][11] Cape still looks silly + obvious edit of 103
[12][13][14] Bad palette, glitched background, sprite tile limitations. Also, and I've said this before, the smasher hurts Kirby even though he's suppose to have a 16x16 hitbox. You better take it out. + obvious level 101
[15] This looks silly + the missing background doesn't make too good of an appeal either.
[16] Is there any indication other than this block being red that it will hurt me? Because if so, I must have missed it.
[17] It feels kinda odd that I can jump on those bullets but not on the ones shot from the moving cannon. Nothing I'd reject this for, just wanted to point it out.
[18] Walkthrough wall + screen scrolls further than it should + blatand edit (not as bad as the others but still)

So yeah... imediat reject due to broken music but even without it, I'm not sure I'd accept it, given the blatand edits.
I like what how much this has improved already, so I'd like for you to work on those things as well ^^.

+1 Wakana
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NAME: Kirbys Dreamworld Demo Exstended
AUTHOR: Aaronhoffer

Given how none of the issues described above are fixed, not to mention that the size and creation time of the patch is identical to the one in the download link above, I'm fairly certain you just reuploaded the same file. Please don't do this again.
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I remember this one. I'm impressed by how this got better than before, especially in terms of aesthetics. Too bad that a hack deson't concernes aesthetics only~

The level design kept the same as the older version, more or less: as Jack stated in his review, a few levels are blatant edits of the original SMW. I know you said in PM that you made your levels from scratch, but even so, you should avoid making them similar to the original ones. Besides this, some sections are kinda flat too. I won't bother about this much though, since this is a first world, and some flatness is unavoidable for early easy levels, isn't it?

As I said earlier, the graphics NOW look good enough. Despite a few cutoff and silly FG + BG matching (like in the beach level), I'm considering the overall acceptable. A little bit of more working is appreciated though, as this isn't perfect. I'd also like to point out that some cave levels/sublevels still kept the SMW graphics. From my point of view, you should use a Kirby-styled aesthetic for all the levels/sublevels of your rom; or else, it will look silly and unprofessional.

As misc issues, I found the same ones Jack did, so I guess it's pointless to repeat them again. Be sure to fix them, since they are pretty annoying. Also, a thing I'd like you to do is to apply a patch that show the player's health, like this one. Let's be honest: the dot on Kirby's head isn't the best way for warning the player that you have +1 HP. A subjective judgement here, you're free to do this or not.

Difficulty is easy due to flatness mostly.

Due to a major glitch, which is music incompatibility with accurate emulators, I'd reject the hack: keep working though, you're improving a lot. Do your best~