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Metanet Hunter: REMIX!!!

Metanet Hunter: REMIX???

Yep. Metanet Hunter's back. It's also much better than ever. It's even more radical and OUTRAGEOUS than ever before! Featuring improved art, improved music, improved controls, improved everything! It's like we literally looked at everything wrong with Metanet Hunter and fixed it! Now you know that's worth saying radical.


Featuring the almighty, all-new Soap armor in World 5, Absolute Atmosphere!

One wrong move with the Ninja Armor might get you killed in Clockwork Chaos... Maneuver wisely!

We're even working on getting costumes into the game! Here's Kappa!

Because apparently a goat costume works too. Located in a top-secret location!

Do you have videos?

The game's launch trailer!

Mechamind90's Let's Play!

Get the game!
Metanet Hunter: REMIX
Are you broke? Get the demo now!

What now?
Tell everyone! Support the game! Maybe give it a purchase! If you can't do that, then tell your friends! That'd rock.

Want to support us even more?!
Go put this in your signature! It would mean a lot to us!

Man, I just can't stop supporting you! What else can I do for Neo Nekuzen?

Tell Game Grumps! They accept requests, so it's not like they won't see your message!
Seriously, spread the word! Tell your friends! Tell your forums! Tell your school! Tell your mom! Tell your cat! Wait, what?
oh man oh man a Metanet Hunter: REMIX topic

the creator is very pleased (dats me btw)