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Indie Game Screenshot/Video Thread
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If you have screenshots of a game that is in progress and you don't want to post a thread for them, then post them in here. I have no screenshots, I'm just making the thread.

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I don't have much other than this:

It's just to show the triple jump I implemented in Super Mario Quest. I hope to have more soon.
Heres some pics from a mugen game im working on. The pics are in links cause the pictures are big.

Character selection screen

Patchouli VS Marisa

Evil ryu VS victim

Mario owning Rario

Check out my profile for awesomeness!
I worked on an RPG about 1-2 years ago for a while, but I only made about 50-60 minutes of gameplay. Here are a few maps of it, taken directly from the editor:

A cave

A dungeon

A forest

I tried to mix some puzzle aspects into the dungeon to make it more than just a "fight enemies and winrar RPG". Maybe I'll pick it up again one day, or post what I have done...
Very nice, SNN!

Where do you get those graphics (or do you make them yourself)?

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Originally posted by pieguy1372
Where do you get those graphics (or do you make them yourself)?

They came with RPG Maker XP. My focus back then was mainly on dungeon design and stuff, so I wasn't too concerned about making anything flashy and new except the music (oh gee, coincidence?)

Yeah, I'll have to pick it up someday, or at least start a new one.
Wow Ramon, that looks awesome. I hope you release it soon, it may be worse than IWBTG.
Originally posted by Pester
Wow Ramon, that looks awesome. I hope you release it soon, it may be worse than IWBTG.

It sure will be worse than hell of IWBTG.
I am not planning to stop it in future, except if I really get into a LOT of stress, but I barely started with the game, so I don't know how long this will take.

Thanks for the feedback, though. When progress has come far enough, I'm gonna make a thread for it.
Experimental thing I made today, I may make it into a full game if I can come up with a good idea for the gameplay.
S.N.N.: I really like the design of those areas, the forest looks kinda like a part of an area from my RPG Maker VX project I'm making, I based the GFX I made for my forest on the RPG Maker XP's forest tileset, but did some tweaking with the palatte via Game Maker (useful for editing and exporting graphics.)

I just noticed this thread, and I may post some pics of my RPG Maker project here later...

Edit: I just noticed how long ago S.N.N. posted that and now I feel like an idiot >_<

Follow me on Hermitscape for random bits of game design talk and pixel art, or even request something for me to draw.
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I'm a month late, but why have you not finished this yet Lucas? Whyyyyyy.....
Laziness and lack of inspiration. I'll get to it sometime during Spring break, I promise.
RPG maker XP/VX pictures. From my old/recent projects.

Quest of 100 adventures
Confusion RPG
Path of Dormancy

The pictures were snapped horizontally to fit the screen, so it might look a little ugly.

Our world will stop advancing once humans manage to create sufficient magnificence for a whole lifetime. Until then, I just create.
Awesome video game music on my youtube channel
Tama Yoshi, I can't see your screenies. Dunno if it's deleted or my crappy net.

Here are some screenies of me:

It's a greyscale fighting game, Jetpack Wars. This is just the techdemo, it will also have online mode.

Now I need your help:
Download Techdemo 1
Try flying up and left and at the same time shooting. It doesn't work for me, and I don't know if it's my keyboard or the game, flying up + right + shooting works.

Up: Fly
Left/Right: Walk/Control flight
Space: Shoot
Looks like a great idea SY! I'll test it for ya, as the only dodgy key on my board is the down key.

EDIT: The error is with your keyboard, shooting works whatever direction I go.

May I suggest, however, that going off of the stage simply makes you reverse horizontal and vertical momentum? I know there's a Game Maker command for that. It should make the player 'bounce' off the ceiling and walls.
Yeah, it was my keyboard. Ichenged the keys to WASD and it works now.

New screenie:

o_O Who's that?
Looks like an RPG maker VX character -- ZOMG UZE MAH SPRITESHEETS PLZ!1
I wonder why everyone is ignoring me like The Black Plague. Well anyways, Here are some screenshots from my thread concerning my DOOM2 megawad that I am working on.

Originally posted by DOOM:Infinity of Destruction thread


Now that I got that outta my system, I might as well show you some screenshots.

Titlescreen and select screen. (I am yet to edit it all the way)

MAP01:Jungle Base

what would happen if I got that Shotgun?

AWW SHIT!! At least I got my trusty Shotgun, right?


JESUS ******* CHRIST!!!


Awwwww, Nothing like a few good Medikit!!


And as a bonus some prototypes sprites of the final boss in my megawad.
(please note that these sprites were made by Ahkan, not Me)
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