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Post history for #A_Yoshi on Sunday, May 11th
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This is how the vending machine game faired in IRC. Direct rip, no alterations so some things may look funny. EDIT: All of the conversation is not here. Somehow posts got lost along the way. Anybody in #A_Yoshi wanna PM me their log of events so I can replace this crap log?

Kyoseron: Hey player 1

Player_1: *inserts a quarter*

Player_1: points Kyo to #hacknet

Chrono: did you came here by yourself or were you invited

Player_1: A told me to come earlier, didn't get the notice.

Player_1: Also, what did I get for that quarter?

: Sparx has left #a_yoshi.

Player_1: inserts another quarter

Kyoseron: Hey, um, A Yoshi - I commented on your outdated title screen rather than the one you posted like two hours ago. :S

Kyoseron: Anyways, I don't have any complaints about it.

A_Yoshi: Back

A_Yoshi: ..

A_Yoshi: lolperfecttiming

Chrono: I wish I could have been on the Touhou Concert :XD

MatthewPZC: inserts Remilia

Chrono: inserts Remilia

Chrono: D:

Player_1: What?


Kyoseron: XD

A_Yoshi: Someone insert Brawl

Kyoseron: inserts Brawl.


Kyoseron: inb4 kick

Chrono: insert Barwl

Pester: inserts barwl

Chrono: lol

Pester: bah

Pester: I hate you

Pester: D:

MatthewPZC: What do Chrono and I get for inserting Remilia?

Player_1: inserts #nightfall

A_Yoshi: You get explosions

Kyoseron: You get WildBillBot.

Pester: you get a pony

Player_1: Matt and chrono receives one Remilla

Chrono: You get a Moon

MatthewPZC: inserts Flandre

A_Yoshi: You get a dead baby

Kyoseron: You get a towering inferno.

Player_1: Mat gets the color Scarlet

Chrono: you get lavatein

MatthewPZC: .-.

MatthewPZC: inserts Touhou

Kyoseron: You get ZUN.

Chrono: You get ZUN

Chrono: D:

MatthewPZC: !

MatthewPZC: inserts !

Kyoseron: You get ?.

Chrono: You get snake

A_Yoshi: XD

MatthewPZC: inserts Snake's box

Kyoseron: You get a banana crate.

Chrono: inserts Leimu

A_Yoshi: You get

MatthewPZC: inserts Snake

A_Yoshi: SNAKE?

Kyoseron: You get Hakulei.

A_Yoshi: SNAKE!?


Chrono: lol

MatthewPZC: XD

Chrono: inserts Spicy Curry

MatthewPZC: inserts four

Player_1: inserts Snakes on a Plane

Chrono: you get 9

MatthewPZC: D:

MatthewPZC: NO NO NO


MatthewPZC: whacks Chrono

Chrono: D:



MatthewPZC: D:

Chrono: lol

MatthewPZC: Obey four, destroy two!


MatthewPZC: D:

Chrono: D:

Pester: inserts a pony

MatthewPZC: inserts Pester

Kyoseron: You get hay.

Player_1: Waht did I get?1

Chrono: =o

Kyoseron: You get a layout.

Player_1: Sweet!

Chrono: Pesters gets Halberd

Chrono: inserts toasters

MatthewPZC: You get toast

Player_1: receives Toast

Pester: What does a pony have to do with the halberd?

Pester: <_<

Player_1: Oh poo.

Pester: >_>

Chrono: lol

MatthewPZC: inserts poo

MatthewPZC: runs

Kyoseron: You get the number two.

Pester: inserts MatthewPZC

Player_1: matt receives an ape tossing scat

MatthewPZC: !

Kyoseron: You get a Pikachu.

Pester: ew

Chrono: XD

Pester: inserts Pikachu

Kyoseron: You get a Skitty.

Player_1: Pester gets Pichu

MatthewPZC: inserts Chrono, Kyoseron, Supertails, Player_1, poe7, and Pester.

Chrono: inserts Lävatein

Pester: Matt gets brutally beaten

Kyoseron: You get a hydrogen bomb. Both of you.

Player_1: Matt has all items rejected

MatthewPZC: D:

Pester: runs

MatthewPZC: inserts coin

Chrono: You get a dime

Player_1: Matt gets a 1-up (:O)_

Kyoseron: inserts a shovel.

MatthewPZC: inserts GOLDEN MUSHROOM :O

Player_1: Matt gets triple boost

MatthewPZC: !!

Chrono: Kyo gets a link

Chrono: inserts Kirby (vO_Ov)

MatthewPZC: inserts Sonic

Kyoseron: inserts the Flying Dutchman.

Player_1: Chrono gets King DeDeDe

Chrono: lol

Kyoseron: Chrono: You get a vaccuum.

MatthewPZC: Kyoseron gets Spongebob

Kyoseron: Matt: You get tails.

Player_1: Kyo wins again

Pester: inserts drama

MatthewPZC: YES! I GOT TAILS!!! :D

MatthewPZC: hugs Tails

MatthewPZC: XD

Player_1: Pesters receives a kick

Kyoseron: You get IRC channels of random types

MatthewPZC: inserts Amy Rose

Kyoseron: You get Shadow.

Pester: inserts matt's Tais

MatthewPZC: :O

Chrono: lol

Pester: *Tails

MatthewPZC: :(

MatthewPZC: ;-:

MatthewPZC: *;_;

Pester: runs

Chrono: You get Knuckles

Chrono: inserts a Flying Spaggheti Monster

MatthewPZC: inserts Yuka Kazami

Kyoseron: Oh, I was like "omg someone remembers Digimon"

Chrono: Matt: you get Miku

MatthewPZC: ....

Pester: Chrono gets a fork

Player_1: Chrono gets blood-thirsty pirates

Kyoseron: Chrono: You get a Swedish Meatball.

MatthewPZC: inserts Yuka Kazami again.

Chrono: lol

Kyoseron: You get Youmu whatsherlastname.


MatthewPZC: *DARN

MatthewPZC: XD

Kyoseron: DARK IT... epic

Chrono: You get Youmu Konpaku


MatthewPZC: D:

Kyoseron: Only for Marisa.

MatthewPZC: After all, Yuka made the dang thing

MatthewPZC: ::('

Pester: fine

Chrono: Matt gets a fork

Player_1: inserts matthewPZC's black hole

Chrono: inserts Ran

MatthewPZC: !

Kyoseron: inserts a keyboard.

MatthewPZC: Chrono gets RUUUU

Player_1: Kyo gets a mouse

Kyoseron: P1: You get a neutron star.

Chrono: I'm supposed to get Chen D:

Player_1: Cool.

MatthewPZC: XD

MatthewPZC: inserts Yukari

Chrono: You get Ran

MatthewPZC: D:http://img372.imageshack.us/img372/5320/facepalmsq6.png

MatthewPZC: inserts Metroid

Kyoseron: You get a fusion suit.

MatthewPZC: !

Player_1: Pesters receives a palm for his face

Chrono: inserts frogs

MatthewPZC: inserts Samus Aran

Kyoseron: Pester: You get +q.

MatthewPZC: Chrono: You get Cirno

Kyoseron: Chrono: You get Kaeru.

Chrono: lol

Kyoseron: Matt: You get blond hair.

MatthewPZC: !


Player_1: inserts an interrobang

MatthewPZC: AKA Static

Kyoseron: You get ZAP

Chrono: inserts Meta Ridley

Pester: P1 gets a question mark

Kyoseron: P1: You get a inquiriboom.

MatthewPZC: I get ZAP from static?

MatthewPZC: Weird

Kyoseron: Chrono: You get Liquid Snake.

MatthewPZC: inserts win

Chrono: lol

Kyoseron: You get fail.

Chrono: Matt: you get fail

Chrono: D:

Player_1: matt receives lose

Pester: Matt gets #facepalm

Pester: </shamless dvertising>

Player_1: I got it!

MatthewPZC: inserts Luigi

Player_1: Matt receives admin status for #facepalm

Chrono: You get WEEGEE

Kyoseron: You get lots of spaghetti.

MatthewPZC: inserts Daisy

Pester: You get Luigi799

Kyoseron: You get Rosalina.

Player_1: inserts SNN

Kyoseron: You get a song.

MatthewPZC: inserts Rosalina's MKWii Heavyweight status

Chrono: inserts U.N. Owen

MatthewPZC: Chrono gets Was Her?

Kyoseron: You all get fat Flandre.

Chrono: lol

MatthewPZC: Lol, fat Flandre.

Player_1: I wanted a roselia!

Chrono: omg fat flandre

Chrono: *shrugs*

Pester: inserts _

Kyoseron: You get -.

Chrono: you get -

Player_1: Pesters gets nothing

Pester: lol

MatthewPZC: Am I the only one of us Touhou fanatics that has actually played the PC-98 Touhou games?

Player_1: inserts CMD.EXE

Chrono: Matt: yes

MatthewPZC: You get MS-DOS

Player_1: No, there's Flandre

Player_1: Cool. Needed it anyhow.

MatthewPZC: She's not here

MatthewPZC: US

MatthewPZC: As in, me, Kyo, and Chrono

Chrono: inserts Mystic Square

Player_1: Probably trhen.

Player_1: then*

MatthewPZC: You get Alice Margatroid

Chrono: lol

MatthewPZC: She first appeared there, after all

Chrono: o rly

Player_1: inserts his avatar

Chrono: She looked weird D:

Kyoseron: You get a sig.

MatthewPZC: You also get Mima and Yuka Kazami

Pester: P1 gets a seizure

Player_1: Haha.

Chrono: inserts Yuyuko

MatthewPZC: inserts Phantom Ensemble

MatthewPZC: You get Mystia Lorelei

Kyoseron: runs away with Phantom Ensemble.

Chrono: Matt: You get Lyrica

Kyoseron: haha

Pester: Chrono gets generictouhoucharacter

MatthewPZC: Fresh from Yuyuko's stomach...if she even has one

Player_1: inserts Nidoking (female)

Chrono: lol

MatthewPZC: You get Nidoqueen (male)

Pester: P1 gets Kidoqueen

Pester: bawfds

Pester: Beaten

Pester: D:

Player_1: What?!

Chrono: inserts Marisa Kirisame

Kyoseron: You get a broom.

Pester: I have a male jynx

Chrono: XD

MatthewPZC: You get Stardust Reverie

MatthewPZC: Or however you spell it

Player_1: inserts 10,000 days by Tool

MatthewPZC: inserts Pit of 100 Trials

Kyoseron: You get System of a Down.

Player_1: Another one? C'mon.

Kyoseron: Matt: You get the Thousand-Year Pipe.

Chrono: inserts Hourai Elixir

Kyoseron: You get Mokou.

Player_1: inserts Megadeth

MatthewPZC: inserts Shanghai

Pester: inserts Pester

Player_1: ow?1

Pester: megadeth ftw

Kyoseron: You get Pester.

Player_1: How?!*

MatthewPZC: Pester gets PARADOX BROTHERS

Pester: I got a Pester?

Pester: ew

MatthewPZC: Lawl, Yu-Gi-Oh reference

MatthewPZC: XD

Pester: inserts Pester

Player_1: What did I get?

Kyoseron: You get Pester.

Pester: agh

Kyoseron: You also get Pester.

Player_1: FOr Megadeth?

Player_1: Oh well.

Kyoseron: yes

Pester: this vending machine is broken

MatthewPZC: What did I get for inserting Shanghai?

Kyoseron: Tea

MatthewPZC: :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIGdUNe_1cA

Kyoseron: P1: You get a rainbow.

Chrono: lol

Player_1: Cool.

Pester: Matt gets a ytp

Player_1: I thought I was gonna get a monster who ate the knife

Player_1: But that's better.

Pester: inserts oregano

Player_1: (It was a Ctrl+Alt_Del comic reference)

MatthewPZC: inserts VIRT-YOU-WILL-BOI!

Player_1: Alt+Del*

Chrono: Pester gets FuSoYa

Pester: what

Chrono: Matt gets a VBA rom

Pester: What does FuSoYa have to do with oregano?

Player_1: GBA*

Chrono: inserts sweets time

Kyoseron: takes Pester's FuSoYa and inserts it.

Pester: hey

Kyoseron: :P

Pester: give it back

Pester: theif

Chrono: Kyo gets Solar Soundtrack

Pester: Kyoseron gets arrested

Kyoseron: gives Solar Soundtrack to Pester.

Chrono: lol

Chrono: anyways

Chrono: byes

Kyoseron: bye

Chrono: and stuffs

Pester: 'night

: Chrono has signed off IRC (Quit: kouishiteru).

Player_1: I was gonna make a vague reference to the compiler FuSoYa used with LM

MatthewPZC: inserts Geno

Player_1: Night.

Pester: Matt gets Gfaqs Brawl Board

Pester: 'night

Player_1: inserts a MOther's Day card

Kyoseron: You get Earthbound.

Kyoseron: inserts CAPSLOCK.

Player_1: Awesome.

MatthewPZC: inserts STUFF!! And Link's Aunt Jemima Syrup laser.......

Player_1: Kyo receives small caps

Kyoseron: You get waffles and pancakes.

Pester: MatthewPZC gets a pony

MatthewPZC: !

Pester: with a hat

Kyoseron: inserts Looney Tunes.

Pester: And laser teeth

Player_1: inserts Newgrounds

Pester: Kyoseron gets Loony Tunes

Pester: Player_1 gets blammed

Player_1: Ow!

Player_1: inserts a Ford Model-T

Pester: inserts @W#$%^&*

Kyoseron: You get someone's IP.

Player_1: {esters receives a corrupted JPEG image

Player_1: Pester*

Player_1: What did I get for the car?

Pester: inserts a baby seal

Kyoseron: You get Orbis.

Pester: P1 gets a dollar

Player_1: Pesters receives a club

Kyoseron: inserts #pokepr0n

Pester: lol

MatthewPZC: inserts (9)

Pester: I saw that coming

Pester: Kyoseron gets #digipr0n

Player_1: leaves for a minute

Pester: MatthewPZC gets (10)

Kyoseron: You get Cirno


MatthewPZC: inserts PoFV

Kyoseron: You get a flower garden. I suck at this.

Player_1: No you don't.

Kyoseron: inserts a scarf.

Player_1: inserts Violent Pornography (SOAD single released only in Japan)

Pester: Kyoseron gets a dead sheep

Kyoseron: awwww

Kyoseron: P1: You get "everybody everybody everybody livin' now"

Player_1: XD

Pester: inserts a stick

Player_1: Pesters gets fire

Kyoseron: You get Sherwood Forest.

Kyoseron: Or... You get Farfetch'd.

Player_1: inserts another SOAD single, Jhonny

Player_1: KYO! YES1

Player_1: !

Kyoseron: You get $.

Player_1: ...

Pester: inserts Luigi799

Kyoseron: You get an admidistrator. (sic)

Player_1: inserts Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pop's Thou Shalt Always Kill

Kyoseron: inserts BlueRedMario64.

Player_1: If you heard the song, you'll know what the vending machine will spit out.

Pester: Kyoseron gets banned

Pester: I never heard the song

Player_1: receives NME

Player_1: ...Damn machine.

Kyoseron: (deleted by request) >_>

Pester: inserts a coin

Pester: lolcreative

: Supertails61 has left #a_yoshi.

Player_1: Pester receives a red coin

Kyoseron: found it

Kyoseron: http://fchan.us/src/c_1209338490715_km_12.jpg

Pester: Blood?

Pester: Ok

Player_1: starts to wreck the vending machine
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