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The 2014 Summer ExGFX Contest - Discussion

Link Thread Closed
I also thought that; but I just know that there will be 72965755225710424201742174 entries. See Aquamentus' entry as an example. It's just amazing. I can say "goodbye!" to my hopes now. :3 The only stuff I disliked were the mix of 3d graphics 2d graphics. (the road, mostly) I thought it looked a bit weird, but it still was lovely.

As of this post, there is about 11 and a half hours left in the contest.

Get it going people!
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fell asleep

somehow made it

all is well in the world
Well only 11 people entered the GFX contest

I still have a chance if Ladida doesn't screw us over with his entry
Originally posted by SuperAgentYoshi
I still have a chance if Ladida doesn't screw us over with his entry

sadly he so did
well, i hope i can enter the top 11 then /:
also i hope the results will come in a week this time >:((((((((((((((((((((
Argh seriously, the contest ended in the afternoon? That really stinks, I thought we had until 11:59 at night to finish. Now I have a whole bunch of stuff that'll go to waste since its not going to be acceptef here anyways.

Why end it at noon though?

No matter when we close it, it's noon somewhere on the planet, and someone will be unhappy with the chosen time.

But we could get rid of most confusion by setting up a timer telling exactly how many minutes there's left until it closes. "Eighteen hours left" is the same in all timezones.
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Originally posted by MetaKnight 3

Why end it at noon though?

Because that's when I was available. It started at noon also so... :/

To be fair also, you had 3 weeks to submit it :V
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People, and the results?
Thinking... Probably I go move my project to a game in Game Maker Studio.

Its coming. Expect the results within the next hour or so
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Link Thread Closed