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[REMOVED] The Amazing Super Luigi

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NAME: The Amazing Super Luigi
This is a quick and simple spin off of the Amazing Super Mario Bros. After returning to the mushroom kingdom the Mario bros throw a party but Luigi goes out to run errands first. Enjoy.

No offense meant, but this hack is really just kind of terrible. The design for each level consists of nothing but repeating the exact same design element over and over again: for instance, Downtown Mushania is mostly flat land with Paragoombas, Uptown Mushania is Paragoombas on mushroom platforms with vertical Parakoopas in between, Vanilla Hills is one long unbroken platform with Rexes and a bullet generator, and Juice Pond is just the same Urchin setup copied and pasted over and over with a few Blurps here and there. You really need to think about what actually makes a level fun and interesting to play, because just repeating the same thing over and over isn't it.

As for the visuals of the hack, they honestly aren't much better. Luigi's palette is some sort of weird almost black-and-white pseudo-eight-bit look that doesn't really match the rest of the graphics, and the parts of his graphics that are in GFX00 doesn't match the rest, making Luigi's hands and feet not connect properly to his body when he's running or swimming. And while I get that you wanted small Luigi to be hatless and have the mushroom be his hat (although it doesn't work very well when the hat is red :V), you didn't really do a very good job at removing it; he still has the part that sticks out in front, as well as a few green pixels above it. Your custom palettes could use some work as well; most of SMW's default background are drawn to work with gradient palettes, which yours, well... isn't. Lastly, the graphics you drew yourself also leave a lot to be desired, as they are way lower quality than everything else, especially those stick figure Toads in the city levels. Why is the fire flower a gun, anyway, if it still makes Luigi throw his usual fireballs?

Verdict: remove. This honestly feels mostly like a beginner first messing around in Lunar Magic to see what it can do, which is fine and all, but not really something cut out for public release.

- Wakana
- mario and luigi
- S.R.H.
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Well the story is super simple Luigi goes out on a errand and needs to return.

The main problem with this hack are the cutofness, the weird looking pallets and the level design (no offense but looks boring and repetitive.)

I mean all levels are just flat with some boring jumps, no decoration and some random "?" placed. Also some levels look very similar to others giving a slight impression I'm playing on the same level again.
Grape Valey was the only level i "enjoyed".

My suggestion try to add more ledges, slopes, more coins (especially to guide players on jumps) try variating the enemies (don't use too much koopas) also don't make levels too linear.

On the level "Mario Bros House" (outside the house), "Chuck Cavern" (surface part) and "Grape Valey" the pallets are just too ugly or bright you should recolor.

Then on the level "Uptown Mushania" you changed the background pallet to a night level (pretty cool btw) but if you go too up on the level it's possible see a bright color giving a perspective error on the background.

The level "Wiggy Forest" some time the enemies disappear also this happen with the yoshi's head. I think this happen due to the wrong sprite memory set.
(This icon #lm{sprhead})

On the level "Rope Woods" the jumping piranha plant get stuck on the ceiling making unable to return to the pipe.

Also on the level "Metro Mushania" the transparent square blocks on the mushroom platform are just too ugly. The same goes with the hand drawn toads.

Verdict: Rejected
Difficulty: Easy

Suggestion: please fix the ugly pallets and the cutofness also add more decorations like for example bushes.
Tested with Zsnes v1.51

Metro Mushania:
The level is not too bad but some decorations are of poor quality
Also in the BG fungi have a blue palette which is not too good.
Otherwise the level design is pretty good, but I find the property ON annoying fungus home.

Uptown Mushania:
This level is fairly short to my taste
Otherwise, the pallets of green fungus on a bad palette.
And in the backgourd a black line is visible on the right.

Downtown Mushania:
This level is quite repetitive is similar to the UpTown Mushania level

Rope Woods:
The Backgourd palette is too flashy, change there
For the level, there is enough repeating is a little short in my opinion

Wiggy Forest:
The level is pretty good but a few pallets are a review
Also this level has a sprite incorrect memory#lm{sprhead}.

Vanilla Hills:
Very flat level, and the range of the backgourd and much too flashy

Troopa Plains:
This level is quite repetitive, also the palette of the arches is not well chosen.

Chuck Cavern:
The palette of the plain before returning is really very poorly made.
This level is very repetitive and fairly empty.
and why a red dot while there is no output secret

Grape Valley:
Pallets of this level are not well chosen change them
Otherwise this level is fairly repetitive

Juice Pond:
Bridge palettes are not well chosen
The water is very empty and flat
For a level it is pretty weird

This hack might be better if you give more effort top.
Also we see that with you pallets it is difficult
To help you watch this tutorial
The level design is not very well either
It is enough drinking at the beginning but it degrades at the end of the hack.
Much of repeat, do not always wear the same slopes even position of sprites
Also on the "Chuck Cavers" level put a yellow dot and not a red dot on Overworld.
And your hack this ends pretty bizarrely in my view, for a last level it really is very very easy.

Difficulty: Easy
Verdict: Rejected
Layout by Koopster
Welp, I can't say this is good at all. It feels like a first hack, and it's common sense to guess their destiny most of the times...

The level design is the definition of flatness: I saw you aimed for a linear type of design, which is good if well developed. Unfortunatley, yours is missing this important aspects: all the levels have the same idea repeated over and over again, making the level feel like it never ends. The goal of a game in general is to give fun to the players; in yours, it's the total opposite, because it's boring and not interesting. This is how I'd sum up your level design.

Aesthetic-wise, we're not going better at all. I could sum up this factor with a pic I took, here. What it concerns me most is the palette editing, which is eye soaring and disturbing; I also noticed a few cutoff and glitches here and there around. Not good at all.

As misc issue, I noticed that "Wiggy forest" has a tile limit glitch. Since there are not so many sprites on screen, I'd think that you set the wrong level header. Be sure to take a look.

Difficulty is easy due to flatness.

I'm sorry, but I'd go with rejecting because of major level design and aesthetic issues. I'd suggest you to start from scratch, since it would require less work than adjusting all the errors in this hack.
the amazing super luigi - MCJ32:

let's start with the title-screen: the title had quite a bit of cutoff around the "p" in "super", and luigi had a strange pale face. the word "luigi" from the title also looks a bit awkward, since it's using default tiles from the menu. try to use the small font to create the world "luigi", or you can draw graphics to create the word. to say about the hack itself, it will take forever, no really, you must fix these issues. the issues are as followed:

-cutoff on the status bar item reserve box.
-i assumed you drew graphics for luigi without a hat, but there are still pixels of his hat remaining. make sure to delete all the pixels from luigi's hat.
-mario bros. house had severe issues: first of all, you created a house made of default tiles as walls, and transparent blocks as windows. this is not a good thing; try to draw graphics for a house instead, or use exgfx.
-most levels had bad palettes, as opposed to good custom palettes. please fix your palettes, as most of them seem eye-searing, at least for me.
-your overworld border had issues with cutoff; if you meant to change it, make sure to change it completely.

the level design was not too good, in my opinion. most of the graphics clashed together, some objects have bad priority issues, and the power-ups were not eye-pleasing at all. in fact, mario bros. house had a power-up (that worked as a fire flower) that looked glitched, and seemed to be animated. redraw the power-ups to make them look better, or avoid drawing altogether and use the original super mario world graphics for power-ups. luigi's fireballs and fireball power also had strange-looking palettes. uptown mushania was a fog level, that had mushrooms that were dark-green and had a pixel of light-blue together with it. stick with 1 color, as having 2 different colors on a single object look strange. on top of that, they also had red outlines, which also made it look strange. also, why did all of the mushrooms have translucent blocks in their columns? it was a bit annoying to see so many translucent blocks in just 1 level. and not too much of an issue, but the sprites appeared transparent in the level called uptown mushania. random question: why were there so many un-enterable doors in most of the mushroom levels? they served no purpose, and the level would look a lot better without it. in rope woods, the background had a bad bright palette, which also clashes with the black dark sky. not to mention that this level was repetitive with its constant stream of ropes, pipes, and frequent wigglers. repetition is a big problem in this case, and must be avoided to add quality to your hack.

wiggy forest had issues with sprites, like the jumping piranha plants that constantly and frequently appeared. there was also some corner cutoffs inside the foreground. the overworld also had cutoff, and they must also be fixed. as a few users already said, creating threads in the "works in progress" forum are really helpful in this situation, as users can help you make your hack better, even if you haven't submitted it yet. same with testers; they're there for a reason. take advantage! the rest of the hack was just bad level design and repetitive issues and level design.

my verdict will be rejection, and the difficulty will be easy.
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Oh no.. this hack needs work, sadly. I hope you take our advices, cause if you do, this hack can get way better.


- Level Design.

I mostly liked it. It had it's common mistakes, yeah, but it was one of the two parts that I actually liked, so nice job. I see level design as the most important aspect, and you can do it nicely on most of the time. But still, I had a few complaints about it; Firstly, the repetitiveness. Yeah, it was nice, sure, but the nice parts were used again, and again, and again.. I guess you liked those parts too much. Using the same idea again and again makes the players think that you are a lazy hacker that has no creativity. Not nice, easily fixable, but not nice. Secondly, the same enemy types. Man.. you should use different types of enemies to generate interest. As an example, a level with Lakitus, Bob-Ombs, Koopas, and Chargin' Chucks would generate way more interest than a level with Koopas only, right? Thirdly, and lastly, as I said before, the common mistakes people make. These are EXTREMELY easy to fix, so it's not a really major problem, but still should be fixed. I want to talk about the stuff that I call "obvious secrets". So, what's these "obvious secrets", you ask? Well, these "obvious secrets" are parts that are actually supposed to be secret, but are not hidden well. As an example, the 3-UP moon in the level "Wiggy Forest". Mostly, these 3-UP moons are put as secrets and are hard to get, but it was just really easy to find. Add a bit challenge to it, or hide it somewhere. And lastly, I want to talk about the sprite issues. If you put too many enemies close to each other, some parts of them won't show up. Easy fix; use different enemies, or delete some of them, but the problem may also be the sprite header. That's all I can say about the level design.

- Story/Text.

The story was nice. It felt way different than the other ones. I really liked it, to be honest. I even felt that the story helped to make the hack original, so great job on it! I think you have talent on writing, so keep it up! I'd like to see what else you make. Anyways, even though it was nice, I noticed a major plothole in it; you forgot to disable the 2 player mode! Currently, there are 2 "Luigi"s. One of them is; weirdly colored Luigi, and the other one of them is; the Luigi we all know and love. But, isn't it weird to have two Luigi's in it? It wasn't really motivating for me to play through the levels, but yeah, it was still nice. I also thought that there were a bit of too much emphasis on the story. Maybe some cutscenes would have helped to make it better. I mean, everything happened just quickly while it also tells about what happened before the main story even though there's no need for it. I hope you get my point. Anyways, it was still nice.



Oh no. Oh no.. it had many palette issues. It had many cutoff and bad tiling mistakes too. I'll cut this short, cause the only thing I'll ever say will be "there were x problems". My only suggestion would be to get testers.


Meh, there were no custom music whatsoever, but there was a level with a dark background and the layer 3 fog. It had great aesthetics, but the music choice ruined it. Try to choose more fitting music, and use custom music if REALLY needed.


Sadly, it had lots of perspective errors in it. I suggest you to read OW Perspective Errors - Goodbye! by Teo17. It is great for beginners, and it has most of the common overworld perspective errors in it. Really recommended. The music was nicely chosen, it fit well with it's overall look and the level themes.

That's all. My verdict is: Rejection, and the difficulty is Easy.
The verdict seems to be fairly unanimous; removal it is.
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