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[REMOVED] "SUPER MARIO" by username666 XD
Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - [REMOVED] "SUPER MARIO" by username666 XD
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Submitted: 2014.08.09 ~ 19:47:56 by username666 XD
Claimed: 2014.08.12 ~ 11:41:03 by Counterfeit
Authors: username666 XD
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 6 exit(s)
Difficulty: Easy
Rating: 2.0
Your rating:
Download: Download - 197.41 KiB
The hack contains six images which try oh so very hard to be scary. The text document further exposes the hack's nature as a crappypasta.

The title screen is endless running in a cave. "SUPER" is removed from the title. The menu text is ruined by the background palette.

The all-caps intro made me laugh. It's so bright and sunny and it's talking about hell. Well, if this is hell, happy I arrived here! I think I'm going to take a vacation...

No Come sounds like the story of the staff team's sex lives. The background palette has some errors, because there are boxes in the overlapping areas of the hills. It also seems unnatural to have the lightest hills appear the furthest out rather than the closest in. The brick stove fire is kind of just sitting there. The absence of Yoshi's House coupled with the message "I do not want to support you" is pretty strong, actually... not in the creepy sense, but in the middle-finger-to-Mario sense.

Forever Alone is a long, plain cave level. There's some "walkthrough" dirt sticking out of the ground that you can't move through. The message box is too Engrish to make sense of.

Yellow Switch Palace is unedited apart from the message box. You know, I'm waiting for the day there's a creepy hack that uses the P-switch to make everything all fucked up and gorey, but creepypasta hacks don't have a good track record of technicality or level design...

Continuous Why? sums up my feelings so far about the hack. This level's palette is cold like death. (Surprise.) This is basically Yoshi's Island 2 without any sprites. Yoshi actually does 'support' you after all, but not because he wants to.

Go Away. It starts as a Yoshi's Island 3 edit but then becomes a long flat area of arches, yellow ! blocks, and bridges over lava. The clouds don't agree with the background. Design is uneventful. The yellow switch, as implied earlier, is required to beat this level.

Vengeful Spirits is Yoshi's Island 4 with no sprites and a changed palette.

#1 Final Punishment has me go through a bunch of doors until I reach and kill Morton. I'm not entirely sure what the cutscene text is supposed to mean.

Instead of going up like the path north of the castle would lead you to believe, you go left on this otherwise unchanged overworld.

No Mercy ends with DESTINATION and an arrow pointing down a pipe. You go down and you land on cement blocks and you kill yourself. It's like a double death.

I didn't understand this hack... well, I did understand it enough to know that it is a M A R I O clone, and a very bad one at that. This hack has no new gameplay content, which is my primary reason for removing it on the spot. Second, it's hard to understand, so it doesn't really accomplish being scary. What it did accomplish though, is me wanting to see more of Yoshi being a dick towards Mario. I found that funny. I think creepypastas should not give themselves away before the hack even begins. Like, a creepypasta is supposed to trigger an emotion of fear, or at the very least, disturb the hell out of you.

The Adventure was disturbing by the time I finished, but the way it was presented, it held the face of complete innocence. I think that's the best approach to hacks that are supposed to trigger strong emotions because you don't expect it at all. Even though it's set for removal, I strongly recommend grabbing the hack from the thread and looking at its presentation. You don't have to get as technical with the ASM, but study the flow of the hack and notice the obscurity of the shocking parts.

Difficulty: Easy

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
I'll try to consider this a serious one and not a joke hack, which is kinda hard for me. This review will be a tad different.

This hack tries to be a creepypasta, but unfortunately, it fails to do so, since it didn't really scared me. The goal you aimed is to scare the player (duh, that's the meaning of a creepypasta game) I guess, but from my point of view, you needed a stronger story. Try to convey a better story in order to disturb the player, as Cou said already.

There's not much to say in terms of level design. I think that it can be analyzed even if you don't have any sprites, and if I should judge yours, I'd say that it's pretty flat. Most of the game was about going straight and doing a few jumps. I don't think that a requirement for a creepypasta is to be flat: instead, it can be interesting, even without sprites so you'll be able to keep that "everyone died" feeling. Overall, I guess the design could've been much better.

Aesthetic-wise, it's not much. I was expecting more from a creepypasta, (like blood and stuff) but heh, only SMW graphics and palettes are here. A side question: is the first level supposed to be a graveyard? If so, then I liked the way you made it, though the cutoff isn't so appealing.

No mentionable issues here, except that everyone died.

Difficulty is easy, since no sprites.

Due to level design issues, I'd reject this hack. Since I don't know how to behavour with this kind of hack, I'll just leave this review, without giving additinal advices.
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Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - [REMOVED] "SUPER MARIO" by username666 XD

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