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The PHP and SQL thread!

Time for this again!

Discuss PHP and SQL here. Feel free to ask questions, post projects you're working on, and answer other people's questions.
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You know a thing about PHP?

I've been playing with the GD library. It rocks.
What's PHP and SQL ?
Sorry, about my bad english. Because I'm Indonesian.
Originally posted by DSMLMD
What's PHP and SQL ?

This is PHP and this is SQL .

Next time don't ask these kind of questions here again (or at least, use Google first).
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Originally posted by pieguy1372
Feel free to ask questions

>_> <_<

For seriousness, I am currently working on my chatish thing (actually more JS than PHP), some new forum software (planning stage), a "file system", and my random everyday PHP thingies.

And I have some plans for SMW Central when the other things are done.

>_< (crap)

Well, but anyways, you could've googled it anyways. Just as easy.

*declares my former post null and void*
--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
Sorry I don't know about PHP and SQL.

O.K. My friendster have a PHP System. I'm not sure how it's work ?!

My friend use SQL to manipulate data in my friend Website but it's not work. Please Help me !!!
Sorry, about my bad english. Because I'm Indonesian.
PHP stands for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor" (yes recursive acronym). It's a scripting language used to make dynamic web pages, such as SMW Central! It's quite powerful, and free open source software.

SQL stands for "Structured Query Language". It is a standard for database connectivity - you can perform operations on data with statements written in English! Databases are much better than flat file data storage for websites being accessed by multiple users at a time.

As for a database itself, you'd probably use either MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS-SQL, Oracle, or SQLite (which is part of PHP since PHP5).

As a correction to Techokami's post, the "databases" don't come with PHP. The database servers are standalone software, but PHP comes with clients for the ones mentioned by Techokami.
Thank You Techokami.

Sorry, about my bad english. Because I'm Indonesian.
Eh, I was bored, so I decided to make a simple little script which sees which browser you use, and displays a different message depending on which you use:
Nothing too complicated, but, fun to make, nonetheless. =P
EDIT: Tidied up the script and added different message for Opera users. :D
Firefox ftw!
Anyway, I was also bored so I made this stylesheet for my post layout that changes depending on the time of the day. :D

I'm assuming that there is no such thing as bumping in this sub forum due to it's slow pace.

Some info on PHP

Originally posted by DSMLMD
O.K. My friendster have a PHP System. I'm not sure how it's work ?!

There is no such thing. PHP is an interpreter - it parses the code in a php script, most commonly into HTML to be displayed via a web server, as a server side script interpreter. Also, PHP does not need any of the databases listed by Techokami to run.

PHP is generally thought of as server side only. This is not true - you can use php in the command line in all operating systems php has been ported to, especially unix based ones, where a php script can be given executable permissions. For you newbies, addmusic is a command line program, and a certain program called FEIDIAN (a video game tile ripper/injector) is a command line PHP program that operates in the same way.

PHP can also be used to make to make a GUI application, your standard windowed programs, like Lunar Magic, with the help of the GTK extension. Again, these programs should work on all Operating Systems PHP has been ported to, as long as the GTK extension has been ported to that OS as well.

Supported Operating Systems:

Windows, Unix Like(Linux, BSD, Mac OS X*, Most other Unices)

*Not sure about GTK extension.

On SMWCentral:
Most (if not all) of this site was coded in PHP by (aka Pirate Caffie, Kieran)

To Onion:
Please fix your image generating script so that it detects Firefox on all operating systems, not just Windows. Also, FF 3 has a new ID string. Be fair.

Your layout has been removed.
Eh, was bored and decided to make this;

Which apparently displays the forum stats of KaOni, so far, or something, obviously.
Might add more stats later, if I overcome laziness. =o
Double post, mmm?
Oh well, either way, another thing made out of boredom and whatnot;

The URL itself being ""
So, as you probably have already guessed, one can change the value of "num", so that the catgirls appear in the specified order.
Nothing too complicated, but at least it was fun to make. =D
Oh, and the original images'd be from danbooru, apparently. o=

EDIT: Too lazy to add decimal point compatibility and such, so, eh.
I made a script that gets the palette of an image and lists it. :D
<form action="" method="get"> </form>

It doesn't work properly with gifs, though. :/
"Palette" doesn't apply to JPEG though. Only to GIF and PNG-8.
Hmm, quite good, Kaeru. o=
Uh, not sure what else to say, but mweh. =D