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Mega SMAS SFX Pack - 136 SFXs

I decided to rip some SMAS SFXs for my hack but I ended up ripping all of them.

Basically this pack contains mosts of SMAS SFXs, with exception of some hardcoded SFXs.

It's a total of 136 SFXs ready to be inserted with AMK and no custom samples required!

It include most of SMW SFXs too, but they're probably unused from the original game.

Anyway, grab them here!

If there's no problem with them I'll release to the Music section soon.
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Wow! I really see a lot of use in the future. Indeed, spendid job!
Great job on the SMAS SFX i don't even have to use the SMAS music patch anymore.
This is really great indeed. The pack in the music section doesn't have all of them, so it's really nice to have a full version of it. Really useful.
omg vitor i <3 u

This is a really nice release! We need more SFX releases like this :D
Suika Ibuki - 25107
Originally posted by LX5
omg vitor i <3 u

I will tell this to Wakana vitor.(just kidding everyone knows you love waka-chan)
Well talking about the SFX's i will make a good use of the :"losing a hearth" one.
So glad you released something like that, and pretty impressive huh.
1DFC\41 Extering game select screen.spc (SMAS)


Anyways, this is cool! This totally beats the old IPS patch.
ha lol Extering...
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I hope we can combine this with my SMAS Soundtrack, it'd be a REALLY great combo!
Major thanks to Suika Ibuki for layout!
I'm open for music requests, just DM me on discord and we can further discuss there.
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Bump to point out some bad SPCs (all of them in 1DFC)

1B Detonator Fuse Burning.spc is the same as 1C Releasing Switch Blocks.spc
26 Swooper swooping.spc is weird, it plays a small noise that doesn't really sound like a swooper
All the Podoboo ones are wrong as well, they barely even play anything
2D Podoboo (-100% pan).spc plays a weird bloop
45 Rocket Blasting Off.spc 48 Boomerang (SMB3).spc and 49 Whale spout (SMB2).spc are just like all of the Podoboo ones
Originally posted by SMAS SFX pack's readme
Also note that some SPCs are buggy, for some reason AMK dislike some noise instruments.

Look at the top of the channel. A yellow N means this channel currently uses noise and many of them are buggy when dumped by AMK.
Originally posted by MercuryPenny
1B Detonator Fuse Burning.spc is the same as 1C Releasing Switch Blocks.spc
2D Podoboo (-100% pan).spc plays a weird bloop

Even so, these still stand.
That's not really worrying. All SPCs that uses noise is broken due of an AMK bug, but in game it will sound fine.
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Can I kindly ask you why you didn't include the jump sound? Was it the same or different. Just wondering.
My Mode 0 guide.

My Discord server. It has a lot of archived ASM stuff, so check that out!

Originally posted by MasterSkodwarde
Can I kindly ask you why you didn't include the jump sound? Was it the same or different. Just wondering.

BOI for the millionth time, it's the same thing and the jump SFX is just fine the way it is! #smw{-_-2}
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this is really a very useful patch!