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Classic Mario World 3:The Finale - The hack is released!!

#tb{:D}Hello SmwCentral,my name is Bandicoot and I'm the creator of CMW1 The
Magical Crystals and CMW2 - The great Alliance and now I'm creating CMW3-TLOTSS,this hack is sequence of the last ones of the Classic Mario World series and like the others is vanilla-ish,but this time I will do a better use and mix of the original SMW graphics,this hack will have 9 Worlds being:

1-Mushroom Hills
2-Sunset Cove
3-Dust Desert Lands
4-The lost Groove
5-Freezy Plains
6-Cherry Mountain
7-Koopa City
8-Bowser's Valley
9-Bowser's Space Station

Rosalina's Observatory has been atacked by Bowser that used the power stars again,but this Time he is using them to revive the power of the Master,a star hidden by Rosalin that have a Great source of power,how Rosalina can't defeat Bowser Alone she sent some Lummas to the earth to collect the shiny Stars to have Mario's help,but they are all kidnapped by the koopalings.

Now,Here is some screens from world 1.

This is the Mushroom Castle,for some reason the People here have disappeared,and Mario rosolves out in a adventure for resue them!

World 1-1:Mario's Road
This is a classical initial level where you can train your skills!

World 1-2:Cristaline Cave
This is a cave full of chucks and Buzzy Beetles,in this level you can find yoshi also.

World 1-3:Sunshine Valley
This Valley have some rexes and is a mix of land&water,where you can train your swim skills!

World 1-Fortress Birdo's Fortress
This is the first Fortress in the hack,the boss here isn't made yet,maybe I will put another boss instead birdo.

That's it folks, I hope you enjoyed, please comment to give me a help, Later I will post more screens.
your screenshots are broken and/or missing. i can't see them from my browser.
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edit: Wait, now the screenshots showed up. Wow, this looks pretty interesting. I'll play this for sure when finished.
Sorry I have uploaded the screens in google drive and have sent the wrong link here,but I fixed now #smw{:TUP:}
They're still not working. Try using something other than Google Drive to host your images.
no, the screenshots still do not load up from your first post. are you sure you uploaded the screenshots to "my files" and you made sure that you sent the right url link?
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I don't know what's up with you guys, but the images are showing up for me.
I can see a few of them, but not all. But if you could host them somewhere else (your files), that'd be better.
Originally posted by LatexHydra
I don't know what's up with you guys, but the images are showing up for me.

I'm getting Error 403 Forbidden when I try to access the images directly, so maybe you just don't have them set to be publicly viewable?
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Screenshots aren't showing for me either.
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It's weird screenshots yesterday was present
Why not republish on another host images?
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Sorry the incovenience guys #smw{-_-2},the screensa are republished in my filebin and now they will appear,I hope. #tb{:DD}
All of your guy's browsers suck, I can see the pictures perfectly.
Originally posted by Macky
All of your guy's browsers suck, I can see the pictures perfectly.

Well yes of course you can. Check the post above you.
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as always, your level design looks decent, but your background palettes for the outdoor areas seem a bit too bright, in my opinion. your grammar could also use a bit more of work; try hiring proofreaders that will help you fix your messages and text.

not bad; not bad at all!
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The pallets and the same as the classic mario world 2, except in the castle. I liked the level design. The snapshots were good. Good luck in the construction of the hack Bandicoot.
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Hello Guys,I have finished more three levels of the hack,I have no screens to submit this time cause my FileBin is a bit "Full".
For this reason I decided submit videos instead screens so here is:

1-A:Moving Emerald Hill
A layer 2 moving grassland level.

1-5:Mushroom High(I will change this name later,I already used this name in cmw2)
An athelic level over mushrooms and mountains.

1-6: Mt.Mushroom
A auto-scroling grassland level,in the second section the auto-scroll is vertical!


And please if you can do a look in my channel to watch some videos and subscribe if you like.
I would swap out the VLDC tracks for something else. As it is, they are pretty unfitting. Especially in the the last level.

1-4 seems a little too difficult for the beginning of the hack. Are you sure you think it fits here?

1-5 didn't seem too interesting. Plenty of height variation, but I saw nothing that made it distinct from most athletic levels.

1-6 seems pretty boring in the vertical section actually, particularly in the section where you just go up a vine. you could most likely easily just keep going up and not worry about the parakoopas at all since they haven't spawned yet.
Um, I can not wait to learn more ^^
If not for the levels is much more
By FG against the vanilla that you are using the kind of checkerboard land office doing is not right in my opinion
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Hello Guys,I'm back with more updates from the hack and I need to say probably I will change the name of the hack because I want to modify the storyline a bit, and I also changed the music in all the last levels in the videos except for moving emerald hill.

Well here come the screenshoots:

1-4: Spiny Lakeside
This level replaces the old 1-4(Moving Emerald Hill),I decided move the other one to 1-B and make him a secret level in world 1 to fix the difficult curve of hack,this level is based in a lake full of spinies and next the end a Lakitu,

1-C: Iggy's Castle
This is Iggy Castle,this is not the last level from World 1,this level is based in ball n chains,podobos and darkness and at the end you fight against Iggy and recover a strange Shiny Star Piece.

1-A: DragonFruit Woods(Yellow Switch Palace)
This forest is a path to the Yellow switch Palace,here there are a huge quantity of dragon fruits,and you can receive up to 6 lives if you solve the puzzle here.