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[ACCEPTED] "Super Mario World: the 7 koopalings return" - mario and luigi
Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - [ACCEPTED] "Super Mario World: the 7 koopalings return" - mario and luigi
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File Name:Super Mario World: the 7 koopalings return - demo 1.1
Submitted:2014-08-21 01:01:11 AM by mario and luigi
Authors:mario and luigi
Length:14 exit(s)
Description:have you ever wondered or wanted to play a game that felt like a continuation of the original super mario world that we've known for numerous years? ever wondered how it would feel to play a super mario world continuation? well, you have come to the right hack.

story/plot: mario and co. have moved from their hometown in dinosaur land to a beautiful island called "cloud island". rumor has it that the koopalings are invading "cloud island", as well; not too long after the rumors, the 7 koopalings invaded, and bowser sent his koopa clown car to destroy various monuments in the island. mario must stop this at once!

a new feature:

-the order of the koopalings have been changed (their sequential order, in which they appear in the game, have been changed).

----new version----

-fixes the overworld palettes and a few in-level palettes.
-layer 3 strangeness.

The title screen is edited. There's nothing special in it, mainly considering Mario doesn't move and there's not much aside a showoff of coins and a very green-ish foreground. After that, we go to the intro screen, which shows that the hack has a different story; which is good, even if it sounds a bit too generic, it's still nice to have something different. "House of the Yoshis" also shows a different message from Yoshi different from the usual, fitting with the hack's story.

The overworld design of the first world is okay. But I can't really say it's good, since it's just an island that doesn't have much design variation in it. The palettes look a bit too dark considering the levels have aesthetics that aren't dark as the overworld is, and also this. The second submap isn't different from the first, aside it looks more boring than that even with better decoration choices, and even darker while the levels aren't actually dark. The next submap doesn't look very different from the W1 submap, besides the palettes and paths.

Level design
The levels of the W1 were okay, but were the ones where I mostly spot design flaws [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] and the ones I probably liked more in this hack. The introduction of cloud platforms in the first level was nice to see, as well later levels that already introduce not-so-common enemies in SMW hacks in general. I mostly liked what you did with the switch palace of W1, because I liked the "run to get the 1UP" gimmick thing. For the aesthetics, I liked how the castle level was during night.

W2 levels were good too, I've only found this issue so far by ducking while big, but I probably should've played around a bit more with other levels too. "Little River" had really nice aesthetics overall, at the point to be mentioned in this review. The aesthetics transition in "Bullet alert!" was also neat. Other levels were okay, nothing really special at all.

Some issues I mentioned make me feel ambivalent about this hack, since it's short. It's not a bad hack overall, but it needs some polishment first. Leaving this to userbase review.

Difficulty: Normal.

+1'd users:
- MercuryPenny
- Wakana-chan (+2'd)
- Everest (+2'd)
Here is a text file full of misc errors, and a major error mentioned a little further on in this review.

So, uh, the level design was decent. One thing I'd have to complain about is the usage of item babysitting in the ghost house in the second world. I really didn't find it all that enjoyable. Plus, I almost ran out of time the first time through. That aside, the level design as a whole was decent, but nothing really that stood out.

The aesthetics were decent but made the music unfitting with the excessively desaturated palettes. Consider custom music for this hack or make the palettes less gloomy. Anyway, the levels were decorated fine, not clunky or empty, just right.

Misc issues...there was a HUGE issue with the midway point in level 2, you definitely need to fix that. Bugs showed up now and then, such as the tide being behind everything when it should be in front, dino rhinos clipping through blocks, and various other errors leave me on the knife edge of accepting it or rejecting it.

That said, I think it's for the best it's given a 50% (reject). Give your levels a final run-through before sending them in for moderation, or else a bunch of bugs and stuff get in. Good luck.
Yay another hack of many did you submit already? Atleast, I'm glad to see that this is a demo: it means you're planning to do a bigger hack in terms of lenght ya? It would be good if this is the case.

Level design was more or less good as always from your works: hopefully you always manage to show different ideas each time, and this is good. I'm not very impressed by it honestly, since you're using pretty standard gimmicks and such; while playing, I was getting a little bored by going trough the same type of level over and over again. If I can suggest you, try other gimmick ideas: even if you want to keep the vanilla feeling, there are lots of things you haven't used yet (like a layer 2 level, a vertical level, and so on), but it's understandable, since this is a demo only, but still... I'm considering the overall as decent: not awesome but not horrible either.

Aesthetics is always nice in your works, and it seems it's getting better and better. Here as well, nice palette settings and graphics; I have a little niptick in the first level here: guess which cloud Mario can stand on. While I appreciate the GFX mixing, if I were you, I'd make it look more foregroundish; having the same palette as the background may be confusing (you put coins on them to identify the ones you can stay on, but still...meh~). Despite this, nice aesthetics overall.

Found a few misc issues too: if you put a coin on a note block and hit from below, it creates an invisible solid block; mushroom floating on lava; close the ceiling here, I can easily jump over the right wall and enter in the dirt.

Difficulty is normal, with a pretty nice difficulty curve I must say.

I'm kind of ambivalent, mostly because of the misc errors; but since it's a demo, and it seems it's better than your previous hacks, I'll go for an accept: be sure to make the full version perfect though!~
Vanilla hacks will never cease production.

This hack is just another hack in the long line of vanilla hacks made by you. I consider this nothing bad at all, but for the future, I would recommend extending these short hacks into full scale hacks that have 50+ exits in the future. Although technically speaking your hacks are independent from one another and each deserve to be judged separately, I cannot help to think that players will simply see all of your hacks as a repeat of each other which is why I suggest making longer hacks in the future. This is a demo though and I see that you will make this hack long so this concern doesn't exactly apply here but it is important to keep in your mind. With that concern out of the way, it is finally time to move onto the actual hack itself. The hack's design is reminiscent of your past works so this review will be somewhat reminiscent of my reviews on your past works. The level design is fine as usual though it was for the most part nothing spectacular. I noticed the levels in the first world were generally more restrictive on movement when compared to other levels in the hack. Maybe that is just me but you should avoid doing that all of the time. New gimmicks could have been used though I understand this is a short demo at the current time of speaking. You will also want to avoid small design flaws that allow me to jump inside dirt as evidenced in the level Trees and bullets.

Moving onto other things, the hack in itself is vanilla so I have nothing to say about them apart from the palettes. They in general look pretty good though some things do look out of place. For instance, although you changed the foreground and background, you did not change the palettes of the sprites (not saying this for all levels but for the levels what I am saying applies for) so they would fit in with the rest of the level palette. Speaking of unfitting palettes, changing the status bar palette would also help it fit into the level. This even applies to some foreground objects such as pipes in some levels. Consistency is important when aesthetics are in the question of making a good hack. In some levels, you should avoid having the foreground and background palettes being the same as to avoid confusion. Commenting on some miscellaneous things, you need to test sprite interactions with some objects as I have literally seen some sprites jump through walls such as dino torches (though this may be an unintentional glitch in this hack considering the area where the sprites were placed). Avoid placing coins above noteblocks and question mark boxes as well. The overworld and title screen designs are kind of predictable in these hacks so I would suggest practicing a little more on making them a bit better (especially with the overworld maps). I guess that is it.

Difficulty: Normal. The hack's difficulty was consistent.

Eh, I guess there is nothing seriously wrong with this hack. Pretty average I would say. Accept it I suppose.
the newest version has been submitted; make sure to review it.

Currently: Starting college!
Thanks for updating it.
With the fixes you did in the hack there are bigger chances for it get accepted, unless some bug went unnoticed by me.

@Reviewers: Updated permanent link in this thread's OP.
Played the new version, seems that you fixed quite a few things.

Fixes are what it's really different from the older version. The level design kept unchanged. Not much to say other that what I said in the first review: not terrible, but not awesome either; the gimmicks used are pretty basic and this can indeed be considered another generic vanilla hack. Again, I hope that the next levels will introduce something new, otherwise I fear that this hack will end up being pretty repetitive.

My opinion about aesthetics didn't change either, since it kept unchanged: pretty creative palettes, even if a few ones didn't match together quite well. At least, the GFX usage is clear and without silly attempts. The cloud issue I mentioned in the first level kept unchanged; I'd have appreciated an attempt to make it more foregroundish, but it's not a major issue.

As for the misc issues, seems you've fixed everything it has been mentioned by the reviewers; moreover, I didn't find any. I appreciate the great effort here, the hack ended up being better than before for sure.

Difficulty is normal, with a pretty good difficult curve (x2)

I'm not this ambivalent anymore, I think that now this demo has all the rights to be accepted. Good job~
I have finished playing this new version now.

Seeing as this is an update, I cannot say much has changed about this hack. Going briefly over this hack again, I can say that this hack is quite similar to your previous hacks which can become a bit of a concern. Not so much here judging by the future of the hack, but you may still want to take notice of that. The level design is fine in general though not outstanding. I will become desensitized by your hacks at this rate which may affect my judgement on them. I would have liked to have seen more varied and unique design, particularly the introduction of more unique gimmicks. The aesthetics are mostly unchanged in this hack. The only major thing that has changed in this hack are the glitches/level breaks that have now been fixed. Good job overall especially since I have not found anything too major.

Difficulty: Nothing much changed from the previous version so Normal.

Yeah, this can be accepted now. Refer to my previous review for more detailed information and criticism.
Enough time here too. The author sent me a fixed version of the hack, so I updated the link of the submission with that. I'd have posted it here before if it weren't due to a) there's nothing else to review for this hack, and b) I told before to the author that I couldn't update the submission by the day he sent me the update because I was busy, and told him that he could contact another hack moderator to claim the file for moderation by dropping my claim on it, which didn't seem to have happened at all.
actually, i sent a message to Counterfeit, but she is probably busy with other things, or she waited until someone replied here.

Currently: Starting college!
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