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Pokey's Adventure (New story)

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Demo 1 is out! Download it here!

So, finally I have finished some levels of my second hack (don't ask for my first one, it was crap), and I had to start it over about 10 times. But everytime I restarted making it, the hack got much better. So now I'm happy with how it looks - but tell me your opinion!

Short description:
Custom Blocks: YES
Custom Sprites: PROBABLY
Custom Music: YES

And this is the storyline for now (nothing fancy, but way better than in my first hack):
Bowser has taken over Pokey's homeland and built up a new army. But to see if they're good enough to possibly defeat Mario, he lets Pokey "test" it. He kidnaps Pokey's brothers and holds them captive in his 7 towers that are scattered around the land. Now it's up to Pokey to rescue is brothers and to banish Bowser from his homeland!

Finally, it's time for the screenshots (prepare for a whole lot of them):

The title screen. I've found the "Pokey's" font somewhere through Google, and edited it a bit to make it look more cactus-ish.
You don't like the name "Pokey's Adventure"? Then do something against it and vote in my sigpoll! You can also send me a PM and stuff.

The intro level with a note from Bowser lying on the floor - I know about the time limit, by the way. Also, note the slightly new status bar and the new font (from Mario & Wario)

The letter from Bowser, split in two cutscenes. I have two questions regarding this one:
- Why is the text in the 2nd scene out of alignment? (Yes, I'm using layer 2 for the cutscenes)
- Is the English mostly correct? <:-) Seriously, I don't want to make it look crappy with some bad English, like in my first hack. Also, I know that the period after the "know" should be one row down.

The first submap, "Pokey's Desert" with no paths revealed. If you want to, you can find the main OW here, but keep in mind that the graphics are outdated.

The beginning of the first level. This shows my GFX for the brown block and the mushroom. (Even if they may look like the ones from name128512, they're completely self-drawn.)

I have no idea what to do with the Dragon/Yoshi Coins... Yoshi won't appear in the hack, so has anyone a suggestion what should be on them?

Don't let the quicksand kill you!

A Koopa shell + breakable bricks = 8 coins! That's not much, but at least something.

Goin' for the coin with flower power! And yes, this is Fire Pokey's palette. By the way, the normal palette is the same as in SMA2.

The flashing shells guard a coin and the exit.

The second level, "Prickle Canyon". You'll need a P-Switch to get the power star (it's just a graphical edit of the goal sphere). Unfortunately, the Switch is located at the end of the level... how mean.

The canyon is full of pipes leading to different places.

Like a Yoshi Coin...

...or the midway point.

A small shell-brick puzzle. The "R" block is a Reset block. If you stand on top of it and press up, it resets the level. Similar to Reset pipes or doors, but this one takes up less space and looks much better IMO.

Let the shells do the work for you.

w00t, the P-Switch! Go into the pipe to get back to the beginning of the level.

The third (and currently last) level, "Monty's Domain". Monty Moles pop out immediately here, so be careful!

Hit the invisible coin blocks from below to reach the pipe.

This level is very similar to "Yoshi's Island 7" done for the level design challenge.

For example, getting the secret exit works the same way - grab the P-Switch here...

...and go into the pipe here to reach the key and the keyhole!

Alternativelly, you can use the Switch here... gain access to this underwater area!

Random screenshot. I don't know what to say anymore.

Spin-Jump on the Volcano Lotus to get a 1-up!

Another Lotus Spin-Jump. This time it's required to get to the end of the level.

So, that's it for now. (pretty much, eh?)
Comments/Criticism etc. is greatly appreciated.
I don't think you should be forced to spin-jump off of a lotus.
Why not make those yoshi coins to pokey coins? How couldn´t you think of that yourself?

It's a nice idea this, I must admit. Though the sprite is a bit dodgy it looks somewhat ok to me. Looks like a fun little desert story at its current state.
// Highwind II
Originally posted by Highwind

Heh, I should move the arm a bit higher...

Originally posted by MATTAN
Why not make those yoshi coins to pokey coins? How couldn´t you think of that yourself?

I already tried that, but it didn't turn out well. I'll probably give it another try.

1 comment:
This hack is sexually explicit.
Seriously, Pokey is carrying things with his penis?0-o
And I hope he won't be using practicly the same 2 frames the whole time..
Other than that it looks good, other than the fact you must spin jump off a lotus.
Your layout has been removed.
It would be fun if he used his penis to everything. Maby it´s just me XD
*sigh* Is this any better?

I don't know what to do with the small Pokey though... Could we assume that a small Pokey hasn't got a penis?

Why not give him a vine whip type of thing, like Ivysaur?XP
But hey, it works!
Your layout has been removed.
Uh... >_> Just leave that arm/penis out, will ya? I don't use them either and it doesn't look that weird at all....

I really like your idea about creating a Pokey hack. Great minds think alike, eh? :P You seem to be faster than me, so, good luck! You get all my support!
--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
thats looks great. i come to be funny ho to see it flies xP

you will get all my support ;)

EDIT: i have a good Idea to the dragon coins. try to make they looks like pokeys bro
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If you take "THE BADDEST HACK I HAVE PLAYED" please say why it sucks ._.'
Pokeys bro probably looks the same but with a different color.
Originally posted by MATTAN
Pokeys bro probably looks the same but with a different color.

I know :/ I was thinking the coins can look like pokey or his bro.
Doing my own ExGFX.
STATUS: Making Wario Land 4 ExGFX beach set

If you take "THE BADDEST HACK I HAVE PLAYED" please say why it sucks ._.'
Yeah, I'm going to try to make GFX for the Yoshi / Pokey coin again, hopefully they look better. Also, I'll try out some different (non-sexual >_>) types of arms.

EDIT: Beta Pokey Coin:

It doesn't look totally perfect, since the Pokey face is almost as wide as the coin, but it's better than my first one.

Also, no more Pokey-Penis-related comments. I know about it, thanks...

Originally posted by pikazz
thats looks great. i come to be funny ho to see it flies xP

If you mean cape flying, I won't be using it (I'll use the cape though, I just disable flying with it). Sorry.

This hack looks very good. The Pokey Coin looks a bit weird, maybe because of the palette, giving the Pokey's head in the coin a gold-ish palette would make the coin better.
For the Pokey Coins: Use the darkest yellow instead of black on the head and it should work.
I took Fuzzyfreak's advice and removed the arms:

I'm not quite sure if it looks good, but your opinion is more important.

I think he should have hands. But maybe not the hand you added earlier. Try a more cactuslike hand, with some needles on it and maybe not equally thick all over (thinner 'arm', thicker 'hand' - but just slightly). The first hand you made just looked weird.
// Highwind II
It's time for a bump! It should ba allowed, as it is somewhat important. Prepare for graphical updates:

The P-Coin, which replaces the Yoshi/Pokey Coin.

The new, completely self-made font.

Again, a new arm for Pokey.

Changed OW Mario Sprite, and changed font.

Also, a LM screenshot of the unfinished 4th level "Cape Caverns":

As the name says, the feather is introduced in this level and there are many small puzzles which require a feather.

I like him without hands. After all, no pokey I've saw so far has hands.
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