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Pokey's Adventure (New story)

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I'm using layer 2 in that level, since many tiles overlap the waterfall, and I don't feel like making "water versions" of those, let alone ExAnimating them. :/

Hm.... well one way to get a bg is to make tiles for it in layer 1, such as used in TSRP2 for example.
I decided to leave the cliff in the "background". The first part of the level is now pretty much finished! :D
Here are some screens:

The waterfall is inhabited by a lot of Diggin' Chucks.

Their rocks can get quite annoying...

Here's another one, guarding a block - I wonder what it contains.

Those Koopas can't prevent Pokey from entering that pipe!


Looks nice, although the ground in theFG looks a little too green. You should try added some more brown to it.
I think it looks better green in my opion
That levels is looking amazing, WYE! It looks also quite unlinear and fun to play, featuring lots of areas to explore and such. Even though the layer 2 background you created looks kind of simple, I'd leave it in that way if I were you - I somewhat loved it. I don't have any complaints - I just can't wait to the next demo, seriously! :P
I'm sure Forxekz would like to LP the 2nd demo when he comes back online on youtube =)

U have inspired me to continue my Hack, thats how AWESOME u r
WYE,your'e level design is quite interresting.Like Broozer said,it is very unlinear and fun to play.Thats an reason,why your'e hack's featured!
Your'e level design looks also like DKC3:The Waterfall levels. ^^

F-Mario X News:C3 Thread Ahead!
By the way, I gaved up hacking SMW. I think I'll come back, but not yet. ~ X-King
What happened to this thread?
The waterfall's graphics are very pretty, and the level itself looks very non linear. Also good palette choices.
aqtually,i have a suggestion.make pokey behind it.just like in DKC3.
this will make the level a bit harder then it already is!
I tried your demo and I liked it.
~~I'm not english and I'm not very good in english~~

This is way cool! But is this still commencing?
It doesn't seem like you're still working on this....
Yes, I am... I just decided to take a break from it to work on my level / OW for SMWC's contests. Just be patient, I won't be cancelling this. ;)

WhiteYoshiEgg: At the title screen pokey's adventure, that music was used? Combines well.

thats the userbar code
Your layout has been removed.
What the... who asked for the userbar code anyway?
Also, I'd like you guys to not bump my thread until I have an update (which might take a while though).

You could call "Torpedo Bay" "Torpedo Trench"
Thanks for that suggestion! :D I've always been a fan of alliterations, so I'll definetly use that one.

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