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Pokey's Adventure (New story)

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Dont want to burst your bubble but this plot has loads of problems too. Firstly 'his strongest fighters'? The koopa kids are on bowsers side. Remember the problem with the first plot 'motive'. He could use anyone to test his army from yoshis to monty moles, so why expendable force of bowsers army-pokey? Wouldent he want to use the koopa kids to test the army seeing that they are closer to bowser and higher ranking it would worry bowser if his army beats them? I just dont think changing the vilan will make the plot work, after all its now got more holes in it than last time where it was just: 'why would bowser want to do that' and that could be explaned by saying 'bowser is a psyco like all bad guys'. Now there will be more holes in the plot instead of the one hole.
No pokeys adventure demo 2 out... The last one looked so fun.
So so so want to play the next demo. Please come out soon.
Are you referring to the progress bar being gone? I just took that out because I want to get done with A Strange Mission first.

However, I came up with a new and most likely final story for Pokey's Adventure! :D I'm not going to reveal it here (or anywhere, for that matter), so I can't get comments on it from you guys, but if you still find any senseless stuff in the final product, then simply put up with it. My two mini-hacks don't have a huge story either, but they still are/will be enjoyable.

In other news, I plan to more or less re-start the hack with a fresh ROM. It's far more than just porting everything over - I will try to keep the music, ExGFX, Map16 etc. as tidy and organized as possible this time. That way it will be a lot easier and more fun to work with, although it means Demo 2 will take another tad longer. But as I said, you have to put up with that. There's basically nothing you guys can do about it. ;)

NOOOOOOOOOOO! Nothing you can do about it! Thats the worst thing that has ever happened!

Ok im kidding, anyway its good you have decided on a plot for pokeys adventure (im just hopeing its good, since i dont know what it is).
Is that based on the end of the world and a pokey must save it ?.?... =)
Why do you restart the hack? For the overworld event glitches? Or, like you said, for disorder in your hack? For the second, i made something of similar =o
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The overworld events are most likely fixed already. I'm just restarting because I felt it's a little too disorganized. There aren't any huge organization problems in the current version, but they might have been in the future.

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