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Pokey's Adventure (New story)

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Thanks wario and Justin! Your ideas were good, but I'm not sure if I'm going to do what you suggested... After all, it's my decision, and I think it's quite ok how it look now. The only thing I should think about is the mushroom / Pokey part thing...

Originally posted by Justin Case
I have few common mistakes to avoid if you want them.

Do you mean the cutscenes or my English in general? Anaway, I'd like to know what you think.

Also, a little screenshot:

New palette for Cape Caverns. Better or worse than the old one?
By the way, I tried changing the BG palette, but it didn't turn out well.

I like the new cape palette. It looks nice on Pokey.

Also, an idea- make Pokey fire needles instead of fireballs, but that's only with the patch where fireballs are shot straight.

Also, too bad the palette change didn't work out. Another idea is to add waterfalls in the background, but make them look like sand falling. I've seen it done before, and
I must say it looks rather nice.
Hey, WYE, that Pokey palette looks pretty well done. I suppose I'd start working on it...

As for your last SS, I like the BG and the palette looks ok, although I don't think it really fits well with the sand.
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looks nice dude. good idea! =)
Originally posted by Justin Case
'Anyways' is not a real word. The correct word is 'anyway'. I've forgoten others at the moment, but I even know more obsure things like the subjuctive because I'm the son of an English Doctor.

Anyways is a real word... The way it's used is what could make it right or wrong.

Anyways is a real word.

Time for an update!

New (custom) ExGFX for Cape Caverns.

Also, there are feathers and WhiteYoshiEggs scratched in the ground.

The outside midway point area, also with feathers in the ground.

Although it's called "Cape Caverns", a fire flower could come in handy here...

You still need the feather though.

Yay, the goal!

The beginning of the level "Secret Oasis", in its beta status.

Your FG for Cape Caverns is interesting, but I suggest you put texture or something to make the ExGFX look better. The dirt looks bland-ish Also, about the FG for Secret Oasis: The grass looks sorta tacked on, especially how it looks to be straight in the middle of the desert (I know that's where they appear, but still) The general idea of having oases? is overused. Why not make it a mirage or an antlion nest?
I disagree with Waweegee.. I like the "tacked on" style to it. And who used an oasis?

I really like where this is going! The FG in cape caverns- the little etchings into them are a bit plain and don't fit with the rest of the GFX. Still, clever idea with the WYEs. It would be cool to just poke them here and there throughout levels.
Originally posted by Maxx
And who used an oasis?

SMS in Evil Strikes back, and maybe Pieguy in one of his canceled hacks. Besides, who's used a mirage? Oh, right, Supertails... We still have the antlion nest, right?
If you compare screenshots 1 and 2 or 5 and 6 the palettes are different.
Originally posted by MATTAN
If you compare screenshots 1 and 2 or 5 and 6 the palettes are different.

No, they're not. The non-solid ledges are just a lighter brown than the solid ones.

Just a minor update today:

The new status bar. I removed the time counter (Yes, I will disable time limits) and replaced it withthe P-Coin counter.

Also, I have a userbar now!

If you want to support the hack, use this code:

That's all for now.

The new status bar is awesome, and this hack seens to coming up nicely, so I'll support it.

*Takes the userbar*

Also, when do you plan to release the first demo?
Originally posted by Broozer
Also, when do you plan to release the first demo?

I don't know... School vacation's starting on wednesday, and I only have 3 1/4 levels to do, so it should be soon. I hope I can release a 1 world demo until July 21.

Finally! Summer break / School vacation / whatever it's called has arrived! This means I've got more time to work on my levels.

Some updates:

A new, (not completely) self-made oasis BG. The plants are from SMB2. I know it looks a bit bland, maybe I'm going to add clouds or something.

If you brought the P-Switch at the beginning of the level, you can get a P-Coin!
(Yeah, I've still got to draw swimming GFX for small Pokey. Just ignore this for now.)

The urchin guards a question block.


Updated cutscenes!

They look more like a letter now. I know they're a bit bland, I'll probably add some decorations to it.
Also, I still need help with the funny letter positions in the 2nd cutscene.

If you've played Paper Mario TTYD or Super Paper Mario you would know that writing looks EVIL! Keep it! It will make it look evil!
Currently doing ExGFX Requests, please send me a PM, and i'll TRY to do what you want.
Worst comes to worst, you could make the second letter's background look wavy. Gosh, I wonder what swiming pokey will be like.
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