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Pokey's Adventure (New story)

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I forgot to mention my gripes that have to do with the demo...! First of all, in the castle, if you run, with the cape, jump on to the next platform with your momentum still there and jump again, you can get across that large pit after the secret door (which I got before I beat the castle...). While this normally isn't a problem because you can just fall into the pit you jumped across, when you go onto the cement blocks, only a reset will save you. Beating the Switch Oasis doesn't mean that you get to save(!) which means if you beat it after having beaten the castle both ways, you'll have to lose that. Also, I think, in Monty's Domain, you should have coins under the invisble POW blocks because the secret exit is practically impossible to find otherwise. I'll make a review eventually....
Thanks for pointing those out. I'll fix the first one, even though I don't know how... Is there anything I can use to prevent the player from going on after the door?
However, I didn't quite understand your second find... could you show screenshots or something? :/

Also, I found another bug myself. If you get the secret exit in Monty's Domain before the normal one, you'll be able to access Cape Caverns as well. That's because I checked "Enable Up". I won't release another version just because of that though. I think the next demo should be out soon enough.

Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
Thanks for pointing those out. I'll fix the first one, even though I don't know how... Is there anything I can use to prevent the player from going on after the door?
However, I didn't quite understand your second find... could you show screenshots or something? :/

1) You could raise the cement blocks, remove the cement blocks, remove the "pillar" after the door or move the door back with everything else since you graze it. I would recommend one of the first 2 because it's hard to do and it would be nice to get a little reward for it.
2) Not really because it's something not happening.... When you beat the Switch Oasis, no save screen pops up. That means that it is possible to not have all the data saved....
Originally posted by Dinomar
WYE, an advice: you relased the demo 1, but if you relase demo 2, 3, 4, etc... we miss the surprise.
then do directly the complete game ;)

I personally don't see any problems by releasing the second demo. Wye, I think you should release at maximum three demos, just like S.N.N. did. I reckon four demos are a bit too much.
I plan on releasing a 3 world demo next, and maybe a 4 world demo after that... But there definitely won't be more than 3 demos.

EDIT: By the way, for those who think the hack should be featured: It's great to hear you enjoyed the hack, but I'd rather see the next demo featured. Just one world isn't enough to decide if a hack should be featured or not IMO.
If you want demo 2 to be featured though, don't just say "I wonder why this hack isn't featured yet", but vote for it in the "Featured Hacks" thread! ;)

(Wow, I really used the word "featured" often... does anyone know a synonym? :/)

lolz bump

Edited Bonus Room, very minor star GFX edit, new 1UP colors.

I've changed the P Coin graphics. It should be easier to tell it's a coin now.

The beginning of the second level, "Misty Beach" (If anyone knows a better name, feel free to tell me). The water scrolls up and down, and I've got some nice tide puzzles in this level. Also, I've added a small fake HDMA effect at the top (which is just a blank tile with gradient GFX).

All beach tiles I made are shown here, including decorations and slopes.

I can't find anything I could critisize except that there are thesauri online. Anyway, here's what I came up with, when I used my paper thesaurus:
Nubilous Plage
Make layer 3 go in front and use that as a gimick.
Eh, when I saw this thread updated I said "hooray!". This hack is one of my favorite hacks from here, even though it's simple. I like the new Bonus Room GFX as well as the rest of your updates. And I also like the level's idea, it uses layer 2 doesn't it? May I suggest the name Misty Tideway for the level? Just a suggestion though.
Thanks for the comments and the level name suggestions! Breakfast suggested "Foggy Flood" via PM, and I find it quite fitting.

I've got some new screens of Foggy Flood:

The small intro level, with a short message.

Random screenshot.

How can you get out of here? I guess you have to wait for the tide to rise.

Same here.

Another part of the level, in its very beta status.

In other news, the hack is on a hiatus again... but don't worry, I'll probably restart working on it in a few days, I just need a small break.

Very nice level WhiteYoshiEgg! This level seems very challenging and seems also to involve pretty many puzzles. I love puzzles. :3

Also Wye, is the fake HDMA effect actually layer 1 or is it layer 2?
This looks great! I hope you make a part where the mist is in front.... It is annoying yet nice to have mist infront of you. It truly makes you feel like you are in a fog!
Thanks for the comments! broozer, the fake HDMA is on layer 1 - it would look bad if it was scrolling together with the water.

I decided to take a short break from my break and make some changes to the GFX!

The new title screen, with shaded tiles.

The new status bar, with shaded tiles as well.

I took AMD's advice and put the mist in front in this area. This should make it a lot more difficult.

Wow! The mist doesn't even blot out the entirety of the water it is over! Anyway, the status bar looks nice, as does the title screen. Good job!
Hmm... It seems I'm already done with the break. I've already got some new screens:

The second room has been given a sunset theme.

Yay for multiple paths!

How do I get to that pipe?

Use the nearby P-Switch.

I hope you've got 50 coins!

(The blocks lead to the secret exit, but they're covered by the mist most of the time, so it's actually quite hard to find them.)

By the way, I will probably change the mist color, since it blends in too well with the water.
So, yeah... Comments etc. would be appreciated.

If those 50 coin blocks ae really hidden like you say, that was very creative. Multiple paths make me want to play the level again :) i played thw 1st demo and i liked it very much, so keep up the good work!
Yay for dust clouds!
This looks excellent except that those coin blocks stand out too much.... When someone could see them, they would stick out like a sore thumb....

EDIT: In response to grishnax, I'd have to say that then it isn't fun, because you can see yourself the entire time.... Also, does it make any sense that dust clouds would be transparent? Then again... a swimming cactus doesn't either....
well i hope world 2-end are good because i don like so world 1 but i gave it a 9

F-Mario X News:C3 Thread Ahead!
By the way, I gaved up hacking SMW. I think I'll come back, but not yet. ~ X-King
I think that you should make the dust clouds translucent, so it's not to hard.
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