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Pokey's Adventure (New story)

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since many thing in this hack have been changed

a new bloc would be a plus

for me
I decided to only change the question block GFX... I'm not using turn blocks, I wasn't able to redraw the SMB3 bricks, and the brown blocks just don't fit the hack's style.

Oh, and I also changed the Goomba's eyes a little - they look less stupid that way IMO.




Since I don't use the old ones any longer, I might as well release them.

Those are some cool graphical changes, WhiteYoshiEgg! The second grass graphics are much better than the first ones, and I also loved the new question block graphics. Goomba also looks better in this way. I'm looking forward to seeing more updates of this!
I really really like the new blocks. They kind of match pokey in some sort of way through my eyes. As for the new foreground graphics, they match the level just a bit more! :D
I do LP's
you can pm me or click on the link below
I love the new FG and the goomba's eyes! (LOL :))

Can't wait to play the next demo!

Loved the first!


(You've been credited in my hack: SMW the Reture! Go play it! :D)
Untitled Hack Progress:

Nice GFX! I can't wait to play it when I have the time for it. :)
Since the "Pokey's Adventure - Bonus Material" thread hasn't gotten so many comments, I decided to post a link to it here. Comment on it if you want.

Also, I *might* show some screenshots later today.

Good news! I finished "Foggy Flood" today (well, there are still some fixes to do here and there, but technically it's done)! I'll probably start working on the next level, "Amapola Ghost House" tomorrow.

New screenies of Foggy Flood:

Custom sprite! SMW2+3 kinda gave me the idea to replace spinies with these.

Pokey: "*sigh* Flower Blocks again? Where's the flower?"

"Ah, here it is."


Random screen.

"What's that mushroom for?"

"Umm, ok."

You have to be small to get the P-Coin... Not a big deal though.

A mini-boss battle!

Comments, pretty please.

Could you show a video of the mini boss? Looks real cool! You're always motivating me to work on my hack too! (=
Great work, Wye! I loved the graphics, specially the decorations placed inside the ground. The level also looks brilliant, and non-linear as well, with lots of alternate paths. Me likes... :P

Also, nice use of the Wario Land sprites. I really liked how you managed to use the Pelican Bro sprite as a miniboss - really clever, bud! Keep it up, can't wait to see the next level's screens. :P
Whiteyoshiegg I think the dragon coins should give a 1up if you collect all of them.And Also i havent really looked at it but add tornadoes that one kind blows you back and another Kills you.Oh an add me please.p.s nice name :)
TH!5 !5 5p4rt4!
Originally posted by Strayfur
Whiteyoshiegg I think the dragon coins should give a 1up if you collect all of them.

P-Coins are Dragon Coins (just with changed GFX), and they do give a 1-Up when five are collected. Why shouldn't they?
Also, thanks for the comments everyone.

Nice, I really like the palettes of that level. They all fit well together to give off a vibrant beach atmosphere. Seems a bit empty without a layer 2 BG, but that's just me, plus you needed to achieve that layer 2 water effect. At least you've made up for it with mist and some gradient in the BG.

Nice use of crabs, you just replaced the Spiny graphics instead of using the custom sprite? That should be okay too, as the actual custom sprite doesn't act much differently. I like how you used the Pelican Bro as a miniboss, it definitely is an appropriate choice for one.

Good stuff.
Thank you very much! The crabs are actually custom sprites, but since they aren't very different from Spinies (as you said), I plan on making them fire-proof.

How much Worlds do you want to insert in Demo2?
Because i had a lot of fun playing your hack^^

F-Mario X News:C3 Thread Ahead!
By the way, I gaved up hacking SMW. I think I'll come back, but not yet. ~ X-King
Demo 2 will include 3 worlds, and there will probably be 7 worlds in the final version.

By the way, I have a small problem with Sprite Tool again... Every time I try to change something in the .cfg file, the changes don't apply. Yes, I saved, yes, I re-inserted, no, I'm not using Romi's Sprite Tool.

Another video! This time, it's Foggy Flood, the newly-finished level. (Man, that took me long to make...) A little more info about the level in the video description.

<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

Also, the next level won't be "Amapola Ghost House", but a currently unnamed underwater level. You can suggest some names if you want to - I have absolutely no idea what to call it right now. >_>

Feedback would be appreciated. ;)

I love your choice of music for the boss!
Now for my suggestions:
Perhaps you should change the pallete of the water area, it seams a little...bold
I also just got this idea. What if you changed the mushroom graphics to one of pokey's "body spheres" or what ever you call it. If you did that, whenever he got the power up it would look like he was putting it on! Even better, the 1-ups would also look like green cactuses!
You would just have to change what pallete the mushroom uses, and there you go!
Well... Actually this was suggested by quite a few people before, but I don't really like that idea. I don't know why, but the mushroom just fits better IMO. Besides, if I changed the mushroom palette, the palette for the item box mushroom would still be the same, causing it to look weird.

The level design is quite good - to be honest, I didn't like the level design of some levels from the first demo, however, this level is very unlinear and well designed, overally. I also liked your music choices a lot, specially the boss theme. The forest theme from Yoshi's Island also fits nicely with the first area of the level, plus, it gives the level a "relaxing feel". I have a small suggestion, though: What about making some cloud graphics for the layer 2 area as well? The background would look less empty and better if you did IMO.
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