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"smb2 mario" - mario hacks

File Name: smb2 mario
Submitted: 2014-08-20 01:06:55 PM by mario hacks
Authors: mario hacks
Type: Ripped
Purpose: Player
Description: this is my first graphic upload. YES!!!. this is the smb 2 graphics in 8 bit styled. somethings are incomplete but this have the big part of the graphics!.thanks to MCB remakes

Removal reason(s):
The main reason I'm rejecting this is because you didn't include a palette file, assuming this should be an actual NES rip. [Reference to correct palettes]

As other Miscellaneous issues; the GFX are incomplete. There are some of the original SMW Mario graphics present in the GFX file, which you could make convert to a NES style using this as reference. It seems you also ripped the graphics without setting the correct position of the GFX in the BIN file. As an example, Mario's standing pose is 1-pixel lower than it should, because in the GFX file wasn't set 1-pixel like SMW's after it got pasted there.

EDIT: I forgot to mention this, but please always name the BIN file as the respective GFX file to be inserted with LM, as we'd like to have the graphics ready to be inserted, just for the sake of convenience.