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your plans for super mario world hacking in the future
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what are your plans for super mario world hacking in the future: want to start a new hack that is much different than all your other hacks that you've worked on before, want to experiment a bit with super mario world's asm, etcetera? for me, i'm mostly planning on working on a full-blown chocolate hack with custom everything, and maybe do a few touches on learning basic asm.

what about you?

Currently: Starting college!
Develop my musical skills and learn ASM so I can be more independent and original on the next chapter of my hack series. I also plan to help/participate more in collabs, and start writing reviews regularly once I get chapter 1 finished. I've been interested in drawing GFX for SMWCP 1.5 and help with the ExGFX remoderation as well, but the contests and my awfully slow progress on chapter 1 keep me busy (concerning SMW hacking activity).
Right now I have zero SMW hacking skills but I'm pretty good playing.

I would like to learn hacking to begin with and stop being a lurker in the hacking help section :D and one day make a chocolate hack not related to the Super Mario continuum. Something like Sicari.

I might start learning some asm.

But I wanna make a bigger hack once all my other projects are finished. I also plan on trying o make some good overworld rips like in that brutal mario fan demo (which is the object of my hacking fantasy)
actually make a hack instead of just be snarky in the discussion forums

one day

Very very very shortly, this drab, workaday world and everything in it will be changed forever! Follow us into the golden country, into the empire of the senseless!
Make an actual vanilla hack, remake some hacks and learn more ASM, but I'm guessing that I'll already learn lots of stuff in the new ASM workshop.
-Finish and submit Luigi's Challenge and Nadafinga.
-Release MMD2. Every level may be finished but there are still some aspects that are a mess. Lazy.
-Thought of making a reworked version of Super Mario FML where I attempt to bring it to my current standards without totally changing the level design.
-Make a (possibly) ColonThree-inspired hard-type Kaizo that will likely be my final Kaizo SMW hack. I've at least started and is in planning stages cuz I don't wanna rush.
-Related to the above, experiment more with Blockreator, mainly for things to be arranged ad hoc.
-Probably something else that either I'm not thinking of or don't feel like discussing

Also, I don't think I will go through with The Sokobanthology. It might sound cool but it feels like too much work for something that exists solely to be one of the longest Kaizo hacks ever and doesn't really offer anything new. If you don't know what that is, it was going to be a giant hack that would include every single level from FML, MMD, MMD2, Hertz Donut, and Nadafinga.

Legacy custom music

- Finish and submit Facedesk (not sure about it anymore, since I found fairly intricate design to be tiring after a while);
- Make an easier Kaizo hack that is different from other hacks I've made so far, and submit it when I'm done;
- Probably rework a bit on World of Insane to avoid conflicting Map16 tiles and levels which I rushed a lot to make and, in result, left them untested. For those who don't know, it was a hack I made back in 2009 when I was a newbie in the Kaizo community. Vids are here and here.
I don't ever plan on making a hack again, so I guess my only plans are handling stuff like collaborations. I might pitch in a level or two here and there, but beyond that...

I don't know really. SMW was the first program I ever used to make a custom game. I'm lurking in the Udk editor now, but might still return for another hack just for the heck of it. I really don't know though...

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Besides finishing Mario & Luigi: Kola Kingdom Quest and SMW: Bowser's Cataclysmic Trap, I'm planning to:

* Learn more ASM. I don't want to have to have to make requests for ANY sort of resource anymore.

* Collaborate with imamelia on a hack. Our combined skills could probably create something really nice. He's a great ASMer, but claims to lack GFX skills, while I'm a GFX artist who doesn't know much ASM. Both of us can port music and design levels.

* Reboot Mecha-Bowser's Revenge. I'll probably do this after I learn enough ASM to code custom sprites since the reason MBR got canceled is because I didn't have all the bosses I needed and couldn't count on requests.

* (Maybe) Start a YouTube series called SMW HACKademy, where I attempt to teach level design and tool usage.

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Originally posted by S.N.N.
I don't ever plan on making a hack again

Aw pretty please make something.

I would like to start a new project in the future. I did recently attempt a couple new ones, Luigi's Hack and Mario & Luigi Are Missing, but I wasn't satisfied with how they were turning out. I think a pretty likely candidate will be Hack 3, although at the moment I can't think of many other sprites/ASM to utilize for level gimmicks. For a while I've been tossing around a Mario "sitcom" series, where you'd play different Mario characters overcoming comical situations with adventure-style gameplay similar to Super Mario Underworld, but that'd be a big challenge.

I still have an itch to do something Essence Star related, either a remake of the original or a sequel, but that'd take a lot of effort and I would really want it to be a vast improvement over the first one.
I'm working on a hack that's currently in the "concept" stage. It's gonna be pretty unique if I can finish it, which I probably can't. It's gonna flow a lot better than other romhacks.
Finish all the hacks in my current batch (Hack 11, Hack 12 and Colossus).

And learn ASM / try to make more customized boss battles.
finish super desu world
finish bonni's quest
finish the mario and yoshi adventure

learn music at some point (preferrably during super desu world)

also, make some cool patches. and update/improve the ones i've released (im looking at you, 32x32 player patch)
Finish up the Devious Four Chronicles and get the whole series hosted on Super Mario World Central dot net. I think that's the place, but I am not so sure.

Plus to make a website for the series, might even go as far as a wiki, don't know yet.

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Improvise my ASM skills (I can ASM a bit, see this patch and also understand many codes)
Improvise my music skills
Release at last one hack
Do whatever the fuck I feel like.

I'd like to finish my 2 world demo. Just like a level and a half to go, along with polishing. Might be out within 5 years.
- Finish the hack I'm currently working on
- Make a sequel
- Look into ASM at some point
- Maybe learn how to port
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