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Ganymede - Land of No Shame (content and updates!)
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I am hereby declaring myself a Ganymede stan. I still don't think I get it, but that might just be a good thing. I love the sense of not just mystery but discovery that just oozes out of every screenshot and video you show. I'm absolutely in love with how emotional this game is. The style, the music, oh baby!

allow shy guy emojis in post footers you cowards!
Originally posted by Von Fahrenheit
I am hereby declaring myself a Ganymede stan. I still don't think I get it, but that might just be a good thing. I love the sense of not just mystery but discovery that just oozes out of every screenshot and video you show. I'm absolutely in love with how emotional this game is. The style, the music, oh baby!

My first stan! I am giga blessed!

A big part of why this project has stayed fresh in my head so long, longer than any other big project I've ever attempted (glances at the dozen or so unfinished novels) is because, it's a journey of discovery for myself as well. It feels less like I'm building something and more like I'm an archaeologist digging it out of the ground, little by little, until a certain point not even sure what it is that's buried. The upside to attempting and not completing so many stories is that it's great practice. It turns out that prose is not my preferred medium. Making a game is way more fun than typing hundreds of pages.

It's a deeply personal story. In a sense, it's a fictional and fanciful take on my own life and experiences. The characters are all based, with varying degrees of looseness, on myself and other people in my life. Ganymede is many things to me, one of them is therapy, a mechanism for coping with some old psychological scars and just the general heaviness of life.

And it's always profoundly gratifying whenever other people vibe with it!.:)

Chapter two: Land of No Shame
Coming January 2022
Hei. Some updates:

1. Hard at work on Chapter 2 now. I'm taking things in a different direction, as far as the map and how you will explore it.
2. This means I'm probably sort of done twiddling with Chapter 1. Those levels were done and redone so many times, itsnjudt nuts.
3. By now, it's obvious that Ganymede is a narrative game. I've gone over the early parts of it at some length by now, but there is a lot more to it than I've mentioned previously. I've written more than 70 little tales, each of them the narrative foundation of the levels. Some of them are abstract, and relate loosely to the backstory. Others are direct accounts of the Boy and the Man, and relate to important people in his life and his experiences with them. All of them, as a whole, are a part of a metanarrative, which you will discover as you progress through the game.

I'd like to share a few of these tales here.


A gray sky covered everything.
From the mountains cold to the forests old
Howling from on high, the wind came,
blustering and bold.

As her arctic heart kept beating,
his molten flood of boiling blood
slowed down to a trickle, until it
ceased to flow at all.

The gray sky darkened into black,
From the mountains cold to the forests old
They froze together, neither having
anyone to hold.

The Hungry

As he walked on the path which led to the woods,
the sun shone, brilliant and bright.
Now, the woods had closed in and left him
in darkness made of permanent night,
where all kinds of terrible monsters,
hungry and vicious and blind,
will eat every piece that's worth eating,
till he's naught but a skull and a spine
with a mind,
which to things of their kind,
is a treat they can eat till the end of time.

And as every second of this ticks by,
there'd be just enough left still to ask,
if the next trillion years of being digested
will be better or worse than the one just past.
And if the whole universe dies,
will that be the end?
Will that be the moment the darkness will bend,
and open and let in the light once again?
A final, last instant of heat and release,
as they finish consuming the ultimate piece

His imagination had spooked him, he thought.
It was stress getting under his skin.
But maybe it had actually all started over,
and it all was to happen again.


Now, isn't this a sight? It sure does look like
a cold little snowflake has fallen.
Hang up if you like, or maybe you might
try throwing it out altogether.
Listen up, little man. Keep up, if you can
As I give you some words of wisdom
Want me to explain? Well boo hoo, what a shame
You might find the truth a bit dismal.
For I am the one who calls all of the shots.
And I know where you live.
And I know when you'll die.
So run your feet bloody.
Bury your head and hide.
Go as fast as you want.
I'll be right behind.
Nothing's going to save you
If I choose homicide!

Chapter two: Land of No Shame
Coming January 2022

In the first chapter, the boy has to make his way from his broken boat on the coast, across four levels, to the lighthouse. As you progress, the day turns to night and the boy's elation slowly wilts, until nothing is left but fear and regret.

In the second chapter, the boy makes his way back to the boat. This time, he will traverse four levels, as before. In fact, on the face of it, they are the same four levels. However, do not fear that you are simply retreading ground you are already familiar with, because this couldn't be further from the truth. I love you all and would never make you replay a whole level a second time for no satisfying reason.

First of all, since you are retracing your steps across the island, you will start these levels at the end points of the levels from Chapter I. There are more enemies and dangers to be found, and though you will recognize visual elements from the first time around, the paths you take through these levels will not be anywhere near the same as before.

Should the boy make it all the way back to the coast in one piece, it could be that he will be able to repair his boat and attempt to sail back home, to safety. It's just important to bear in mind that, maybe, that's not the best move he can make, and definitely, not the only move he can make.

Here's a sneak peek, unfinished but well on their way:


Chapter two: Land of No Shame
Coming January 2022
One of the reasons this game will take 40 more years to finish is because a part of the development cycle is a long, often about two or three months, of inactivity, followed by at least three months of constant work and activity which always culminates in a release of a demo. None of this has been the result of deliberate intent (I'd go 24-7 if that was possible), it's just how my brain processes this enormous thing.

I've attempted a lot of projects before. I've been carrying around, upon many hard drives and about ten different computers, a folder containing a series of word files. These are novels that I've attempted, and several collections of poems and short stories. The novels all came from some great spark of an idea, and several of them made it into the hundreds of pages and hundreds of thousands of words. The only thing I ever finished was a meticulous novelization of Silent Hill 2, which gained me a tiny bit of fame in the fandom for a brief period of time, and still gets daily views 15 years after publishing the final chapter. As it turns out, I don't actually enjoy the physical labor of writing novels enough to let ideas flesh out and mature into real stories. There always comes a point where the initial rush of the seed idea wears off and I find myself unable to see a way forward. Thus dies the novel.

Nor is Ganymede my first long term video game project. Between 2000 and 2004, using two different RPG Maker versions, I built about 150 maps and 8 hours of gameplay in an epic called The Stormseeker Saga. I lost this for good in a computer crash, and this was my lesson in being anal about creating backups. As it turns out, I had actually saved a copy of the game and all the assets, and I now have it fully recovered, but I've lived whole lives since I last worked on it, and it will not be continued. Ganymede is my life now. It's the most special of all the things I've ever created, if for reason other than that I take a few months off here and there and I never, for a second, worry that my muse won't come back. It may take 20 years to finish this game, but it will be finished.


Chapter two: Land of No Shame
Coming January 2022

I missed C3 this summer. Probably, I could have slapped together a functional thing and released it, as I've worked Chapter 1 over and over so many times that it's hard to break this part of the game at this point. However, I had already started a major project in redrawing the art assets (I've redrawn the entire opening cutscene, for example) and rewriting scenes, and I felt that it would be better to wait until winter. By then, a year will have passed since the last public release of Ganymede, and it will be a very different and new experience. The Winter 2021 release already looks dated and old.

But, there are a lot of new things to show off. First is the new title screen, which is in the last post.

Both the Burning Rage and Sword of Soaring powerups have new looks. Also, there's an all new Status Bar, with more unique looking graphics and the removal of the Item Reserve box (and concept).

Burning Rage now makes you glow in the dark and you can really unload your anger in a shower of deadly invectives. This form gives you unparalleled offense, you can sweep groups of enemies with your firepower. The tradeoff is that this form has a tough time collecting water, and that means he struggles to maintain stamina necessary to get extra height from whirlwind jumps.

The Sword of Soaring now gives the man a cool costume. It lacks the range of the Burning Rage power, but it takes out almost any threat and lets you cut through enemies quickly. It offers no water collection bonuses at all, but you can perform mega leaps with no stamina cost. Just beware you don't use all your water dashing around!

The man, without his special powers, has it tough. He can't jump very high, and he can't do much to defend himself. But, he does have a unique ability which is extremely useful: any water drops he collects gives you three times as much water and stamina as usual. Some levels, like The Hungry (pictured above) give you little or no water to start with, so collecting a lot, quickly, is necessary to survive.

The boy has things a little easier, as kids tend to do. He has a high, floaty jump, which makes it easier to survive tough platforming stages, as well as dodging enemies. Which he has to do a lot, because the kid has no attacks, and he takes 3 HP damage when harmed, rather than two in his adult forms.

Some new art:


Chapter two: Land of No Shame
Coming January 2022
2021 has been a very busy year on the island. I've redrawn the majority of all graphics in the game. I've worked really hard to step up my pixel art skills, and apply them in interesting ways. So, when the next release happens (only 2.5 months to go!) Ganymede will be a new experience for everyone but me. If you played the Winter C3 demo in January, you will be playing a very updated game. All Chapter 1 levels have been redone, all story segments redrawn, and there will be far more content than in any previous demo.

And yet, you will still barely scratch the surface of this thing. Ganymede contains well over 200 unique levels on the ROM. Some of these levels are very big and very complex and took weeks to create. Some have taken months, some years. There are dozens more levels whose day in the sun has not yet arrived. If you want to see how massive this hack really is, click here and enjoy the ride.

Here are some peeks at new content:

The new-look Serenity Steps.

New-look Wants and Needs.

The man suffers a rage attack in With Tight Fists.

New Chapter Two level: A Threadbare Tale

Another new Chapter Two level: Cocytus

Another new Chapter Two level: Lockdown (still a little rough atm)

Another new Chapter Two level: Over the High Side (little more rough)

Flaming hot font!

Chapter two: Land of No Shame
Coming January 2022
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