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[REMOVED] "Super Mario Mad" by Ivan0865
Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - [REMOVED] "Super Mario Mad" by Ivan0865
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File Name: Super Mario Mad
Submitted: 2014.08.27 ~ 04:21:11 by Ivan0865
Authors: Ivan0865
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 98 exit(s)
Difficulty: Hard
Description: Super Mario Mad

Created by: Ivan0865

OW: Ivan0865

Level: Ivan0865

Blocks: Ivan0865

Sprites: Ivan0865

Graphics: Ivan0865

Music: Ivan0865

9 worlds, 73 levels and 98 Exits (96 is Same that Super Mario Seesaw).

Permanent link to upload

The title screen uses the original video but seems to spell the new word "MAD" neatly. The shadow is a little funky as it's missing a few pixels but it's negligible. Clean presentation overall.

In the intro I go through a pipe, hit fast forward, and wait until I get spit out and read the message.

The first submap is grey and a square island. The paths are nice but they're not given much purpose to look the way they do because there's nothing to navigate around... not much scenery.

Salsa Land 1 has a background that looks like it's part of the foreground. I'm immediately confused, though it becomes a little easier to see with the scroll rate difference. The level design is bland as most of the bottom area is a variation of pipe heights with Piranha Plants. The level feels like an attempt at classic SMB-styled levels but falls flat because there is too much filler. There are a few cutoff and glitch tiles present in the levels: one missing corner and wall, and one blue half-bush/half-pipe tile next to a silver pipe. I kinda wonder why there's no flagpole at the end, and the level just finishes where the flagpole should be.

Salsa Land 2 continues the aesthetic crisis of the FG and BG looking like one thing. I can't tell when an object is solid or not. I am running into sprite tile memory problems where my key is disappearing and my rotating platforms are disappearing. I get killed by invisible shell-less Koopas. The scroll rate of the level pretty much requires past experience with the level or author-level knowledge to be able to get the secret exit because you have to be near the very front of the screen when you spawn the vine in order to make it all the way up to the keyhole before the screen pushes you off. The level otherwise seems to be designed fine - just please do something about the graphics so I can see things more clearly.

Green Switch Palace has a problem - you can't jump on the signs and it's hard to tell that by looking at the object. The level doesn't even suggest that a cape is needed. Side Exit Enabled is the only thing separating this from a complete trap level. The switch at the end appeared invisible and I think I'm sensing some continuity from the last hack of yours I moderated... Scott flirts with Courtney? rofl

Salsa Land 3 is a city level that reminds me of the underground levels of the first two NES SMB games (SMB, SMB lost levels) because it has all that brick up top that lets you skip over the whole level, but the design below that retains a classic and entertaining feeling. Aesthetically, the level is in dire need of help: the yellow city buildings are an eyesore and while the foreground follows the ice palette, I really think a darker outline is needed. The rock platforms use the wrong graphics. The secret exit is also presented in an old-fashioned manner, like the warp zones.

Salsa Secret is a SMB 1-1 remake on top of a giant bridge. The bridge has some cutoff on the cliff areas. It feels pretty lacking since the bonus room isn't there.

Salsa Star Road had a weird implication on the overworld. It was a red star, and I had to beat it in order to go back to "Earth" or whatever. The level design was gimmicky: you grabbed a baby Yoshi and had to run with it across a fairly long chain of coins (made solid by P-switch) and feed Yoshi the Fire Flower in order to grab the key. It was cool, but the P-switch run need more spice, like holes or obstructions to jump over or slide under. It's really smart that you made the level non-reenterable because Blue Yoshi is probably the most overpowered asset in SMW.

Salsa Land 4 causes me to get permanently stuck if I enter big with a Yoshi because I can't dismount and I can't leave the level. It also sucks that I lose the Blue Yoshi so quickly and makes me wish I saved that Star Road level for when I got further. You can use a No-Yoshi intro to avoid this problem with Yoshi and not tick off the player. I'm boxed in by cement blocks I can barely see (please fix the palette) and need to enter a screen-scrolling pipe. There are some glitched graphics with the screen-scrolling pipes' corners. The goal post graphics are also glitched. This level needs some fast-forward abuse to make some of the longer screen-scrolling areas tolerable because it's very, very painful to look at all the graphical corruption here.

Roy's Castle is all white and it's hard to see anything but what the hell is this song because I really like it. Design-wise, it was focused and fun. It used a lot of the same items present in the late part of the original Roy's Castle but in a very different way.

The second submap is another square island, with even less detail. The sand is very yellow.

Desert Dust 1 has a messy FG palette (why is the outline brighter than everything else?) and the BG palette eats the status bar whole. The BG palette needs to be remapped away from rows 0 and 1, and preferably to rows 3 and 4. The design itself seems to be underwrought and unmemorable. It felt very thrown-together. There's also a lot of cutoff here, and many FG objects clash heavily with the regular ground because of the outline discrepancies. Some tiles of the background Map16 are erroneous; I can see little squares in the BG.

Desert Dust 2 is a Lakitu level with no other notable threat. The entire level is built out of used blocks. While it's an attempt at making a classic-style level, there is not enough substance for it to be fun. Status bar is kill.

Desert Dust 3 is blinding. It's almost completely white like bleach. It also feels like a strange experience: A Lakitu is fishing underwater for you. As you swim on, flames fly everywhere. The sand is a little glitchy-looking (bad Map16.) I can not see the walls around the springboard area. I got killed by the expanding turn block bridges because they pushed me into an invisible wall... this level is pretty nuke-worthy for that reason of unfair death. Expanding pipes have glitchy bodies. I did not like this level at all and did my best to swim over it and pretend it didn't exist.

Desert Dust 4 has a sprite tile memory problem from the word GO - one of the Koopas disappear and sure enough it kills me. If that had not have been a problem, this level is simple and cute. The rotating platforms need a brick at the anchoring point.

Lemmy's Castle is an old-fashioned 8-bit-style castle. Lava should probably be red. There are a few sprite tile memory problems with the Ball & Chains, with corners disappearing. I feel like the level is incomplete without the fireballs coming at you between the last B&C and the Bowser statue on the bridge. After that, the fight with Lemmy feels tacked on - I feel like a boss door would be a better transition.

The third submap has a nautical theme song, and one of my favorite custom compositions for SMW, really, hehe.

Forest Land 1 feels like a bland mix of Forest of Illusion 1 and 3. Most of the level just has scattered ? blocks, some of which are one tile above the ground, and it's very messy. Some of the trees cut off, and there's some slowdown in the exploding block areas and the bubble area towards the end. Some of the canopy pieces are overwritten by cloud slopes with a bad palette.

Forest Land 2 feels close in execution to the previous level, but with music note blocks added to the mix. The end in the enclosed music note block structure was kinda cool and not overdone, but the fact that there was so much ground on the bottom row of the level threw me for a loop: I had assumed it was a bottomless pit since the ground is invisible to me.

Forest Land 3 was a decent level on its own. It felt pretty loosely tied together and wasn't the most consistent level. The things that drag it down come from the content of the preceding levels, i.e. the same music and use of the parachuting enemy generators, as it stopped it from being completely fresh to this hack.

Iggy's Castle feels like another SMB1 castle, and the reason it doesn't work fluently is because this remake is not fitted to SMW's physics. The level feels short and anticlimactic by this point in the game, as it doesn't step up difficulty. I beat it in 47 SMW seconds.

Pipe Island 1 has a messed-up diagonal pipe and the FG/BG blending problem seen in earlier levels. I couldn't see too well. There's a Map16 problem with a lot of the walkthrough dirt too where I can spit a shell and it'll travel on top of the dirt. Design seems okay but the aesthetic problems aren't doing it a service by any means.

Pipe Island 2 is a slippery Dino Rhino level. Most of the level is threatless because you can just press down and enjoy invincibility. It'd be nice as a "break" between tougher levels.

Pipe Island 3 does not need that platform that causes the screen to scroll: it has no level design purpose and it gives me vertigo to look at. I got dizzy and got a really bad headache playing this level with the screen scrolling like that, and when the screen jerked a little (not sure if it's an emulation thing or an actual ROM problem) I felt like my capillaries were going to burst. Word to the wise, don't touch that platform in the start. The death music bugged up in different ways each time I died. I don't understand why you prevented the Dinos from being KO'd by the shells, and I also don't like having to go from the end of the level all the way back to the start with the P-switch to get the secret exit - it's not a fun level to replay.

Pipe Ghost House A is a loose edit of Choco Ghost House with a lava river background and a really screwed up FG palette. The BG cuts off at the top of the image.

Pipe Island 4 is a SMB1-styled underwater level. The top has no ceiling so the level is completely skippable in that regard. =/

Larry's Castle had very lazy design... there was nothing to speak of. It's a Jump-Over-Everything syndrome level built on flat stretches of cement blocks.

The Cave Climb submap has bad custom music and the game crashes, so I can't proceed, and this hack is auto-rejected as a result of emulator incompatibility.

- Lunar Magic has key-and-mousebindings described in the palette editor to make copying palettes easier as well as making gradients. It's possible to copy a background palette to a new row and take a foreground palette from another level to fix the graphics. To change the background Map16, you can now highlight the entire background's Map16 data and change their palettes in one click. This will help you fix most of the hack's problems.
- Tileset-specific sprites have a number located in the window of the corner. Make sure that SP file matches with whatever sprite you're using. If it's glitched in Lunar Magic, it's glitched in your game too, not just to yourself but to everyone else.
- Test your designs more thoroughly
- Make sure your add-ons aren't going to disorient the player or give them a migraine
- Don't use ZSNES for serious testing, and use AddMusicK for hacks you submit to SMWC because it has more protection against custom music breakage.
- Works in Progress is a good place for criticism and advice. You have the drive to make a hack, but need more polish to make the hack better.

Difficulty: Easy with the occasional middle finger.

Just look above you...
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Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - [REMOVED] "Super Mario Mad" by Ivan0865

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