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My sluggy boss fight became glitchy


I am working on my hack again and I have a little problem. I edited the room of Sluggy (I added some spikes) and now the transformation is buggy. the backround gltches and kames magic is cut off.

I did not change the header of the level or anything. Just added spikes and removed the tiles of the backround.

Could it be because this boss is in level 3-4 instead of 5-4?

I tried the same room entering in 5-4 and it was NOT glitched... odd.

Any ideas?


Mod edit: Killed table stretch.
Yes, it seems like the reason your boss level is glitchy is b/c you made it in 3-4 instead of 5-4.

Go to the thread named: SMW2 Yoshi's Island offsets and helpful info and then go to where it says 54307: Boss-related offsets (more specific descriptions for these can be found in one of Romi's posts below)

There is a post by Mattrizzle:

66769-6678C Boss Palette Pointers(After transformation)
[CA A5 5F] 1-4 Burt the Bashful
[22 21 70] 1-8 Salvo the Slime
[22 21 70] 2-4 Bigger Boo
[22 21 70] 2-8 Roger the Potted Ghost
[A2 21 70] 3-4 Prince Froggy
[22 21 70] 3-8 Naval Piranha
[06 A6 5F] 4-4 Marching Milde
[22 21 70] 4-8 Hookbill the Koopa
[82 21 70] 5-4 Sluggy the Unshaven
[8E A5 5F] 5-8 Raphael the Raven
[42 A6 5F] 6-4 Tap-Tap the Red Nose
[C2 21 70] 6-8 King Bowser

So go to those offsets in Translexhation and I think in the one for 3-4 (where it says A2 21 70), you type 82 21 70 for the transformation for 5-4. I hope that helps.

At first it did not work.

But the I researched and had to change some other pointers too, and it fixed the whole thing. Now it works.

Much thanks!