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[ACCEPTED] "Super Mario Justice - Demo I" by RpGaming
Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - [ACCEPTED] "Super Mario Justice - Demo I" by RpGaming
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File NameSuper Mario Justice - Demo I
Submitted:2014-08-15 01:22:31 PM by RpGaming
Length:13 exit(s)
Description:This Demo of Super Mario Justice includes 2 worlds, 12 levels with 13 exits and a unique story line to it.
Downloads:Original Submission Page
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Your choice of tags is... interesting.
About the hack. I remember playing if before, so I looked up my old review of it. Turns out, my oppinion back than wasn't too good of it.
Well, that sure changed. I really enjoyed this hack.

The level design is neat and good looking, giving of a nice feeling. The levels are well decorated, yet not burried beneath tons of ground tile structures like other hacks sometimes do.
The OW looks amazing too. I hope you'll soon fill it with just as amazing level.

The difficulty was well balanced. Playing was fun. Sometimes more easy, sometimes more difficult. Giving of great vibes for the first two worlds of a hack.
I like the creativity you showed throughout this hack in your levels as well as with little gimmiks

Here are some screens, they mostly aren't serious issues, just some stuff I want to point out.
[1] I still think these blocks look horribly out of place (and cutoff at the side).
[2] These blocks would look much better (in yellow) as breakable brick blocks, don't you think?
[3] Key block triggers the music multiple times, clearly notable if I jump slowly into it. Could easily be fixed by adding a free RAM flag to the code. On that note, maybe you also want to remove the bonus stars from the status bar?
[4] Maybe you want to apply the fade fix patch.
[5] I think some other way to get back up (then invisible coin blocks) would be better. There is this ball 'n chain that sorta wants me dead and if I hit and invisible block trying to dodge it... seems sorta unfair (unpredictable)
[6] Get a power up... but only if you have one. (Getting one only if I DON'T have one 'd make more sense)
[7] Whatever drugs this koopa is on, I want some you should get him off of them.
[8] I can (still) use these guys and let them carry me through the whole level. I'd say either remove them or add some obstacles.
[9] There's some red in the floor.

Honestly, I have hopes for this hack to be something I can finally accept (I haven't moderated many of those yet :P)
Difficulty: Normal

Originally posted by Description
and a unique story line to it.

Mario finds himself on a random planet where he meets Bowser... what are the chances xD


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... what even am I doing with my life?
Nice hack! This one felt kinda a professional work, since everything, from the design to the minor details, was well made.

The design is pretty good: to be honest, I was fearing the worse while playing W1 levels, since they, kinda empty. But fortunately things got fanicer in W2 (more obstacles and such), and I got that you're aiming for a great difficulty curve. I'd say that you're going in the right direction, still I'd fill W1 levels with more stuff (like bonus zones and secret passages). Overall, though, we're in a good level in terms of design.

Aesthetics, honestly, could be worked a bit more from my point of view: some palettes looked kinda clashy, and they didn't convey a proper atmosphere feeling: this generally happens when the BG and the FG colors are too different (for example, too different saturation is what I noticed mostly). Also I'd like to point out that the bricks you probably used as grey cement block here looks kinda silly, in particular, I believe the white should be darker; before ending, also, I'd suggest to use less saturation in the Switch Palace's BG colors, since it hurts my eyes a bit.

Surprisingly, misc issues are rare in your hack. As the only mentionable one I found this: if I recall correctly, this level doesn't use pokeys, so a quick GFX slot messing should fix it easily.

Difficulty is easy in my opinion, since W1 levels are ridicolously easy (it's not a negative factor anyway) and W2 just boosts the difficulty a tiny bit.

In conclusion, I'd happily accept this hack. Good luck with the next demo.
This demo was pretty fun to play.

About the title screen: "(c) 2014-2014" is pretty redundant. Perhaps make it just "(c) 2014", though that's just a nitpick of mine.

I have no complaints about the overworld. The level design was also pretty good, save for one silent Bullet Bill near the beginning of Lush Field. There were also red-stemmed Piranha Plants in Dungeon Depths, which felt kind of inconsistent, considering the Venus Fire Traps and upside-down Piranha Plants all have green stems. I'd also like to point out that the Porcupos in Birdo Bastion are black, clashing with the (mostly) black background. Perhaps you should make them red, like those in Spikes Road, or violet. By the way, with a name like "Birdo Bastion", I'd have expected more (non-statue) Birdos. I also found it a bit tight on time (I had around 110-130 left when I beat it). The tide disappears when you beat Forest Sunset. I'm also not a big fan of Thwomps hiding behind the foreground in Forestry Fort....though that's only near the beginning. All in all, though, the level design on most levels in this hack was solid and the levels were pretty fun to play.

The messages and NPC conversations have some good English, though there should be a space between "in" and "front" in the message box in Dungeon Depths and no space between "where" and "ever" in one of Bowser's lines in Temple Terror.

However, there are some more fairly minor issues. For instance, the castle theme has a minor, but audible screech when it starts playing on accurate emulators (I used higan v094). The theme when you're underwater in Forest Sunset....ow, my ears (it has a very loud screech when it starts playing on accurate emulators). At least it doesn't outright crash on accurate emulators. There was also no music playing in the OW after beating most levels (I think the only exception is Spikes Road), not counting transitions to a different OW. The timer still ticks down when you're talking to NPCs. Also, you can only save once in Treeful Village (namely after the path to the next level is revealed), despite the king telling otherwise (he says you can save there at any time). Said level also gives you a free 1-up every time you beat it, as the timer is set to 0. You should also perhaps add more reset doors in the Yellow Switch Palace, as you can accidentally kill the Yellow Shell when you're Fire Mario, so you have to wait for the timer to run out. This is a slightly bigger issue.

I also have some nitpicks, namely that the reset door doesn't reset the time in the Yellow Switch Palace. It also doesn't switch to the "pressed state" in the OW after you press it in the level, though you can't re-enter it afterwards. I'd also prefer if it's named "Yellow Switch Palace" instead of "YELLOW Switch Palace" (notice the difference in capitalisation). I also found the SMW underwater theme playing in Forest Sunset pretty inconsistent, as it was playing when you're above water.

All in all, despite the issues, I'd accept the hack. Difficulty should be normal.

Good luck with the next demo.

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I was hopping some more reviews would come in given the short hack, but I guess it's been pending long enough, so it shall be accepted.

Anime statistic on MyAnimeList:
400 animes completed ✓
6000 episodes completed ✓
100 Days completed ✓
... what even am I doing with my life?
Considering that this demo appeared as the most recent hack and that I wished to try out SMW hacks again after much time, I decided to pick up this hack, and I was pleasantly surprised by what I found in it. One big aspect that I enjoy about this hack so far is that it never tries to overachieve. It performs its duties as a hack simply and satisfyingly; it covers its bases without striving for unnecessary stardom in graphics, sprites, music, or otherwise. Although the author may not have intended this effect, I get this impression when I evaluate certain aspects of the hack.

The level design in this hack works coherently and, in most instances, follows a good complexity and difficulty trend. While early levels start with a straightforward go-to-the-goal level approach, later levels add better obstacles that flesh out the levels better. The star coins (dragon coins) appear in locations that feel natural, for they are primarily out of the way in a manner that adds a reasonable amount of challenge to the levels. A particularly positive part of the level design in this hack is the interaction between the player and enemies. Dense Woods and Carnivor Climb (spelling), amongst other levels, show off this interaction well. Some levels have a bit fewer enemies, but even in that scenario, the placement of enemies causes the player to actually consider the enemies and how to use or avoid them.

There is less to discuss about music and graphics. This hack does something additional that stands out in that it reuses level themes, just like the original game. I donít recall this from many hacks, and it leads to a smooth blend of music in the hack. New music does not necessarily appear every level, so it does not grow overwhelming. Old music does not stay around for too long, so it does not grow repetitive. The author of this hack chose to retain the original graphics for the overworld and for enemies and changed the appearances of the background and most blocks. Nothing conflicts largely with the graphics for the hack, and the classic graphics match nicely with the new ones.

Even though I have given only praises, the hack does have minor issues, but frankly, they do not warrant deep discussion here. A larger concern that encountered is that this hack suffers from the common problem of limiting time too much on certain levels, mainly the castle and fort levels. Some levels, especially Forestry Fort, a fairly difficult level for its position in the hack, could definitely use an adjustment in their mid-level checkpoints in order to balance the levelsí lengths and playability. Otherwise, the hack does not struggle much except in very small spots.

Needless to say, I look forward to future releases of this hack and hope that this versions continue to keep the self-satisfied spirit of this demo.

It appears as though many people do include minor nitpicks in their reviews, so I will do so in the future. In the meantime, I would be more than glad to share those tiny concerns through PM.

This demo is already accepted, and I do agree with the difficulty setting of Normal.
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Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - [ACCEPTED] "Super Mario Justice - Demo I" by RpGaming

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