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Shows You Dislike That Everybody Else Seems to Love
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Originally posted by Hobz
Originally posted by Zaxxon
Also I personally think you should watch at least five episodes of a show before judging it, but whatever.
Well I mean it's safe to assume the point of the first episode of a show is to set the tone and establish the ideals of the series to come. If I watch the first episode of House of Cards and don't care about the main story line or any of the characters it doesn't make much sense to me to watch the next 4 just in case.

IIRC this isn't true at all. This applies to a large majority of shows in their beginnings; most shows try to be network-friendly as possible. Its only after a few episodes they start to realize the extent of their limitations on television and try to push more towards what they try to aim for in their shows. I believe i remember Seth MacFarlane hating his old episodes of family guy for such reasons.

So yeah, you really shouldn't judge series by their first or so episodes. Whens the last time a person actually says their favorite episode of a series is the first three or four?

Originally posted by Counterfeit
Naruto - too much filler
Bleach - too much talking
One Piece - too long

I watched an Anime once...

oh, i should probably say something on the topic...

Walking Dead; such boring shit, nothing happened the entire first season, i wanted people to die and slaughter zombies en masses but it didn't happen and it drove me away from even trying to watch the later seasons because it still kind of happens.

also Highschool of the dead. I had RL friends trying to get me in on watching this Anime and it ended up providing me a perfect example as to why i hate fan-service in anime
uhh almost everything. i'm a cynical prick
Walking Dead started off really interesting but I have no idea how they are going to end their show. They might keep it going for as long as possible but eventually people are going to lose interest.

I can't stand a vast majority of Disney shows at this point. They lost all the hidden meanings and morals they showed. For example, That So Raven, there was an episode about her weight and stated all women are beautiful, etc. What the hell happened to it?

A vast majority of Cartoon Network. They really fucked up once they cancelled a lot of shows and tried to become more of a reality tv show, like destroy build destroy. Gumball...some episodes I like, then others give me a headache. I only like AT and Regular show.

I will never EVER understand why people LOVE Honey Boo Boo. I could go on about problems I find with parenting (exposing your child to being on TV, dating a child molester, making your child go into beauty pageants) but I will rest my case on that one.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians....nuff said.

I barely turn on my TV now because there isn't much good stuff on now. All the good show like My life as a teenage robot, fairy oddparents, spongebob, danny phantom, teen titans, chowder, etc. Are all gone. Childhood over!!

1. SpongeBob (at least, the latest episodes). That show is really funny on the earlier seasons, but I stopped watching it after the latest or so, at which point it turned downhill. I still watch it once in a while when I'm bored, I just can't stand the lack of content the writers have put lately and call it a day, especially one of their movies (might be just me though). It's getting a bit long, too.

2. Might as well say The Amazing World of Gumball. I dunno, the characters are a bit goofy sometimes and their style of humor isn't always my thing.

I haven't been watching too many shows to make a full list of the ones that I dislike, but it might be kept as it is for now.
The shows I hate the most are those with laugh tracks (How I met your mother, Big Bang Theory, go fuck yourselves).

I just find that shit so annoying, it makes the whole thing absolutely unwatchable for me.

Not that I like watching "funny" shows in general. I prefer the more serious ones (Breaking Bad, Dexter, House of Cards, etc.)
I find The Walking Dead to be really slow and boring many people love it though and I could see why.
Stuff like South Park and Family Guy. I don't find it too healthy to not be able to stare at a show for a single minute without facing a sex joke or random gore (this applies to SP at least). Not to mention I can't leave the mindset that Family Guy is a Simpsons ripoff, even though I've watched few eps to have a valid opinion.
Naruto. I don't even get what's going on with that, also for the fact it's too long. Sure, I'm an anime addict, but that is ridiculous.
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My little pony. How the hell they like that?: #fim{@w@}#fim{>:(}#fim{:X}

The same person? Oh nevermind.

Originally posted by Underway
I prefer the more serious ones (Breaking Bad, Dexter, House of Cards, etc.)

I hope you watch Hannibal~ #fim{<3}
Suika Ibuki - 25107
Adventure Time: I guess that i don't have a sadistic sense of humor.
Walking Dead: I tried, but i can't find a lot of zombies eating people fun.
Originally posted by Suika Ibuki
Walking Dead: I tried, but i can't find a lot of zombies eating people fun.

Don't worry. There's hardly any of that or even action, and more drama between the characters than anything.

Boring series.

My layout has removed you.
Add me to the Anti-Big Bang Theory bandwagon. Stereotypical nerds crack lame jokes while the laugh track howls, no thanks.

I also dislike Game of Thrones, and another one I hear a lot of people love is Orange is the New Black. One episode put me to sleep.


Marios Adventure in the Dreamworld - My first hack.

My engineering teacher (who is awesome) tried to get me to watch Big Bang Theory online. (I haz no cable) One episode, and the only thing going through my head was: "Uhhh, no."
I'd say MLP, but the brony fandom has definitely died down compared to years ago. Not to mention it's probably got as many people who hate is as they do love it, which is not even close to "everyone else loves".

My real answer is going to be Attack on Titan. I cannot genuinely like it, yet almost everyone else I know tries to convince me it is a masterpiece and the best anime made in a very long time. Though maybe I just like lighthearted and comical moe too much to appreciate something like AoT these days.

I like The Amazing World of Gumball, Regular Show, and Teen Titans Go!, but sometimes the episodes are just plain stupid. One show I don't like is Adventure Time, it was a lot better the first couple of seasons, then it down hill from there. Chowder was one of my favorite shows, and one of the last good Cartoon Network shows too.

Sanjay and craig (It HAS SO MUCH BARF!!)

The Super Mario World cartoon (Im nuetral to it but the logic is flawed)

I have another one to add: Breaking Bad. I fail to see the popularity of the show. Why is that show trending?
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"trending" might be inaccurate since it's been over for a year but it's a great show. The writing is a little shakey at times early on but seasons 4 and 5 are absolutely amazing and the whole thing is very well acted and very well made. Why do you dislike it?

Barny (It's song is an ear rape!!!!!!!!!!!)

teen titans GO!

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