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The 2014 Summer ExGFX Contest - Re-Results

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Welcome one and all to the 2014 Summer ExGFX Results show.

While I will be the first to admit that I expected a few more entries, I'm still happy with the results. We got a lot of great looking entries this year. First, we will start off with the main ExGFX contest. This theme this time around was "City". Lets take a look, shall we?

Gloomy Star
Secret Agent Yoshi

The third place trophy in the ExGFX contest goes to.....

The Second place Trophy goes to....

And finally, the 1st place trophy goes to....

Congrats to the winners! You can see the judge results here. Expect the Trophies to arrive soon!

For our other FB banner contest, we only got 4 entries. While we didn't get many, the ones that we did get where hard to choose from. Let's take a look....


With this contest there can only be 1 winner (since you can only place one banner up :V ) The winner of this year FB banner contest is....


Remaining entry results posted below
2nd Ladeda 3rd mockinggod 4th S.R.H.

Congrats to the winner! To everyone else, for your effort you will receive a participation badge (NOTE: THAT ONLY ACTUALLY APPLIES TO THE FACEBOOK BANNER CONTEST).

And that's it. If you have an suggestions for the next contest, please be sure to let me know. Hope to see more entries in next season! ^_^

TLMBinsert: Lightvayne doesn't know how to spell contestant names on whim, so the necessary e was added for chineesmw and maybe ladida too...
Layout by LDA during C3.
meh i don't really care about the banner.. thingy, but 6th place.. just like before, i am in the middle.

y u do dis to me ;-;
also maaaaaaan i really should git gud
also rofl say got last place
>2nd place in both


Originally posted by Ladida
>2nd place

Poor Ladida. Another use stuck with the curse of being second place.

Congratulations to the top three winners! I am glad to see that Wuthering has won something. His work in graphics has been really impressive from all I have seen from him.
All those city tilesets are impressive, especially Ladida's one, I loved that pseudo 3D effect. Hopefully this will increase the number of city levels in hacks, I think it's a really good concept which is very underused.

Congratulations to the winners, you deserve it.
Originally posted by S.R.H.

Ladida Animation Co., Ltd. only accepts 1st place or above.

i need to kill myself now
Well one thing's for sure that I'll defenitly attend the next one. Good job to Ladida Wuthering for getting the #1 spot for this contest.

I would've done an underground pipe city... I may still make it for fun.

Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

(rip my other userbars momentarily)

For the love of god, its SuperAgentYoshi!

Well hardly anyone entered and I got last place so, meh....

But I should've mentioned this, this was solely a BG. Was a FG required? And I have no idea how the Map16 page messed up so sorry about that.

On the bright side, I get a participation badge.

Suck it Ladida
Originally posted by SuperAgentYoshi
On the bright side, I get a participation badge.

On the dark side, it is for the people who have entered the banner contest as I understood, so.. game over.
Originally posted by S.R.H.
Originally posted by SuperAgentYoshi
On the bright side, I get a participation badge.

On the dark side, it is for the people who have entered the banner contest as I understood, so.. game over.

User: Hinalyte / ID: 1553 ~ loading kotori.css
At least it was fun participating #w{=P}. Great job to the winners!

It was exhausting to work on the tileset during the last minutes so I don't think it'll work out though. Still, I had fun!
Well, 4th place is fair enough, I guess. x> City stuff demands a bit more detail into textures than I'm used to. It was nice to draw it, though. Had fun. :>

Oh, and congratulations to the winners! I'll beat you next time, Loldida, just you wait... >_>
Uuuuughhhhhh........ I literally feel like not participating in contests anymore lol. Forget it, atleast this is the very first contest I've made 3rd place in. -.-
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Originally posted by chineesmw
I literally feel like not participating in contests anymore lol.

same, but for a different reason

specifically, im upset with the banner contest results. im probably the last person to complain about contest results, but this really bothers me

you go all out and put much effort into an entry, and then something like that ends up winning. absolutely no offense to mockingod, but it's probably the most boring entry out of the three (excluding mine). literally just the SMWC banner with some filter.

until this is addressed, im not gonna enter any more contests

again, sorry mockingod
What was the banner contest even judged on anyway? Like, I don't really understand why one entry exactly better than the other, as we have no insight as to what the judges thought about the entries.

Regardless of that, I'm elated to have won the graphics contest. I did not see that one coming.
I was surprised about the banner result, too, that was easily the worst entry and did you really need a contest to settle on "the same old banner BUT BIGGER"?
Your layout has been removed.
weird, but i noticed that chineesmw's banner is being used. i guess they made a mistake while writing the results. congratz dude, your banner sure was amazing
I do agree that my entry was bland and unoriginal, but my reasoning for using the same design is that people will go to that page and feel more at home or something since it's the same banner etc. You don't really want to change something that is already right. The home banner is basically a logo for SMWC at this point.

Plus, a lot of effort was spent in planning where Mario would be, how exactly I'd set the positions, stitching the backgrounds, and syncing it such that the avatar was in a good position.

But yeah, none taken @Ladida, I understand where your anger is coming from. I'm actually surprised that I got first too, I thought your entry would just dominate it all.
how to win a contest: don't do anything that had effort or is special.
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