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Setting BG1 Forest 1 to "World 6 darkish styl" before world 6

I noticed I cannot set BG1 Forest 1 tileset into the dark mode in other levels exapt world 6 levels. I set the level mode to 0B or 08 and it still didnt work.

How can I get a the palette like 6-1 in other levels that are not in world 6? (in this case I want 5-2 to be like that).
Not sure, but in the Level Header options under the Option tab there's a little box titled "Assume as World 6", maybe that fixes it?
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I already tried that, it´s just to show how the tileset would look like, but the level doesn not change. :<
It's hardcoded into the ROM that only World 6 levels will get the World 6 tileset changes, unfortunately.
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This post has the data needed to assign the alternate World 6 tileset to another world.
Adding to what Golden Yoshi said, the world values are in multiples of 2, starting at zero (e.g. 00 = World 1, 02 = World 2, 04 = World 3, etc).