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Mario's Pizza Delivery! [Updated Sep 22, 2014]
Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Mario's Pizza Delivery! [Updated Sep 22, 2014]
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Let's see if we can change that!


Pizza Mario's Pizza Delivery! Pizza

Welcome, everyone! Thanks for opening this thread and checking this out. This is my new hack, Mario's Pizza Delivery. What's going on with Shy Guy's Adventure? You know about as well as I do. In the meantime, I'm working on this.

Believe it or not, this hack was actually conceived in December of 2009! Here is an old video of a level I made for it. Now I'd like to think that my hacking skills have improved since then, and those files are long gone at this point. After I made the one level in the video, the idea laid dormant for years, but it has finally returned!

Mario has been tasked with the delivery of a pizza. He will have to journey through the land, pizza in hand, so that he may make the delivery and collect his tip. Who is the pizza being delivered to? Can Mario make it there in 30 minutes or less? You'll have to play it to find out!

Now for the good stuff:

The truly amazing narrative of the hack.

Equally amazing overworld design. You can see that the hack is going to be fairly short.

A collection of screenshots of the first level. The pizza must be used in various ways, such as activating vine blocks. The pizza is a reskin of the key, so the level is finished via the keyhole. The keyhole graphics will be changed later, of course.

That's it for now, guys. I'd really appreciate any feedback anyone can give me. I'll be showing off more levels very shortly, and hopefully I can push this hack out the door within the next few months!

Sep 22, 2014
The pizza's not in a box?

Since the hack would revolve around having a carryable item on you at atll times, do you have any special plans for building levels specially around it?

Th color scheme for your first level is alright, and the concept of delivering pizza ... XD.

By all means, go for it.
Oh wow! Your map and story is just.. just fucking beautiful, man! Anyways, The idea is very unique and well made in my opinion. I already commented on the level 2 times, so I'm just gonna skip those and say that I think the pizza doesn't have a proper shape. I edited it, and this is the result;

Now %20 more circle-ish! #w{=P}
Welcome back to the hacking scene.

This looks like your generic hack, but that's not saying something bad, espcially the plot. I've never actually seen a plot where Mario has to deliver Pizza, although he's Italian after all. I'd recommend you to re-skin the keyhole into something like a box... or something that has to do with Pizza.

Anyway, I hope you continue with this.
5 Years and no hacks?! WAT?!!

Anywhoo, I like the idea, although I'm not a big fan of the palette and aesthetics in the first level. Thats just me though (probably), keep it the way you want. Its your hack after all.

Welcome back to hacking btw!
Thank you for the feedback, everyone!

@levelengine: What kind of monster carries pizza in a box? It needs to be able to breathe the fresh air, feel the dirt on the ground, etc. As for designing levels around the pizza, those will come later. This first level utilizes it a little bit and gets the player acclimated with maneuvering while holding the pizza at all times.

@SRH: Thanks for editing the pizza! I will throw that in there when I get home from work tonight. And I'm glad you like the map and story as well.

@Macky: The first level looks a little generic, maybe, but my amazing asm skills will come into play in the later levels. Basically the first level is just letting the player get used to moving around while holding the key, so they know how to climb and such while holding it.

@SuperAgentYoshi: What do you think could be improved with the palette and aesthetics? Be honest, and don't worry about offending me.
Working on stuff again 👀
Good to know you wont get all pissy if I be honest

Anywhoo, I think its a little too green. I'll send you what I think would be a good palette. But feel free to reject it by all means.

As for aesthetics, I think the sword in the ground is a little big and unnecessary. I suggest you remove it, but keep it if you want.

EDIT: Here ya go! Tell me what you think, and if you like it, make any adjustments you'd like
Oh well. I kind of agree with S.A.Y, but in a different way. I don't really like the palette, especially the dirt. The colors look like someone puked after eating lots of celery and used the colors as a palette :P Not trying to offend you or something, but I think the ground should be brown, or at least a tone of it. I understand that the forest has lots of green, and you proably wanted the dirt to fit in with the other graphics, but I think you should reduce the green in it. It proably is just me, but oh well.
The concept is quite interesting, I love it~ The screens also look promising. To be honest, I'm ok with the palettes; the only think I'd complain is that, actually, the pizza should be in a box.

Keeping an eye on this one, I'm kinda curious to see how this one will be developed. Good luck~
I'll try experimenting with the palettes later tonight, and I'll post some comparison screenshots so you guys can let me know what you think. I haven't gotten the chance to download and try out SAY's palette yet, but I will definitely check it out.

As for the pizza being in a box, this is one thing I will not budge on. The hack is supposed to be a little ridiculous, and I feel that just carrying a full pizza, throwing it around, dropping it on the ground, etc. adds to the goofiness of the whole idea.
Working on stuff again 👀
Is the hack uses babysitting with key (pizza)?
You do have to babysit the pizza, yes. It's really the whole premise that you have to carry it with you. I try to make things that require you to use the pizza, however, so you're not just held back by having to carry it.
Working on stuff again 👀
This hack is basead on the nes hack: pizza pop mario!

Your Layout Are Taking Vacations
Originally posted by mario hacks
This hack is basead on the nes hack: pizza pop mario!

I've never even heard of "Pizza Pop Mario" until now. After looking it up, while there are similarities, it's really quite different from my hack. For one thing, the pizza is a weapon that you throw in that game (and you have unlimited pizzas to throw, it seems), while in mine it's a reskin of the key. Additionally, my hack is a platformer, while that game looks to be more of a side-scroller beat-em-up game.
Working on stuff again 👀
but you pizza kill the enemies too!

Your Layout Are Taking Vacations
Originally posted by mario hacks
but you pizza kill the enemies too!

Originally posted by K3fka
while in mine it's a reskin of the key

And as far as I know, the key sprite doesn't kill enemies.

Giving feedback to the hack, I like it so far, mainly the story, which seems a bit silly (a good point, by the way). My only concern would be about the babysitting, which I hope that doesn't get very tiring eventually.. not like it's a really bad thing, as far as you don't abuse of it.

By the way, I don't know what happened to Shy Guy's Adventure, and I'd like to know. :<
Originally posted by k3fka
I try to make things that require you to use the pizza, however, so you're not just held back by having to carry it.

I was a bit skeptical about the item-babysitting factor too, but if you can pull that off, awesome. Looks pretty good so far.

My layout has removed you.

Well for a vanilla hack i think it is Great!
The plot is silly but the idea is simply neat!
Mario needs to deliver the Pizza..And he needs to carry the pizza, as well to get to different areas. amazing #w{:>}

If i had this idea before i would be popular
Oh, just a question:
Who made the Key GFX?
(or should i say pizza)

The same person? Oh nevermind.

Mirann: Thanks, it's supposed to be silly. As far as Shy Guy's Adventure goes, I don't really know. It's in limbo, so to speak. I haven't really done anything with it since C3 2011 when I released the demo, but it's not necessarily shelved.

Face: Thanks!

Crash: I drew (poorly) the original pizza graphics, but SRH made a new one in this thread for me, so I'm using that one now.

On to the update...

I have changed up the palette in the first level a bit, since you guys said it was too green (even though it's my favorite color #fim{:'(})

Personally, I feel it makes the level feel more generic, but let's see what you guys think.

And here's a preview of another level:

This was going to be the second level, but it will probably end up being the fourth level because it was getting to be too difficult.

The bird is a slightly-modified Phanto. He's hungry for the pizza, and he'll KILL for it!
You should probably hex edit the ROM so that you can spin jump while carrying items.

Address is 05844, change 19 to 00.

I like the palettes in the second level, especially the background.
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