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[REMOVED] "Plumbers Log #001 Return to Hudson's mushroom kingdom" by zacmario
Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - [REMOVED] "Plumbers Log #001 Return to Hudson's mushroom kingdom" by zacmario
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File Name: Plumbers Log #001 Return to Hudson's mushroom kingdom
Submitted: 2014.09.12 ~ 12:03:20 by zacmario
Authors: zacmario
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 19 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: Wart And Bowser have pooled there resources and created a time a machine, in which they plan to bring back new recruits to the old lands.

Mario and Luigi fire up there old time machine and travel back with newer powers.

Was previously smbs advance but i posted it a rush and few mistakes. this was the orignal story name i had in mind.

Hopefully i have patched this with correct rom now.

Wall jumps, smb2 hi jumps, nerfed running.

powertool has been inserted and does cause a few strange things:

sometimes when you die it will appear like the game has frozen and may take about 20 seconds to go back to the overworld.

i noticed with the bee suit, and boss bass as well.

small luigi and marios palletes sometimes get a little confuse with each other not sure why.

Also the title screen will go black after 30-40 seconds of running. the demo isnt excatly worth watching anyway.

hope this fixes my mistakes.


Permanent link to submission.

The logo screen has special world music... I don't get it.

The title screen has a fatal error where the screen does not loop, thus preventing the player from continuing without resetting the game. This really needs to be addressed. I strongly advise players to go to the menu and start the file right away. The gameplay movements are the same as default SMW's but the level has been redesigned and is now skinned with SMB1 graphics.

The intro also uses the retro-style environment and the font is updated with a skinny italicized lettering.

I'm not a fan of the overworld. It's straight-pathed and extremely clustered together. There are hills and sand dunes, but nothing to really distinguish the worlds apart from castle signs to mark the end of one "world". The entire thing is a giant grassland, and the grass is discolored - make sure the grass around the paths is the same color as the far-off grass in the revision. The overworld is free-roam. Overall, this feels like it belongs in an alpha version of a hack, by no means a finished or even a beta product. Mario's back sprite when walking north is glitched.

World 1-1 has one stray hill tile sitting on the ground which is more visible as you're moving because the background hills often make it blend in. The level blended elements from the NES SMB games, but it didn't seem like it was designed around SMW physics. It kept interest, but it wasn't an enrapturing opening to the hack. I'd be wary about use of the mushroom platforms as background objects because any Mario player's intuition would tell them that they should be able to walk on these.

World 1-2 is a desert level with a giant glitched sprite and I am not even going to pretend to know what it's supposed to be. Make sure you're using the correct graphics files for each sprite, and if you're not, select them, and if they conflict, you have to remap which tiles they use. You mostly dig up sand for the first room of this level. The inside is a SMB1 underground-styled level with spiders that drop down on you. No problems here until I get to the moving platform, where again, the wrong graphics are loaded and the platform ends up glitched. Outside, there's a shell-less green Koopa that falls from the sky on the left side of the screen and walks off the edge to its death - For What Purpose? Overall, the level quality felt much the same as last - acceptable but doesn't flow right in context of SMW's physics. Also, the flag doesn't seem to be connected to the flagpole at all...

World 1-3 is a decent exercise in vine climbing and wall-jumping. The pitchfork guys are well-placed. The level is really short, though, and it's awkward that you can't pass through the bottom or sides of the clouds.

World 1-4: what do you get when you cross an angry sun with a six-legged ground-dwelling insect? A piss ant! The level actually is quite solid for the first half and a noticable step up in difficulty. It has an internal learning curve. You have another glitchy platform, though. It loses its steam and begins to feel flat, and there are several blind or misleading jumps throughout the level. Make sure you don't place coins below a platform in a way that suggests safe ground below when there's a platform moving in and out of view that you actually need to land on, and make sure you guide with coins or intermediate platforms or enemies to safer ground.

World 1-5 had a pipe in the beginning that went straight to Bowser and the goal flag. (Fug :D) The actual level as it was meant to be played has sprite tile memory problems where I'm getting missing pieces of firebars and missing pieces of moving platforms. No More Sprite Tile Limits is a good patch that will help you. After the pipe leading to the bonus room, there's no threatening content... just straight jumps to different elevations until the boss. The bonus room pipe takes you to the same place the "test" pipe brings you, i.e. right in front of the boss. The boss and the background don't contrast well and they sort of blend together. This is probably the third rendition of this port that I've heard and I like all three of them, heh.

World 2-1 has a fat Hammer Bro. that just drops off the left side of the screen for no reason. The giant piranha plant placements are all wrong as they float up to the top left or right of where the pipes are. They need to be lowered and put on wider pipes. The level design itself is pretty good and feels genuinely classic apart from that glaring flaw.

DONUT PLAINS 2 is a very messy Boss Bass cave level: the vines that spawn aren't on the moving layer and they're colored orange and green. The gameplay doesn't flow well at all since the level wasn't designed around the shift in the land's altitude: it just includes convenient locations to avoid Boss Bass seemingly at random. You can not see the land when it goes under the water, but you can see the sprites. There then comes a part where the water is all cutoff with no surface. Boss Bass continues to swim through solid blocks. Overall, this level screams "untested."

DONUT SECRET 1 is a wide-open, threatless, empty water level. The first pipe brings you to an outdoor level with a bush floating in the air and a key. When you come out, there's a really weird tile that's hard to see that acts kind of dumb and then the level just drags on. In a water level, it's much slower, so you want things to be a little less spacious. It'd help to have that "suction" that bottomless pits in SMB1 underwater levels have. It'd help to have some fish or Bloopers. This was a very boring experience. =/

DONUT PLAINS 3 is another underdeveloped level full of nothing but sliding on hills (which is really confusing - hills have been used previously as props and background items, and I couldn't see myself at the start of the level, which is really bad.) It reveals a player tilemap problem where the sliding frame isn't shown; Mario still stands when he slides down the hill. Then, I end up on segments of bridges being assaulted by flying fish, which is another classic SMB element that feels like it belongs. As I try to figure out what the sliding portion of this level was for, I find a huge blind jump from one elevated bridge down to an off-screen platform, and yet another one from a high bridge to a very low bridge. The author knowing it's there isn't enough. The player needs to see it or have a distinctive guide to it. Then, I ended up perma-trapped in the area of the level with a 1up if I'm small because I can't break the brick, and the goal post is so high that I can't beat the level. It clearly wasn't tested at all. The goal post must start at the ground as you have no valid reason for it not to (i.e. secret exit.)

#2 MORTON'S CASTLE has a very glitchy opening. Did you modify the original Map16? There's some mysterious invisible thing over one of the lava pits near the beginning of the level that always hurts me when I'm big and I can't figure out what. The lava also acts weird because it wastes time shrinking me before the instant death that follows. Much of the level isn't worth mentioning, but there is a horizontal pipe in the wall in the air that I can't reach since I can figure out how to reveal the ? blocks to enable access, but I can't figure out how to get up there...

RED SWITCH PALACE is a mess of sprites that don't interact correctly with solid (green) blocks and enemies that keep going up, up, and up inside the dirt. This isn't a very fun level.

#2 MORTON'S PLAINS has cutoff floating bushes and water in the air. It's a desolate level with zero threat, and the Bee power, which could open up new design possibilities, is completely wasted on it.

STAR ROAD is a nonsense level: there are shooters with no cannon top, and a "slippery" powerup which serves no purpose.

The unnamed level has a serious problem with necessary platforms going offscreen so the player doesn't know where to go/land. It's most pronounced at the end, as I can't beat the level. Other than that, the level is about 90% voided by spinjumping on the mushrooms because it makes you immune to anything below you except for thrown wrenches and pitfalls. There's also an 8 in the status bar, so you probably have some messed up levelASM or sprite somewhere here.

STAR ROAD, not to be confused with STAR ROAD, is a castle level with no enemies. The skeleton of the level is there but there's nothing to do. The music in the boss room is happy grassland shit (wtf?) and the music for beating the level is water level music. This is ...very wrong.

OUTRAGEOUS has a vine near the beginning which leads into the sky and takes me to absolutely nowhere. The shell-kicking Koopas have glitched frames where the top half looks like a hammer. The palette in this level is really bright... it's too yellow.

GROOVY is yet another sand level which involves digging. However, unlike the onslaught you encountered last time, there are no enemies whatsoever in this area - not even a Shy Guy. So, if you fart your way on down to the right side, you reach a dead end and have to wall jump back into the floating wall of sand and go left. There's nothing purposeful here... not even a powerup. The indoor cave part wasn't too bad, and the Star was a good risk<->reward example. The spikes have glitched graphics when killed so I advise you make them immune to Star with Tweaker.

STAR ROAD has a glitched No Yoshi opening sequence. The first room was drawn-out and meaningless, and the hills again looked like BG items instead of actual contact items. The implementation of digging dirt and quicksand here made for a fun bonus-style level, but the time was really short here. There were no threats present in the level. I feel like this level deserved a different context, such as being in a hidden world or as a switch palace, rather than being a canon level.

WAY COOL is extremely glitched... it shifts a little to the left and the graphics corrupt badly. It's unbeatable.

STAR WORLD 3 had a "dead end" style pipe gimmick that leads you back to the beginning of the level if you chose the wrong path or further on if you chose the right one, but it'd work even better if you prevented left scroll in this level. In the boss room, that thing that shoots things that I can only see a few pixels of is glitched-looking (as are its projectiles.)

FOREST OF ILLUSION 4 threw me for a loop when it started scrolling because again, what appears to be foreground objects are actually part of the background. It becomes apparent that really huge stuff is what makes up the foreground, but the level is so empty. Coins are not placed in the natural jump trajectory; Mario jumps over the coin arches in the beginning and the diagonal line of coins don't fit the path either. It's really weird that you have a giant ? block made up of 4 item blocks instead of inserting a 32x32 sprite or object that acts as one big item block. The cutoff is really pronounced in this level in the grassy platforms where it's supposed to connect with the dirt as there are random sections of green "background" outside the outline.

FOREST OF ILLUSION 3 is another unbeatable level because you can't reach the top of the pipe in the middle of the water area, even with wall jump or the hidden 1up block.

FOREST OF ILLUSION 4 was placed twice on the overworld. Same level as before.

CHOCOLATE ISLAND 1 caused the game to crash when I got a powerup but the audio is still playing. The blocks also act really weird... I have bricks acting like quicksand. I don't know.

World 2-1 is below the prior level, and it leads me to a glitchy neverending bonus game with SMB3 athletic music.

Yeah, this is instant reject. This hack was definitely not tested since two levels are unbeatable and one level even crashes the game. There are too many empty, unchallenging levels. It looks more like a testing ground for resources than an actual hack, no offense. I think it's best to use what you have learned making this hack and take more time developing levels and ensure they have some kind of trial to present to the player, and work out glitches and graphical nuances that bring the experience down. If it looks wrong to you, it'll look wrong to everyone else.

Difficulty: Easy
Verdict: it appears to be stuck on my bayonet
Wakana (yes i notice you now go away)

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Descripting your mistakes won't fix them. At all. And in this hack seems that there's an abuse of them.

Honestly, level design here has potential: I noticed you aimed for a linear type of level, which I enjoyed in the first few ones. Going further in the game, errors started to pile up, and eventually ended in bad design: some levels are unbeatable, some spots can make you stuck forever, some other crash the game, and so on. I saw that from a certain level, you didn't use any sprite in your levels: it's not necessrily bad, but since you have an already linear type of level, if you don't place sprites, it ends up being really really boring. All in all, level design needs lots of work before getting into a decent level.

No offense but the aesthetics are horrible: it's not the single GFX which looked bad (infact, I'm happy you aimed for a NES type of hack) but it's the overall that made me have nightmares at night. First, I noticed pretty often that you used BG in a way that makes the whole level confusing: generally, if you want to use the same GFX for both BG and FG, you need brighter colors for the BG so that it gives you a sense that the GFX are more distant than the FG. Instead, having the two layers with the same color, ended up in having a pretty confusing ambience overall (probably you got confused too while assembling levels, since a few parts of the BG meant to be together with the FG, while it didn't end up well since you didn't use a vertical/horizontal constant scroll. With this, I'd also guess that you didn't test your hack before submitting it, but I'm probably wrong). Overall, a terrible aesthetics, which needs lots of work, here too.

The amount of misc issues is ridicolously high: cutoff, slowdown, bad GFX for sprites, sprite tile limits errors, game breaks...I can stop here. It's easy enough to see each, so no need to be detailed here, I guess.

Difficulty is easy, with a difficulty curve that honestly looked decent, but, here too, work is needed, especially from the chunk of levels which have no sprites in them.

Because of major misc issues mostly, I'd reject the hack. Work more in each factor, giving to each the time it's needed. Also recruit some beta testers, they'll be very useful in your case.
i would have to agree it is more in alpha stage.
I have fixed titlscreen and other issuses mentioned.
there were no sprites a I had not finished those levels.
I had not realized a demo must be more polished and will strive for that next release.

I. still struggling with powertool and it seems to have glitched my players pallette which I can't fix..

I even imported my levels to a new rom.

iam still randomly have luigi look like mario and vise versa randomly.
does any one know why and hoto fix this?
I have replaced gfx 10 and still have glitche sprite going north.
I fear powertool has glitched asm in levels.
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Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - [REMOVED] "Plumbers Log #001 Return to Hudson's mushroom kingdom" by zacmario

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