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[C] 5-5: The Cliffs of Kaboom!
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This level is mainly based around exploding things and projectiles. It will have 3 areas, each being higher up the mountain than the previous, but I've only finished the first one so far.

Ignore the discolored, glitchy-looking Layer 3 image there...I'm not sure what Layer 3 background(s) would work well for this one. I'm also not sure what other sprites I could use...besides Bullet Bills, Kaboombas, and bomb-dropping Baron von Zeppelins, I plan to use Snifits in the next room, but I don't know what else would be fitting. Maybe some more Blowhards? I suppose I could just throw in whatever else works with the sprite tilesets I'm using.... (Fun fact: The only sprite tileset that has both Kaboombas and Bullet Bills is 07. In fact, 0B is the only other tileset that has Kaboombas at all. And the only ones with both Bullet Bills and Snifits are 39 and 40.)

Also, how do you tell when a sprite will or will not process? I already had to remove some sprites from the cross-section area because the level was lagging like crazy (in fairness, there were probably too many anyway), but even now, it still lags a bit. Bullet Bill blasters do not like having many other sprites around.

Oh, and by the way, I kind of suck at designing Yoshi's Island levels, so...make of that what you will.
Reminds me a lot of 4-1 from the original game, aesthetically at least. I rather like the idea of using all of the shooting/bomb-based enemies in a level - hopefully it doesn't become too overkill though.

Originally posted by imamelia
I already had to remove some sprites from the cross-section area because the level was lagging like crazy (in fairness, there were probably too many anyway), but even now, it still lags a bit.

Huh. I'm kind of surprised that you're getting lag, especially considering how many sprites YI can actually handle on-screen at one time. I'd be curious to play the part in question and see if it's really due to a sprite overload or some other issue.
Well, I do have one new screenshot, I guess...

This section of this sublevel involves a lot of uneven ground, numbered platforms (not shown), and blowing up sand. Oh yeah...and me getting discouraged because I freaking suck at making YI levels. Though for the time being, at least, is there any way to a) make the screen scroll up more there and b) make the Baron von Zeppelin generator spawn at a rate not akin to cold molasses? And again, I'm not sure what Layer 3 image to use there.
If you want the camera to scroll higher than that screen, just put an object in the screen above it (eg. extended object FD). As for the generation rate .. I'm sure that could be altered via SPASM. You could try asking Lexie or Raidenthequick about it.
The screen probably isn't scrolling up further because YI doesn't track Yoshi with the camera while mid-air at all times, you'd have to land on higher ground for it to scroll further.

Your layout has been removed.
There actually is an object in the screen above already, but it's looking like I will have to change the ground layout for that to work.

Let's have some fun with the biting Bullet Bills on the platforms!

And now, explosions in conjunction with destroyable terrain. And Grunts, because hey, they might not explode, but they're in the sprite set. And more odd scrolling. (Seriously, what is up with the scrolling in this game?!)

Also, does anyone know of a way to change a sprite set mid-level? I know there are special sprites to change the foreground tileset, but there are none for the sprite tilesets.

Oh, and I still don't know what Layer 3 images to use. Why hasn't that Layer 3 information link been updated yet?
Originally posted by imamelia
Also, does anyone know of a way to change a sprite set mid-level?

You can change the sprite graphics files loaded individually by running something like this in e.g. level main:

!file = $1F

	LDX #!file		; change the sprite graphics file number for slot #2
	STX $6EB7

	LDA #$0400>>6		; the size of the file decompressed >> 6
	STA $3006
	LDA $06FC79+(!file*3)	; get the address of the file to decompress
	STA $3002		; from the pointer table
	LDA $06FC7B+(!file*3)
	AND #$00FF
	STA $3000
	LDX #$0A		; call GSU LC_LZ16 decompression routine ($0A8000)
	LDA #$8000		; it'll decompress to $705800 (and man is it fast)
	JSL $7EDE44

	REP #$10
	LDA #$7058		; source address bank and high byte
	STA $00
	LDX #$5800		; source address low byte
	LDY #$D200		; VRAM destination + $8000
	LDA #$0400		; data size
	JSL $00BEA6		; set up the info for the VRAM upload that will be done in the next blank

$6EB6-$6EBB correspond to the currently loaded sprite graphics files.
Their location in VRAM ranges from $5000 to $5A00 (you need to add $8000 for some reason), depending on which slot you're overwriting (see this).
I guess the only thing you should be careful of when using a spriteset changer is that no edible, spriteset-specific enemies can be moved between areas. This way Yoshi cannot spit out glitchy-looking sprites when passing through the changer.


My Let's Play channel (Current LP: Final Fantasy VI, MegaMari)
Lui37: I see. Is there a list anywhere of which of the 6 graphics files (SP1-SP6) each sprite needs? I might be able to swap out just one, or I might need to do more, or I might even be able to just swap out one or two at levelinit if none of the sprites I want to use together are in the same GFX slot. Or do sprites in YI automatically choose a GFX slot based on which GFX files are where? I notice that some GFX files (such as 1F, 37, and 71) don't seem to be in the same slot for every sprite set that uses them.
When you put a sprite which is incompatible with the current sprite tilset, it'll use Yoshi's tiles so you're right with the latter.

Okay, my layout looks ugly.
I believe the game uses $6EB6-$6EBB to figure out if the sprite graphics file needed is loaded, so it's purely dynamic, with the exception of a few sprites like for example the bomb throwing ghost guys, which iirc need to be in the 3rd slot (or maybe it was the 2nd one, can't remember).

As for the sprite graphics listing, Kipernal's sprite tileset editor includes png dumps of all of them, plus an actual list in txt form.
I see. That's good. I'm guessing that if I need to upload more than one GFX file (in this case, it will most likely be 3), I should change the buffer offset (so $705C00 for the second and $706000 for the third)? How big is the decompression buffer anyway?
Okay, here are the first two sublevels. I'm not sure what to do about the slowdown and I don't know what Layer 3 backgrounds I should use (obviously not the ones that are there), but any other bugs I don't think I'm aware of. The level is kind of eh, but whatever.

It might be worth scattering a few more coins along the way.

Nothing up here...?

Again, it might be worth adding a cross-section hole and throwing some coins here.

This cannon is no threat since you can bypass it before it gets a chance to shoot. Perhaps you could stick a Kaboomba on the ledge instead?

Fairly dull area.

Pointless 2 platform.

This torpedo will fall into the wall 99% of the time. Either remove it or shift it so that it can harm the player.

...nothing up here either (this is shortly after the previous screenshot, where you have to bullet jump to two 1 platforms).

If you allow this yellow platform to go up and then come back down, it glitches out. Try it.

I actually quite like this whole sand/explosion area. However, I'm sure it's pretty obvious that the Kaboombas are using the wrong sprite set.

You gave the player the melon way, way too early. I had already used it up long before getting to here.

Add a line guide stopper to the right side of this (for aesthetic purposes).

It's possible to get stuck in the roof here. It's also possible to fall and see the cloud platform get cut-off.

Although I like your level a fair bit, there are two big issues I'm seeing. The first is common throughout the whole level, whereas the second is really only prevalent in the last area:

1. Linearity. Your level feels like a YI level in terms of sprite usage/architecture, but it does not offer any opportunities for exploration. I've noted a few areas above where I searched for items but found nothing. For instance, the area above here:

would be ideal for hiding goodies in.

2. The second area - or at least, the middle third of it - is really focused around those number platforms. The problem is, there are very few threats at all, so it comes off as relatively straightforward and boring. I'd suggest reworking it a bit.

Hope that helps. Don't get discouraged - I like the level and I'd like you to see it through to the end.

I don't have much to show off of the third room yet, but it's something. And yes, I'm aware of the glitched graphics in that first screenshot...that's a Snifit; I just haven't yet inserted the LevelASM for loading the right graphics yet. On the subject of changing graphics, is there a way to adapt the custom spriteset code for other graphics? I assume the upload code would be the same, just with different VRAM addresses and whatnot, but does YI have addresses equivalent to $6EB6-$6EBB for the other graphics?

Also, S.N.N. and I already discussed the previous post on IRC, and I think I fixed everything mentioned.
IPS patch. Not a final draft, but all parts of the level are finished. Things to note:

- I don't know what is up with the camera scrolling at the end of the fast platform part of the third room. All of those screens have objects in them, so...
- I still haven't found appropriate Layer 3 images for any of the rooms.
- I actually forgot to check if the sprite graphics still weren't being changed properly in the second room.
- Yes, I should probably add some more star clouds to the third room.
- Is that last section with all those Kaboombas excessive?
- I was originally going to have in the last section, instead of the BVZ generator, cannonballs falling from the sky, but I couldn't think of a good way to make it fair.

Yeah, not the best level ever...maybe I can do better on my second one (unless somebody else would rather have it)...
-The first big problem I came across in the level was the countdown platform climb. I got knocked off of them by a Kaboomba and found it was impossible to get back up... unless I missed a reset pipe somewhere, this is a huge problem.

-The Kaboombas in the second area shoot doors... lolwut? (sprite graphic issue)

-The ride platform ride in the third area seems to have an issue where the camera goes too low to see where you're going after it flies off the rails.

-Finally, a REALLY weird glitch occured when I went through the goal: the camera scrolled below the ground of the goal platform, I heard Baby Mario screaming, and the game would not progress to the results screen.

The level in general needs more star clouds if you ask me. And no, I don't think the last section with the Kaboombas was excessive; most of the cannonballs and bombs can be avoided just by moving through quickly.


My Let's Play channel (Current LP: Final Fantasy VI, MegaMari)
Okay, I think I have the Layer 3 stuff mostly sorted there a Layer 3 cloud background that covers a lot of space that would be suitable for the second sublevel? Everything I've tried seems to have too many gaps. Also, I don't know what's up with the goal glitch; does that happen when the goal roulette is too high in the level or something? And I can't seem to fix the Kaboomba graphical glitch...I have no idea why it happens, considering the other two spriteset changes I made seemed to work perfectly fine.
Baby Mario interacts with objects even during the goal sequence. Try nuking anything solid that isn't the ground.
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