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[C] 2-6 - Boundary Between Life and Death
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Suika Ibuki - 25107
After taking more time crashing the game i finally started working on a stage.
OK this stage will start with "life" i mean, cute enemies and cute colors (probably an calm music) and starts to get more "creepy" with the most spooky enemies from YI.
I'm currently designing the "life" side.

100% out of order but okay...
If you think the stage is a waaaaay so pink just shut-up...
The palettes look weird. i think u should change that. Also, add a bg2 so the level will look more appealing.
Suika Ibuki - 25107
Originally posted by Y for yoshi
The palettes look weird. i think u should change that. Also, add a bg2 so the level will look more appealing.

Uhh yeah i was thinking about that
to match with the pink background colour, u can choose bg1 17 for the ground, since it is also pink but without wrong looking parts. As for the background, u can choose either pink or blue as it'll fit into the level/stage
Suika Ibuki - 25107
Not much to see here unless the palletes:

Glitched piranha plant but don't worry i'm going fix that
The palettes in those last two screenshots look nice. Tough to say anything about the level so far, but it's good to see some progress!
Couldn't resist a Touhou reference could you?

The concept has potential, but I'm hoping I will see a bit more land variety, as it's looking a bit flat bland from the first few screenshots. If you can figure out how to do cross-sections, you might be able to make some more interesting landforms, particularly for that flower setup.

I guess I was also expecting to see Boos in the cave screenshot instead of a Piranha Plant if you were going for a spooky theme there, considering Piranhas are a global sprite you see in many levels.


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Suika Ibuki - 25107
Originally posted by GeminiRage
Couldn't resist a Touhou reference could you?
My god you found that
Anyway i have a few new screenshots.
Originally posted by Same as above
I guess I was also expecting to see Boos in the cave screenshot instead of a Piranha Plant if you were going for a spooky theme there, considering Piranhas are a global sprite you see in many levels.

Well i changed it then, i'm not going to use the small boos because they are more cute than spooky.

I've added more land variation as you can see.

Spoiler image, just for those who might are wondering how to get this flower.

I've also darkened this section too.
EDIT: Just this:
Suika Ibuki - 25107
Small updates but anyway are something.

And a small probably useless screenie:

I can say the level is 87% done.
Suika Ibuki - 25107
Midna finished my icon!

The only thing he\she don't finish is his\her Panel de Pon hack :P

Hey, I noticed you're using the Green Coin objects. Just wanted to let you know, you shouldn't be using those. They can cause glitches, such as completely breaking the sound after you grab them.

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Yeah, I mentioned this on IRC, but the green coin objects act really funky. They might work on the spot (eg. you might not get any sort of glitchy sounds), but they have a habit of messing up other things and/or having lasting effects on the level. As tempting as it may be to use them, you're better off just sticking to the regular red coin sprites.
Suika Ibuki - 25107
Well it's done!


I hope you guys don't mind insert the correct name and the icon, sorry.
Well i think it is good for my first time ever messing on GoldenEgg.
I think your patch may be broken. Trying it on an unheadered ROM results in nothing, and trying it on a headered ROM causes the level names to glitch out. I'm wondering if you used a clean unheadered ROM with a modified headered ROM or vice versa, because this is rather unusual.

Could you try re-creating it?
Suika Ibuki - 25107
This level needs quite a bit of work. Some of the design choices are rather questionable, and a good chunk of the level feels very .. "random", in a sense. I'll provide some specifics with the screenshots below, and then I'll give my general overview of the level.

It's worth noting that the Nipper generator is very unfair, unless the landscape is a) low, and b) fairly flat. The fact that it simply kicks in while the player is standing on a platform right at the top of the screen means they are inevitably going to get hit. It feels like a totally unnecessary addition.

Also, I think you're quite a bit too generous with your coins.

This area feels a bit spammy, and the four Mildes on the bridge are rather questionable. They can easily be hovered over, but it's next to impossible to attempt to eat them without getting hit. My suggestion would be to connect the two grass ledges together by a slope and then simply have one or two Mildes climbing it.

This is pretty unfair, especially considering it's easy to "overpound" from above and fall to your death.

The screen scrolls too far downwards here. Also, the entire drop before it feels lazy and uninspired. There weren't very many red coins throughout the level, and you've suddenly thrown five easy-to-obtain ones at the player.

Having a door-styled entry from a pipe exit is awkward. You're better off using a door -> door transition, especially since the pipe in the previous screenshot causes Yoshi to vanish awkwardly.

Also, not pictured, but directly above the entrance is a cluster of 5 red coins and a flower. You've now given the player half of the red coins in the level within about 10 seconds.

This "peak" serves no purpose. There are no enemies on it, nor is there anything to collect on the other side. It's just .. there.

This entire 3D area feels pointless and tacked on. The cave area was fine, but going from "grass -> dark cave -> 3D castle -> obvious edit of 2-6's last room" seems like far too much.

..oh, and since we're here, I should probably address the last room as well. It's incredibly pointless and it's nothing more than a minor variation on the original 2-6's last room. It doesn't fit in with the themes you've set up for the level, and it feels a bit lazy.

Overall, I think this level can be salvaged, but it's going to require some major revisions. I have some general suggestions:

-Spread your red coins/flowers out more. You have so many poundable stakes with nothing in them, areas that feel empty/pointless, etc. and you've crammed most of your items together.
-Focus more on integrating your sprites in with your architecture. A perfect example of failing to do this is the Nipper generator right at the start - not only does it make the level feel unfair, but it doesn't work at all with the object placement you've used.
-While I understand the original 2-6 also used a 3D castle, it worked there because the atmosphere and sprite choice was a lot different. Here, it simply feels awkward and tacked on. It would be worth reworking this room, or scrapping it and extending the cave part.

Hope that helps.
Suika Ibuki - 25107
Welp i have a few new screenies.

You won't will die here anymore

Something is hidden here...

that's that

Just trying to make this more useful.
My actual problem is with those glitched doors, i spent 2 days searching for a fix but i can't find it anywhere.
Suika Ibuki - 25107
New IPS!
I made a new section, be sure to take a look.
I was just wondering where are areas with red\yellow egg blocks, and some other stuff...
I feel like I wasn't specific enough with my previous critiques, so I've actually spent about 20 minutes commenting on every section of the level individually (or at least, everything in the last two rooms). Hopefully you can utilize this advice. I think this level has a lot of a potential if you're willing to stick with it and keep improving it.

Image 1

Image 2
Suika Ibuki - 25107
Thank you for that and sorry for giving extra work for you, well i have a new screenshot:

Fairly easy directional cloud puzzle.
I haven't seen a single of those yet :)
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