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[REMOVED] "SUPAH MADIO BRAHZ!" by CarsonEric2484
Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - [REMOVED] "SUPAH MADIO BRAHZ!" by CarsonEric2484
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Submitted:2014-09-25 07:51:17 PM by CarsonEric2484
Length:3 exit(s)
Description:Hello everyone, and this is my next hack! Now, depending on your skill, this hack can range from hard to kaizo. not really kazio, but if you dont undertsand the games mechanics too well, then you may have a harder time on my hack. the good thing about this hack is that it is a perfect hack to practice on if your planning on playing a kaizo one soon. it is hard, but not over the roof! Now, theres a catch to this hack. You ever play a mario level and beat it within the minute? Well the catch on this hack is that the levels are REALLY LONG. They will keep you busy!

Level 1- Yoshi Hills. This is an easy one. it plays much like new super mario bros 2 and new super luigi u. (u got to keep your time up.)

Level 2- yoshi mountains. it partially plays as a maze and it plays like new super luigi u.

Level 3- 3 trials castle . This one is basically the first real hard challenge. a great start for kaizo players. even though the time is 800, it may get low near the end of the level.

Thats the demo!
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So, short hacks are always nice :3
This one... still seems to need a bit of work though.
First of all, the difficulty curve is insane. The first level starts out somewhat easy to normal. Time feels a little tight but I'v provided powerups, a yoshi and green berries to refill my time, in the second level the difficulty becomes kaizo like and it doesn't get any easier in the third level.
So yeah, the overall difficulty of this hack is kaizo :p
Also, using invisible 1up blocks instead of coin blocks doesn't make it any less kaizo.

Unfortunatly, the level design isn't too good either. Lots of cutoffs (and I mean really lots). Especially around the cement blocks and with midair ropes. The first level was coin heaven. Tons and tons of coins which really isn't good level design either. I'm greatfull for the green berries, but putting whole bushes full of them in the level... not good looking.
The next two levels got a little boring. They seemed really repeative. Always using the same things. Sparkies circling around small platforms and some bullet bill shooters. Or chain saws uppon chain saws riding chain saws...

So, I'm afraid this hack won't even make the cut as a kaizo hack.
Here are some screens too:
[1] Now this doesn't look suspicious at all (note, this traps are really not good in normal hacks, and overused in kaizo... so, just no good in general
[2] The trap can also be broken
[3] Glitched GFX (probably due to sprite limitation... or something)

Verdict: Rejection
Difficulty: Kaizo

nick 139
Suika Ibuki

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... what even am I doing with my life?
This hack is a nice little kaizo hack but it needs some improvement.
My biggest concern is that the first two levels are easy and the third level is a pain in the ass.

Yoshi Hills - This level is pretty easy. It has a some bugs and a few breaks in it and I can also skip most of the level with a blue Yoshi with wings.

Yoshi Mountains - This level is slighter harder than the previous level and it uses the same music as well.

3 trials castle - This level has 3 different sections and they're all extremely hard. There is also no mid-way point anywhere in the level. After going through these 3 painful sections I have to fight an easy boss, that is just sad.

Overall, I would REJECT this hack for having a bad difficulty curve, some breaks, and level design errors.

Difficulty: Kaizo

Formerly known as nick 139
My YouTube channel
Suika Ibuki - 25107
My goodness.
well this hack is uhh a bit weird, it surely has a bit of potential but is very unstable.

yoshi hills

Unchanged colors, i kinda dislike this , Very linear start but overall this is pretty good ^,^. But the aesthetics well... please put more land variation in your hack, it looks really poor and bland with all those gray blocks. I noticed that you kinda abused of coins... please don't do that.
Now for a small screenie:
[O]Abuse from this block ends on weird results.
Also holy god this stage is long as hell O_o.

yoshi *mountains*

Is the place where the cutoffness (lazyness?) and kaizoish begins.Not much to say, you spammed cement blocks in the same way as the gray lolikawaii blocks on the first stage, i loved the puzzle btw. But this stage is really hard.
[O]That's weird......
[O]Neat cutoffs ya~?
[O]And the classic joke,i got the life but die too.

3 trials castle

Well.... Not much to say here that i haven't said before overall this stage is the hardest of the hack(in my opinion)

OW is a bit blocky+perceptive error, the pallets are horrible too.
Difficulty:How to figureEASYKAIZO

Maybe a short review..... like the hack ehh~
At least i'm not silly to add many weird linebreaks just to make it looks bigger( i guess ).
Yoshi hills:
This level is quite repetitive and fairly flat passages is sometimes a bit weird
I explain to me, a moment there are several sprites I took the opportunity to kill them after I advance is after 0 sprites
continuing, there are full of block making very odd because if have spin all bah y' has nothing more is there ' a of the cut-offs
After a slope is a monte is there the same downhill-'
Then then another slope very empty with only gray parts, continuing another yoshi egg serving has nothing because there was a just before
YET another yoshi egg, then continuing ca remains very empty is flat and repetitive
After the fix starts to come in one fell swoop what was pretty shitting in addition that it is vaguely repetitive
Then after easy is flat then no more sprite until the end of the level...

Yoshi Mountains:

LOL you are a fan of yoshi?
This level pretty bad already begins with a cut-off initially in righting it does not help either :(
There are bushes on ropes which do very bizarre, then after it's repetitive and repetitive
then a few boring passages, in the 2nd passages we find ourselves in the black, very inconsistent level of level is the hack

3 trails castle:

Oh, we can say that kaizo passages are needed, then not to mention the slowdowns that are unpleasant
Then in righting I started saves - states of to the too hard Andrew without save.
The second part, repetitive vacuum, kaizo, cut-offs
The third nicer than the others despite some too hard passages


Without wishing you discourage your hack isn't really good is the fix is too bad volumetric flask
many problems of level designs, constructions is of the slowdowns more than unpleasant
If I were you remmander it would be more to treat you and to have ideas more consistantes in the future.

Difficulty: Kaizo
Rating: 1 star
Verdict: Rejected
Layout by Koopster
Upon reading the description, it sounded like you wanted to make a hack that introduces players to Kaizo level design or Kaizo tricks, and since I have had only minor exposure to Kaizo hacks, I took interest in this quick hack. Unfortunately, this hack does not offer much for those with such intentions. Although this hack only has three levels and certainly does not need a plot, it fails to bring much challenge in the first two levels and brings a brief and bland challenge in the third level. Additionally, the hack gives a weak visual performance.

You mention that this hack could range from Hard to Kaizo based off the player's skill level, but frankly, the first two levels posed minor trouble at all. Beside a series of jumps between Thwomps in the second level, most of the difficulty comes from the time limits and not much else. The player can easily farm lives with the massive quantity of coins and some invisible 1-UP blocks, taking away from the tough Kaizo spirit, and the Blue Yoshi provided in the first level allows for massive skips in the two levels. After those, the castle level brings considerably higher difficulty. I did enjoy a good number of the tight and sneaky jumps required for progression, such as some of the jumps with the saw blades, yet the level did not cause difficulty in any manner other than precise jumps. To match some Kaizo tricks, you might consider adding new tricks to your levels such as use of items and time gimmicks that could vary the formula of your levels more.

This hack did not accomplish much with its appearance either. As a preface, while Kaizo or Kaizo-styled hacks do not need to focus on aesthetics as much as typical hacks, the levels should at least maintain some standard of appearance to not set off the player. One glaring issue that especially kills the feeling in this hack is your abundant usage of grey cement blocks and snaking, tight spaces. Grey cement blocks seem appealing because you can set up passageways simply without substantial effort, but they drain much of the life from your levels. They drain the complexity of levels that even basic structures like pipes and land create. I would recommend considering a few types of structures and sticking to them as a theme. Mixing up different shapes of structures like land masses also adds dramatically to the appearance of your levles; it hurts your levels by using some uniform or repeated structures as you did within this hack. In many spots, cutout such as floating lava, lava on cement blocks, bushes on cement blocks, ropes without proper edges, and more bogged down your levels. Lastly, experimenting with palettes definitely helps your levels, but you made a weird grey palette out of a standard yellow palette and a broken black palette for some white palettes. You may wish to tweak those.

I genuinely enjoy the premise of a hack that would introduce players to common tropes in Kaizo hacks. If you truly know much about Kaizo hacks and the gameplay that they demand, you may consider working theming your levels to introduce players to Kaizo concepts, assuming that was your primary goal with this hack. You could start slowly with this trick and that glitch, and throughout each themed level, you could amplify the difficulty of the presented trick as the player progresses. I would love to see hack that does something along those lines.

As this hack stands, it lies in a bizarre in-between state where it does not quite warrant a Kaizo hack label; while, it tries to act like a Kaizo hack in a way that alienates it from non-Kaizo hacks.
Until this hack gets reworked a bunch, I would recommend this hack for a rejection and a difficulty of Kaizo under the condition that all of the levels rise to that standard of difficulty.
For fucks sake, change that name. PLEASE. It's horrible and feels like a joke hack.

I've always liked short hacks, but to be honest, this one needed more work, but don't give up; this hack has potential. It can be a good hack if you work on it.. so, the main issue was the difficulty. Even though the difficulty was marked as "Kaizo", the first level and the second level was somewhat easy, that I thought it wasn't gonna be hard. I was wrong. Oh boy, I was sooooooooo wrong. After those levels, it got insanely difficult. It was like you wanted it to be a normal hack, but then decided to make it a kaizo one. I think you should hire a few testers for your hacks, they can point out issues and give you helpful advice. Anyways, let's begin to review the levels..

Yoshi Hills

Firstly, it starts great, (and I really mean it) but then it turns out to be an evil and rushed level. Please don't rush your levels. If you don't know what to make, take a small break. Go look at other hacks and screenshots. You might get an idea for what to make. Anyways, as I said before, even though this level feels like a somewhat easy level, it has got unfair traps and places you can get stuck until you run out of time. I wouldn't have minded this if it was a kaizo level, but this level just doesn't feel like one. Either remake this level to feel like a kaizo hack, or remake the other levels and this level a bit to make it feel like a normal hack. As for other design issues, well, it spams stuff. Especially coins. Seriously, the player doesn't need that many coins. It's just a place to get free lives. Secondly, the berries. They look just weird when you put 234056920842097 berries on only one bush. I suggest you to put only one berry on a bush, and maybe add more bushes, because the time really wasn't enough. I suggest you to add bushes with green berries all around the level because the time made me panic alot, and even though I ate all of the berries, I were only able to finish the level with 58 seconds, which was pretty bad. Even with more berries, I suggest you to add at least 100 to the timer. Oh anyways, enough with the timer stuff, another issue was that I found the level pretty long for a first level. I suggest you to shrink it. Also, I think that the secret 1-ups are way too easy to find. Try to put them in places a player proably would never think to go.. oh and, before I start about the aesthetical issues, let me tell you that the blue yoshi can be used to skip most of the levels, so I think you should just remove it, cause just a red yoshi is enough, and that I found this level quite repetitive, as it feels like you've copy+pasted some parts and edited it a bit. Oh and, be careful when you put these coins and question blocks/note blocks. See; screenshots. it time for me to talk about the aesthetical issues? Yes, it is!

Firstly, this level really needs more decoration. It's really empty. Not a really major problem, but it'd have been great. The other issue is that it has cut-offs. Like, lots of them. Like.. lots, and lots, and lots. Again, I suggest you to share some stuff with people and ask what they think, so you can improve it.

Yoshi Mountain

This level was also ok, but it had some NEW and different issues. Cool. Firstly, you should be careful where you put those fuzzies, they can easily glitch out. See; screenshots. Also note that the level can easily be skipped using blue yoshi. In this level, it was super easy to do so because you've put koopas and it was easy to feed yoshi, so yeah. Anyways, one of the main issues in this level were the invisible question block usage. It was used again, and again. And again. And maybe again. Proably once again. It got really boring to do the same thing for 541247165220778970 times. You put some good ideas in this hack, yet overused them. Not cool. Also, like the level before this, it was like a normal level, yet it had a really goddamn hard jump, and if you had a mushroom, you just had to give it up. Ugh. Also, you gave a p-switch near the bullet shooter, so the part where you actually should get the p-switch is completely useless if you bring it there. After this level, you go to a sublevel that feels like a night and has a bit weird palettes (see the note block). Also, when you touch the note block, you can see glitchy graphics. A simple graphical edit and ExGFX could have fixed this; but then you won't be able to use the saws, cause they would be glitchy this time, so I think the only possible solution for this would be using STEAR to remap the sprite, or download a disassembly of it and edit it's graphics routine. Don't know ASM? Well, that not a big problem! You can always use Sprite GFX Creator by JackTheSpades!™ This level was somewhat challenging, but that was only because of some tricky jumps, thwomp and saw placements. Also, why were there 2 shells at the end? I found them completely unneeded. Another issue would be the 1-UP placements. They were way too easy to find. I had 38 lives when I finished it! 38 FREAKING LIVES!

Oh and, before I stop, I have to mention that this level has cancer. Sad, isn't it? It's got graphical cancer. It happens when you don't put enough decoration and have lots of cut-offs in your levels. Don't you also think that's sad?

3 trials castle

Now, this level was nice. It was actually kaizo. It had good ideas, but you overused them to death. Also, I wasn't able to make the last jump to Reznor's room. Was it possible? I tried 15242162049 times yet I wasn't able to do it. There also were cement block spam. Not nice. It also had sprite header issues (?) so parts of the sprites didn't show up, and sometimes, they didn't show up at all. Please fix this.

I'll cut this level short.


1 - I found how you made palette 6 grey a bit weird, I mean, everything else was happy and stuff, yet those were grey and dead looking.
2 - ..why are they floating up there?
3 - OH NO

Verdict: Rejection
Difficulty: Kaizo
It was a close race but in the end it seems the verdict is rejection.

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... what even am I doing with my life?
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Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - [REMOVED] "SUPAH MADIO BRAHZ!" by CarsonEric2484

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