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Goomba's Walk Remake! [GW 1.11 You can (not) Jump] Now Betatesting!


Small Update:
I'm almost finished now and im sure I can release the hack this C3.
Does anyone want to beta test?
I also need somebody to test it on Snes9x because unfortunately Snes9x does not work on my Computer.

Can I test it?
Sure, I'll try to test it out as well, why not....

I don't see an IPS here though, aside from the "old version". Are you planning on PM'ing us with the download link or...?
The handomest people in the world are ones who follow my Twitch

I will put up the IPS tomorrow.

I want to test this.

So where is the IPS?

Here it is.
Known Bugs:
-The Goomba sometimes looks weird when you pickup things.
-you can get a mushroom by carrying an item into the goal (I will fix that later).(edit,fixed!)

I finished it! Here are the problems:

You are going to change it, right?

Maybe you should extend that platform so you can get more running space to run up that triangle block.

Other than that, its great!

EDIT: There are even more problems, should I tell all of them?
I played this and this is great! The only HUGE bug that I found is that whenever you completed a level, it will / would ALWAYS take to the bonus room, no matter what.

I Updated the link,the bonus game stuff is fixed :3
I also made a bad userbar: