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"Invisible Mario (Mario Adventure)" - dahrkdaiz, SuperYoshiAngel

File Name: Invisible Mario (Mario Adventure)
Submitted: 2014-10-04 01:47:38 PM by SuperYoshiAngel
Authors: SuperYoshiAngel, dahrkdaiz
Type: Ripped
Purpose: Graphics Hack
Description: This is my first hack on this website (Graphic hack.) And it's a Super Mario Bros. 3 graphic hack called Invisible Mario from Mario Adventure! Mario Adventure is a awesome and pouplar Super Mario Bros. 3 hack by DahrkDaiz. The Invisible Mario textures is over the leaf powerup.

PS: If you want these textures in your own hack or something your gonna have to use yy-chr or something to get the textures.

Removal reason(s):
This would be very useful if these GFX were ready for insertion and not require the user to rip the GFX by him/herself to a SMW ROM. Not to mention you simply submitted the IPS of the hack, and doesn't seem to have gotten dahrkdaiz's permission to submit this.

Please read this for future reference. Do not submit IPSes, unless they're for complex GFX hacks for a SMW base ROM, like this.