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Editing sprites over C8

Since MWR and Tweaker don't edit sprites about C8, this is due to the sprite data tables being split into two parts, with >C8 elsewhere in the ROM, I am wondering if anybody knows where this second part of the Sprite data is. The reason I'm asking is, I need to get a specific ASM address for sprite EC, which unfortunately isn't in the editable/viewable list of sprites.
(Incoming long post)

After searching in all.log I saw that the sprites are split into Sprites, Shooters and Generators.

The Generators starts at SNES $02B00C and they include:

00 - Eerie, generator
01 - Para-Goomba, generator
02 - Para-Bomb, generator
03 - Para-Bomb and Para-Goomba, generator
04 - Dolphin, left, generator
05 - Dolphin, right, generator
06 - Jumping fish, generator
07 - Turn off generator 2 (sprite E5)
08 - Super Koopa, generator
09 - Bubble with Goomba and Bob-omb, generator
0A - Bullet Bill, generator
0B - Bullet Bill surrounded, generator
0C - Bullet Bill diagonal, generator
0D - Bowser statue fire breath, generator
0E - Turn off standard generators

The shooters start at $02B3B0, and they include:
00 - Bullet Bill shooter
01 - Torpedo Ted launcher
02 - Unused

There are also some other stuff ( I dont know how to call them, layer effects?), located at $05BCF0, and they include:

00 - Auto-Scroll, Unused?
01 - Auto-Scroll
02 - Layer 2 Smash
03 - Layer 2 Scroll
04 - Unused
05 - Unused
06 - Layer 2 Falls
07 - Unused
08 - Layer 2 Scroll
09 - Unused
0A - Unused
0B - Layer 2 On/Off Switch controlled
0C - Auto-Scroll level
0D - Fast BG scroll
0E - Layer 2 sink/rise

I don't know if this is what you were looking for. If it wasn't, please tell me.

Note: All those stuff are pointers. I hope that equals to tables.
Thanks, that should give me what I need.