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The Devious Four Chronicles (Episode 6) ::: The Fourth Sector


I've released quite a few hacks, but none of them is a big a release as this one is. Why? Because this one is compatible with most accurate emulators.
The Devious Four Chronicles
Episode 6
The Fourth Sector

Download updated as of 11/23/2014 to fix a major bug: The Fourth Sector

Originally posted by Summary
Mario and Sonic have earned themselves a well deserved break from the Devious Four and Bowser. Sonic decides it's time they go on a normal adventure for once, but instead they come across a weird spire. This Spire transports them to a whole new world, where limitless discoveries are to be made. Unfortunately, there's a lot more than new creatures and environments to find, as Mario and Sonic discover they play a key role in a divine battle that has been brewing since the beginning of time.

Pretty outdated screen shots, but still very relevant.

Psst... reviews here will also count towards to your score.

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Scorpion Edit: Removed the unnecessary quote.

Scorpion, I gotta hand it to ya. This is by far the best D4C game I've played up to this point. Your hard work has finally paid off, in a big way. Keep up the good work. #smw{:TUP:}
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Suika Ibuki - 25107
Did you really need quote something, when this is the only post in the thread?
Anyway i already reviewed this, but i think you fixed many stuff i didn't saw on the version i played(probably i'm going make a new review later).
With my backlog of games clearing up (I just finally got through all of my current Atelier games) and college begining to wind down for the semester... and the fact there isn't much going on over at SMWCIsland these days, I decided I might as well give your hack a proper playthrough and review it, since nobody else seems to be giving much feedback I've noticed (unless it's all been in private...).

This is not going to be a simple overall consensus review. This is going to be a very thorough world-by-world review that will go over each level and attempt to find flaws in each level, and evaluate them at the end accordingly. The levels I tend to rate as favorites are not just the ones that introduce fun ideas, but are also the ones that play very smoothly. Conversely, my least favorite levels are either full of flaws or simply boring/repetitve to go through.

The version I'm playing is the latest one: the November 23, 2014 release.

I am NOT going to be evaluating the story, but there may be spoilers in these reviews regarding secrets in this hack. If you have not played The Fourth Sector yet, these reviews may reveal stuff that may probably be more fun to discover on your own.

If you don't mind, or you've already played the hack, then click the link below.

World 1 Review

Regarding the overworld: It looks really nice. I do have one minor nitpick, and that is the tan color you used for the shading of the border: it just clashes really badly with the blue color in my opinion. You can probably change that very easily now in the latest versions of Lunar Magic (which has a stripe image editor for the OW border), along with other stuff.
This hack looks pretty interesting, but I'll admit I've never played any of the Devious Four Chronicles before. Would I be alright to start here, or would the story confuse me?
@K3fka: It won't confuse you, at least I don't think so, since most episodes aren't done yet. It might, but you have no chance since most episodes between the first and sixth one aren't finished.
Episode #3 is finished, just can't be released due to it not liking accurate emulators and switching to AMK is impossible since it actually doesn't support conversion, despite what it says. I believe it may be because of something inside the ROM, but I digress.

#4 is finished, but it is now being revamped into current standards.
#5 is finished, but some bonus rooms are missing and it isn't good with accurate emulators. Conversion is possible, but AMK does not support some of the musical features in this hack. When I officially release this, I'll have a spare AMM version as well as an AMK version for those that want to play on hardware.
#6 is the hack featured in this thread.

#1, #2, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13 and #14 have yet to be started.
Your layout has been removed.
Oh, you guys are making them out of order? Alright then, I'll check this out tonight or tomorrow or something.
EDIT: This post has been immensely trimmed down into a nice compact text file.

World 2 Review

Be warned, there may be spoilers for those of you who haven't played the hack yet!
Do you have a download link for HR2R? I'm interested in playing it, and since I predominantly use ZSNES compatibility isn't an issue.
Download link for HR2R is in Antimatterhunter's layout, if I remember correctly; just click the icon of it.
Instead of stretching this page for unnecessary lengths, I think I'll just consolidate my world reviews into text documents. You can view the next by clicking the link below if you'd like to see my thoughts on World 3 of the hack.

As usual, for those of you who are just passing by the thread, just keep in mind my feedback may contain spoilers!

World 3 Review

I can also edit my previous review posts into text files if that's okay with you?
The next batch of world reviews is done.

World 4
World 5
World 6

Current progress: World 6 completed, 61 exits found (55 without switch palaces, in case you're wondering how much of the hack is possible without them so far)

These were pretty fun worlds, aside from a couple really troublesome levels. Lets hope the rest of the hack doesn't go to hell in the remaining worlds like so many other hacks have had a habit of doing, because it's gotten really good now.
World 7
World 8 (Incomplete)

I kind of wanted to wait until I got to the ending to post these, but then I ran into midway point issues at Hunter's Cryo Lab. I'd like to request a hotfix to them. It's either that or I have to use save states to win (which would be really disappointing considering I've come this far without them). I'd also check and see if anything after that isn't broken too...
I need to try this!