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[C] 2-5 - Milde's Hideout
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I have no screenshots ATM as use to my PC is limited as of now due to school and work but over the Halloween break I should get some done
Anyway this level is gonna involve Mildes and it's gonna be kinda half grassland half fort kind of level but more fort than grassland (easier to design ;) )


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When exactly do you think you'll have an update on this? I wouldn't normally press like this, but as I recall, you claimed a level when the signups started and didn't actually produce everything despite me PM'ing you, so I need to be a bit more "strict" with posting updates in this case. I'll give you until November 1st to show some progress.

Thanks for your understanding.
Tomorrow or the next day ill post an update


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Finally, after such a long time ive finally made some decent progress on this! ive decided to scrap the castle idea and just make it full jungle themed. and now for some shots...


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Thank you for showing progress. Please try to keep your thread updated fairly frequently if you can.

This looks cool so far. I'm reminded of the second half of 3-5 given the stone/tree set-up. I would highly suggest adding some coins and ? clouds though, as it seems that both of these are absent.
The level is actually nearing completion, design wise placing collectibles and all that will be a pain in the arse though.

I'll probably have you the test ips maybe Saturday?


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I'm starting to think jungle stone usage is becoming a little too common now...

I kept it to a minimum in my first level, but after seeing full-blown mazes comprised of it in other levels (Nimono, Milk...), I'm starting to think it's becoming a habit now to comprise (almost) entire levels out of them--and as a result, it ends up making such levels stand out less in the hack. This one in particular looks awfully similar to Milk's level outside of Milde usage.


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Honestly making levels without using them is quite hard because the jungle ground tileset is quite boring on its own, and the other level that look similar to this is pure coincidence as I rarely check other threads.

EDIT: Just checked out his level and it looks very nice so ill take that as a complement #tb{;)}


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Originally posted by xxxzzz1
Honestly making levels without using them is quite hard because the jungle ground tileset is quite boring on its own, and the other level that look similar to this is pure coincidence as I rarely check other threads.

EDIT: Just checked out his level and it looks very nice so ill take that as a complement #tb{;)}

There actually weren't many levels that really used the stones in the original game, even in world 3. Off the top of my head, the only ones that used them a TON were 3-2 and 3-5. All the rest either didn't use them at all or used them sparingly. There's still a good bit you can do without the stones!

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Well, since this is still a jungle-themed level, why not add some monkeys, frogs and spear guys into the mix to make the level more interesting?
Mildes are jungle enemy's, right?


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For me, I don't really think so
Suika Ibuki - 25107
i think this really doesn't matter.
This level is going to need some serious work before it's good to go. A lot of your red coin/flowers locations are easily-reachable alternate paths with nothing besides a couple of enemies on them (all of which can be jumped over). There's never a sense of progression in your level - that is, every single secret path involves taking the top route, running for a bit, getting 2-3 red coins, running back, rinse, repeat.

As for more specific bugs/issues:

This is a bit of a minor issue, but the green on the bottom of these rocks looks fairly bad.

This jump is exceptionally hard to make unless you're lucky with your timing.

Unfair. The player has no way of knowing the fake flower is going to roll towards them since it's off-screen.

I noticed that throughout a lot of your level, you have these little areas which look like they COULD have a secret, but they're just dead ends.

This route had no enemies/threats whatsoever.

It's impossible to get that coin since you enter the pipe over top of it.

This whole area also has nothing at all.

I like that you introduced a new enemy here (he Tall Shy Guys), but you hardly utilized them at all. Why don't you make a couple of interesting setups/puzzles that involve using their seeds? Sure, you have the flower to the right of this, but I can just throw one of the Lantern Ghosts you've provided at it, thus defeating the purpose.

You enter this room one tile too low.

Really? Three poundable poles with nothing at all in them?

Glitchy sprite.

The vine in the ground looks screwed up.

Another pointless area. The Milde will never pose a threat unless the player decides to explore this crevice, but since there's nothing at all in it...

Glitchy cannon.

How did that Tap-Tap end up in there?

This particular dead end is an even bigger offender since I had to bounce off an enemy to get up here for .. nothing.

The coins aren't even lined up with the spring ball.

Blind fall into Tap-Taps.

Overall, the key issues this level has are:

-Tons of dead ends/nooks/crannies with no purpose.
-Generous placement of red coins/flowers in easily reachable side paths with little to no threat.
-Underutilizing sprites. You introduced Tall Shy Guys once, as well as those bigger Mildes in the bonus room to the left of the entrance. You could have tried to use these a bit more often.
-On that note, a wider variety of sprites in general would help your level. Try using moving platforms, more ? clouds, etc. to make your level feel a bit more challenging and a bit less straightforward. I'd also recommend spreading out your coins more and being a bit less generous with them - they're very nonsensically placed.

Hope that advice helps.
Thanks for the review, S.N.N.. fixing the problems now.
Is the general aesthetics of the level any good design wise and all that?


Version 2


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The aesthetics are fine (actually, they're great). The problem is in the level itself rather than your graphical choices.

Thanks dude, I have the second version and ironed out most of the issues.

I still have a few more ideas for the level. For the most part its finished but i want to implement a few more things.


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The new version of the level. its quite non linear as to reach 100% you have to do a bit of exploring.


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It's definitely better than your first incarnation, but a few of my complaints still persist, namely:

-You still have large, awkwardly-placed blocks of coins. Coins are meant to be rewards or guides, so having clusters of 20+ scattered everywhere makes the player less likely to want to go for them.
-There are still several dead ends with no purpose. One in particular is in the cave section, right after the flower. There's an empty hole in the wall that provides no risk or reward for the player.
-I still don't feel like there's a real sense of progress - that is, the second main area (before the cave) feels just like the first. You took a step in the right direction by adding the green Piranha in, but you only used it once if I recall. Why don't you use it a few more times and incorporate a couple other enemies (assuming your sprite set allows for them)? You could also add in pits here and there, or some sort of instant death threat .. I never really feel like I'm in serious danger while playing your level, and that's not really a good thing.

This can definitely be a great level, but it's still going to need some more work.
Do you mind elaborating slightly more on the lack of progressing, are you saying I should change items around or something totally different.


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