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SMWC Class of 2014 "Site Spirit" event [See you January 1st]

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SMWC was launched on January 1, 2006, meaning the new year will mark the 9th birthday of the site. Those of you who are still with us after all these years, or even those of you who are decently new and active, I would like to thank for making this site's community many are really happy to be a part of and look forward to chatting and hacking with all the time.

So, here's a simple new, easy event: we're going to have one big yearbook-style image with all our faces and stuff, submitted at your discretion. Go wild, be silly, and present yourself in (almost) any way you want. Here are the guidelines:

- 200x200 image, no more, no less
- Only modifications should be resize or crop. If resized, maintain aspect ratio
- Must be worksafe. Sexually suggestive themes are frowned upon. Don't flip the bird or something of similar effect. No gestures of self-harm.
- No dress code (can be casual, formal, cosplay, I don't care. You can even wear a mask or fursuit if you desire.)
- Suggested, but not required, to have Mario themes present in the picture (e.g. a Yoshi plushie, Mario hat, or even a Nintendo system.)
- Picture should be decently clear. Don't post a overly noisy or blurry image, or one which is too bright or dark.

Don't worry about it if you don't have any Mario stuff or don't wish to include them in your photo. This isn't a contest, just an event.

You can submit photos here or PM them to me. Take your time. Everyone who submits something will be included unless their picture is deemed violates the worksafe clause, the aspect ratio is obviously incorrect, or the picture is too unclear. If for some reason you don't trust your own personal judgment, ask here.

You can ask to be next to your friends but ultimately, if I can shape something interesting with the color schemes I get like a retro Mario icon, you may not be next to your friend.

Deadline is December 15 whenever I get on to lock the thread, American east coast hours. I can't commit to an exact hour or minute and I advise you not to wait until this day to post a photo. The image will be constructed by January 1 and released to commemorate the anniversary of the site.

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Hello guys.
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What's the whole purpose of this? Is this like some sort of Goodbye kind of thing?
Originally posted by Macky
What's the whole purpose of this? Is this like some sort of Goodbye kind of thing?

I don't think this is a "Goodbye" type of event or anything of that nature. From what I read, this is more of an event made to celebrate the community, and the relationships we've made. While it may be the site's anniversary on January 1st, 2015, it is also the anniversary of this wonderful group of mismatched people we've made for ourselves.
Originally posted by Macky
What's the whole purpose of this? Is this like some sort of Goodbye kind of thing?

You should like, completely read the 1st post or something!111
Originally posted by Macky
What's the whole purpose of this? Is this like some sort of Goodbye kind of thing?

Originally posted by YayGuy
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A quick pic from my webcam of me with both my Mario-themed hat and my GBA SP. Incidentally, SMA2 is currently IN the GBA. I decided to also show a little love for Transformers. Energon Inferno is on the lid of my GBA, and you can catch a glimpse of my Transformer collection behind me.

Edit: Replaced with a better picture
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Same old picture from months ago just cropped.
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Pretty cool idea, though i'll post my face later. Not sure how to do so. :( (Besides I am kinda ugly right now so later k?)Unfortunately, I'm not very active on the site anymore like I was before; I'm mainly on Discord now. Thanks for understanding.
Originally posted by Falconpunch
Not sure how to do so.

Take a picture of yourself with a camera or something else that takes pictures. If you're using a camera, take the SD card out and put it into an SD card reader which plugs into your computer and upload that. If you're on a phone, then try messing around with it, not entirely sure how to do that.
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